Thug pug genetics anyone?


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I'm really enjoying watching Gromer getting roasted in his IG comments.
He was out of his mind to pick some rando with 0 followers to try to breed AND sell seeds (illegally) for him.

Here's another find from the Salami Leg F2s (#10) from thehumancannabinoid
I've been having incredible luck with these beans. Very consistently terpy and frosty plants.
Smells range from sour raspberry, blueberry, to mendo funk.
If you don't have salami leg in your vault you might want to jump on the #10 pheno
Grown in 0.75g pot with no nutes under 155W led
Ayee growmie, thank you so much for your support! Never thought my name would be brought up on a rollitup forum! I’m so happy to hear about your success with my Salami Leg F2s! I looked through a lot of your posts and you’ve found some killer phenos for sure. Excellent descriptions as well; sour berry funk is exactly how I’d describe them. Shoot me a DM on IG , would love to know who’s been speaking so highly of me! Thanks again!

edit: wait I recognize this picture now! I forgot your IG tag but i posted this exact pic on my page come to think of it!


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I’m so happy to hear about your success with my Salami Leg F2s!
Oh shit welcome to the boards. I've been having very good luck with the #10s!
Great frost, terps, and vigor across the board so far.
Here are my most recent 1 gallon testers dried up:

#1 - Mendo funk with a bit of sour in the back. Amazing frost coverage and structure but not the terp profile I was after.

#2 - Pure blueberry terps on this one. First blueberry plant I've had that was actually loud! Definitely the dominant smell in the tester tent.
Hits hard for a fruity strain too. This one I'm very excited to run again. I think this will be a keeper.

#3 - OGKB mutant pheno. Slow growing with incredibly thick stems. This one weirdly tastes like sour rockets (the candy) but didn't come out super terpy. Should have given her more time to finish but these were just testers and the other two were already looking better.


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What’s everyone’s thoughts on the secret society drop? Idk about how I feel about them all being purple punch crosses, but night king x lurch sounds interesting
I remember those secret society crosses sat forever at all the banks that carried them I picked up a couple for the low. They'll probably flip more beans off this collab then all their own drops combined. With that said I had some celly ogs that were looking promising before some shit went down and lost everything


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I passed on the whole thing, I don't want any more Punch stuff.
Then again I do have a Purple Drank Breath already.

I remember Lurch being a less popular male than Studly during their day - at this point people flip over any pug gear but the Studly crosses seemed to gain a lot more traction. That was the other reason I passed on these.


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Day 50 of flower on my current KKB and Wedding Poop run. I'm having trouble getting clear pictures with my phone and the color of the pics is hard to keep consistent due to my grow lights, but ill do my best around day 60 to take some good ones.

KKB 7: Smells like a mix of sweet and sour berries, medium sized buds and compact growth

KKB 8: Smells earthy and floral, Small-medium sized buds with more stretch than the other KKB
Kosher Kush Breath 8 day 50f.jpg

KKB 9: Smells Kosher dominant but a bit of berries is coming through over the last week, small buds compact growth

Wedding Poop 7: Sweet earthy funk and gas, small buds and long branches, super sticky resin

Wedding Poop 1: Sweet pungent cookies smell, small buds and long branches, also super sticky