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    trapdevil Member

    What’s up guys,

    First post but been lurking a while and been around the flower scene for a minute.

    But I have a rather newbie question.

    I’ve yet to really cook with cannabis, and I want to take the opportunity too.

    I handle a good amount of Pcks of weed and oil, cartridges and whatnot.

    I save all the shake and small nugs from bags, i have about 70 grams saved up. I want to make a bunch of coconut oil and make a bunch of edibles with that.

    I also have Gram containers of kief which I was going to put in with the shake and small nugs.

    What’s your guys favorite way of creating medicated coconut oil? I have had friends ask me for just medicated coconut oil as well as edibles so might kill two birds with one stone.

    How much coconut oil would around 70 grams of shake get me? Trying to figure out some $$.

    I plan on doing some different stuff than just Cookies and brownies. Was going to experiment with gummies, fruit roll up, cupcake.

    Just looking for some advice/ starting point

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    alldayeriday420 Well-Known Member

    Following, I have tons of stems I can get the kief from was also wondering how to convert it into oil.:blsmoke:

    trapdevil Member

    I feel like 70 Gs of shake and random Oil, nugs and kief. Could create a good amount of potent edibles ...??

    trapdevil Member

    What’s up guys,

    Update. My homie has tons of trim from his harvest. He said he would give me 1Lb for 100$.

    Think i’m going to sonit and go crazy making some edibles.

    Is 1 LB pretty significant amount for coconut oil?

    DemonTrich Well-Known Member

    Ill take 20lbs!

    Thundercat Well-Known Member

    Only if its a pound of actual good trim. If its just a bunch of chopped up fan leaves it will suck.

    For making coconut oil, just simmer the coconut oil and trim on low in a crockpot for 8-12 hours and then strain it. There are lots of tutorials if you google it, but thats the basic method that works best imho.

    Or make a concentrate with the trim material and then simply disolve the concentrate into the coconut oil. This method will taste much better. It won't have the "weedy" flavor that it has when you use plant material directly in the oil.

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