Thug pug genetics anyone?


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Sorry man I feel you on what you’re saying you made it make more sense to me I apologize.
No worries, you're good. If someone didn't start paying attention to Thug Pug until recently it would seems pretty wacky what's going on with all the hype surrounding him, the prices now, and the retired then un-retired stuff. The good thing about him originally was that the quality was great for the price, his stuff was a great bargain. He is an asshole in general though lol and can be hard to talk to.

The shitty hype stuff is also not exclusive to just Thug Pug, it seems to be becoming more and more common in the seed and cannabis industry in general lately. Look at Seed Junky's prices now. They were $200 before he went exclusive to cookies, then came back with a few drops that the banks want anywhere from $500-1000 for. Or Runtz with their $700 packs when they aren't even a proven breeder. A lot of nuts prices flying around that is more about demand than quality per se.