This week by week shit is confusing

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    snoeman032 Well-Known Member

    Ok so when you first put a plant into flower it’s considered week 1 day 1 am I right? So when you let a plant go to week 9 it’s really only 8 weeks old? Am I wrong can someone give me some insight on this?
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    Patricf1 Member

    I have been told that when you see the first flowers forming, you are at day one.
    A week from that date is end of 1 week.

    I always counted from first pistils but was told thats incorrect.
    It's not oregano

    It's not oregano Well-Known Member

    I either count days, or full weeks.
    Think of it like your age, you are classed as 1 at the end of your first full 12 months. You dont say children are 1 year and so many days when they are a few days old.

    TintEastwood Well-Known Member


    snoeman032 Well-Known Member

    I think it’s easier to just count days then?
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    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    Or simply don’t count I keep a rough idea in plus I annotate everything I do for each run in my notebooks.

    xtsho Well-Known Member

    It doesn't really matter. The plant will be done when it's done. You shouldn't mark a harvest date on your calendar based on weeks in flower. Even if the description of the strain says 8 weeks it could very well take 11 weeks until it's ready to harvest. It's time to harvest when the buds have swelled, the calyx's have receded, and the trichomes have gone cloudy and on some strains the trichomes will start turning amber.


    I meant calyx's have swelled and pistils receded.
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    SMT69 Well-Known Member

    ^ this

    I still keep track tho , I start day one from flip
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    Bookush34 Well-Known Member

    It’s done when it’s done. I keep track when I flip them just for my own notes.

    Had plants finish in 7weeks up to 10-11.

    Autos are fun to see how many days from seed to harvest.

    I’ve never had a plant that was ready before advertised times.
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    G$Dolla Member

    I start counting the day I flip and add 10 days to the suppliers estimate. Still, I never chop until the trichomes are where I want them.
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    For indoor plants I count from the flip then I have a standard measuring point. The same plant may start forming buds at different times depending on light, the plant's age etc so starting the flowering date by formation of flowers can differ a lot. With outdoor plants it's up to mother nature to trigger flowering unless you are growing with blackout capability then I'd count from the day you start 12/12.

    When I grow that strain again I'll have a very close ballpark idea of when she should be done but like others have said the stage the trichomes and pistils are at are the true markers of readiness.

    pulpoinspace Well-Known Member

    count days from flip to 12/12. its the only way not to be subjective. 8 weeks = 56th day. 9 weeks = 63rd day. 10 weeks = 70th day

    like others have said, plants don't finish based on calendars, so its only relevant for your own records and especially if you're cloning as each seed will be different.
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    snoeman032 Well-Known Member

    I want to thank each and every one of you for your helpfulness

    hawse Well-Known Member

    Yeah good advice here. I also count from switch just to keep track of things... But it's probably way more accurate to go by when you see first flowers. Everyone chops too early I think, myself included lol...
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    xtsho Well-Known Member

    I don't remember when I put my current crop into flower. All I know is that they're flowering and I'll harvest them when they're done.

    snoeman032 Well-Known Member

    Easy enough
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    Thundercat Well-Known Member

    It doesn't matter when you count from they will be done whenever each plant is done.

    Counting from flip is what some indoor growers do because they like the simplicity of knowing that one date.


    Flowering time begins when flowers start to form, that's biology. So counting "flowering time" would be from that point not flip.

    Flowering indoors is no different then outdoors in this regard. Just because you change the lights does not mean the plant instantly begins to flower. Some plants take weeks to transition from veg to flower. It all depends on genetics and environment.

    If you want simplicity sure count from flip.

    But if you want accuracy for records of plant growth. Especially if your running a strain for multiple grows. Then you want to count from actual flower formation. That will give the most accurate idea of how long a phenotype take a to actually flower.

    hawse Well-Known Member

    My current grow is a good example - I'm running four unknown bag-seed strains. Two of them (the taller ones) didn't show flowers until a good full 1.5 weeks after the other two shorter ones... one of those is really like two weeks behind the others in flower develoment (I'm excited though for a good sativa dom) I do still like knowing when the flip was, just so I can keep track of that kind of thing though obviously...
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    JonathanT Well-Known Member

    Get into a 16 week flowering sativa and join me in losing track of time.

    Thundercat Well-Known Member

    Been there done that :). Gotta love real sativas! I stopped "counting" years ago. I keep track of which plants are in each of my perpetual cycles and then just stRt harvesting when each plant is ready.

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