Thug pug genetics anyone?


It's hard to describe honestly and maybe too early tell the end terps/smells. So far the best way to describe it is earthy and funky so far. The buds seem to be stacking heavy. Here’s another view. Looks like this pheno is taking after the Rabbit Hole Strain imo.
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Yeah definitely looks like its a rabbit hole leaner as far as morphology, but could still end up having very pbb like terps. I always love earthy strains, gonna pop some Peter butter breath now, definitely will be following along with your second half of flower!


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Yea I got the same vibe from that site. It was a quick google search, but no one even bid. Red flag right there. If they were tried and true resellers.. it’d be gone.
It's a legit Strain which i have but not many people do one of the rarer newer packs from right after the retirement news.
That being said i am no way confirming that pack is legit but it is quit rare meaning 500 bones sounds about right if your foolish enough to bid it .