Thinking of moving to cali?

Discussion in 'California Patients' started by Jtaylor507, Dec 17, 2017.


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    Hello everyone, I live in Michigan, wife was in an accident and the cold weather is killing her. Any suggestions on areas that would be affordable and safe for a family? any surprises or issues to be aware of as far as meds supply? I grow and make all her meds myself right now.
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    Chris Edward

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    Sadly the only "affordable" areas in California have terrible weather, nothing like Michigan though.
    The only surprise is if you buy your meds, nobody can seem to get the taxes right (medical patients are sometimes charged recreational patient taxes, etc...) and I think part of this is done on purpose so some unscrupulous dispensaries can squeeze a little extra cash out of their patients.
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    Chris Edward

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    What areas did you have in mind, maybe I can offer some insight...

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    Northern California. Certain places are very reasonable, and the weather is mild most of the time. If you dont mind heat, there are a ton of cheap places out in California that are safe as well. The safe part is the hardest to find.. most places in Cali have turned to utter shit. I moved from Southern areas to Northern years ago, and will never go back. Southern California, anywhere near the beach is just shit. Stay far away from those areas, no matter how appealing they seem.

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