Thug pug genetics anyone?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by madininagyal, Feb 3, 2016.

    johny sunset

    johny sunset Well-Known Member

    I think their both keepers as far as I’m concerned, I quick dried a couple buds and the first testers are great... potent smoke. They both smell like the Gorilla glue I have tried. # 2 has a bit of a twang to it but, both have a very sweet kush smell.

    #2 is pretty slow in veg, so that might be an issue down the line . Going to have to try another run with her...this was far from a perfect temps have been getting into the low 60’s and my humidity has never gone above 40% the entire grow.

    As far as the finish time...I’m growing organic and have been top dressing malted barely powder and I’ve heard it can help speed up finishing time by idea if it’s true, but I was expecting them to take longer to finish.
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    Pitu Well-Known Member

    Thought I should share my sherb breath and puta breath testers here only popped 2 beans of each was a small multi strains round as a test how my mini set up would work lol.

    Here is her the sherb breath before coming down.


    And here we got that puta breath man she stayed small in this set up lmao.
    Think it's a bud of 5 grams lmao


    Not getting a good reading on the flavours just yet but that will come with the cure I guess.
    Sherb breath crazy strong fuel scent and the puta breath really different with a mild earthy smell.
    Can't wait to smoke them when they had there cure.

    greencropper Well-Known Member

    so you only got about 5 grams from the puta plant? thought it would have been more since wedding cake is known to be a reasonable yield?
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    johny sunset

    johny sunset Well-Known Member

    Glukie # 2 after she’s dried.....endded up with 80.5g’s

    And #1 with 77g’s

    Pitu Well-Known Member

    Have not weighed it yet mate but seeing how small of a bud it is lol it's between 5 and 10 my guess.

    Was grown only under 250 watts in a multistrain set up in 3.5L pots but this and 2 other strais I had yielded by far the least of all of them.
    I had 17 plants in the end in that tent so for a test have seen how things can go better and stuff like that.
    Still have almost 2 packs of each of those strains so the next time they will be run properly.
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    TheImmaculateEjaculate New Member

    Thanks for the reply, decided to go with both. Picked up a pack of the Meatbreath and the Wounded warriors
    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    meatbreath is one tasty tasty sparkler, so many peeps requested it when i did my 1st run with it,
    I highly recommend it brother :bigjoint:
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    kingzt Well-Known Member

    What's the nose on her? I was thinking of getting a pack of the meaters butI got a peanut butter breath that has a nice sweet smell to her and don't want something similar.
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    TheImmaculateEjaculate New Member

    Yeah from what I've read you really can't go wrong with the meatbreath. Gotta finish up my current go and then onto a batch of clusterfunk from bodhi and then starting my first run of the breaths after that. Super excited.
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    the gnome

    the gnome Well-Known Member

    you won't get anywhere near a "nice sweet smell" with FM, definitely a stanky opposite to PBB,
    I still have my PBB keeper pheno from the 1st couple of drops a couple years back
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    JP720 New Member

    Sol Seeds are accepting credit cards.
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    cuddlesthesheep Well-Known Member

    So 2 of my 3 Halitosis Breaths are Herms. One more so than the other. Picked off lower balls on one about week 3 of flower and been plucking nanners on both ever since. Not terrible but it gets annoying. Probably won't run again or pop anymore.

    Pig4buzz Well-Known Member

    What’s best yielded of the thug pug. Breath line. Anyone. I got a pack of the peanut popped 5 -1 came up (never sprouted in soak). The 1 that made it veg very slow n was very small, of course it was a male. Just curious I see so many great pics n talk about taste n high.

    BustinScales510 Well-Known Member

    Here are some shots of a Peanut Butter Breath. I did 2 packs, the germ rates were pretty bad I think only 12 popped,out of that I had 5 females. I kept 2 to run again,this is a table of one of them,I think this was around day 60 and I took them to 65.

    I ended up not keeping this one though,everything was fine about it,smell/high/flavor, but it tested at 18% and the other I have which I also like tested at 24. The other keeper is a couple weeks behind this one, Ill get some pics of it on here soon.

    pb2a.jpg pb2e.jpg pb2c.jpg pb2b.jpg

    LOKness Active Member

    picked up a puta breath clone for my first grow. had a bit of powdery mildew in mid flower, cut off a bunch of stuff and sprayed the rest, managed to burn all the pistils... seems to be doing OK now, will post pics soon

    TheImmaculateEjaculate New Member

    Looking good man! I found a good deal on some packs of PBB and hopefully gonna pick one or two up on my next paycheck. I've been doing the scuffing method with older seeds and have had 8 for 8 pop since starting it so hopefully I won't get hit with the low germ rates.

    cuddlesthesheep Well-Known Member


    Nug off my Halitosis Breath as it was going into the dark room for 48hrs before it's chop.

    jayblaze710 Well-Known Member

    I’ve heard quite a few people say that scuffing the seeds helps quite a bit with his breath strains, particularly PBB. I’m planning on scuffing all of mine when I finally get around to popping my Thug Pug gear.
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    Lola Grows

    Lola Grows Well-Known Member

    Ordered from sol seeds on the 10th , package arrived today with compound genetics half pack freebie.
    Pugs Purple Drank Breath, running this with my new hlg 550 :P

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    johny sunset

    johny sunset Well-Known Member

    Got another round of my Glukie breath #1 going. Just coming into week 6. She sure is a stretchy girl. Wants to take over the whole space

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