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    H.A.F. Well-Known Member

    Yes, my understanding is that they are usually stress induced. That said, it is a stress induced hermaphrodite at that point. Male and female - hermie. You can argue semantics all you want.

    My point is that pollen from a (now) hermaphrodite plant seems more likely to pass that trait along than pollen from a male plant would.

    So I plant 3 reggies.
    One is female, one is male, and one is a late herm, all grown exactly the same.
    Is there a difference between the pollen and genetics carried by the male pollen sacks, and the stuff from the nanners?
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    BostonBuds Well-Known Member

    This plant is 1 of 3 from the same bag seed, 2 had become infested with sacs when I flipped to 12/12 so I immediately tossed them. So I really cant complain, at least this plant has usable product.
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    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    Let's say that your late nanner plant is an outright keeper. Not only is it the best of your seed run but it is good enough to replace another keeper in your garden. The advantage of using pollen from that late nanner keeper (assuming it's viable) is that you know she's fire whereas breeding with that male is a complete shot in the dark. Other than some stem rubs and some visual clues, that male is a wildcard.

    Full disclaimer here: there are many ways to make seeds. I think some methods get results quicker than others. To each their own.
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    Pa-Nature Well-Known Member

    u ever get a male from these seeds ?
    prolly not or ever as they are more then likely a product from herme pollination
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    BostonBuds Well-Known Member

    This plant will be my 1st marijuana grow, so i'm learning as I go. This contest is technically my 2nd grow. Hope you dont feel I was arguing with you, I was asking for advice.
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    J.James Well-Known Member

    Some plants are hermie and produce both male flowers and female "buds". Some plants throw "nanners". All nanners come from stress. "Late Nanners" comes from the plant after being stressed due to a lack of pollination. A clear sign that your plant and its progeny will carry this trait of poping nanners in times of stress. Not at all a good trait. Let's say your grow (from your photos) is nice and dialed-in meaning the environment is perfect and you get late nanners. Try growing out the plant in less than perfect conditions Bet them "Late Nanners" you like so much will become "Early Nanners".

    I agree with you to each their own, You do you brother. Just remember that your "Advanced Techniques" shouldn't be taught to people just learning to grow.
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    Pa-Nature Well-Known Member

    If it came accross as negitive i was just asking bro and keep up the good work .
    Perfect place to learn from ....people with experience .
    I hope some will learn from me as I have already been taught stuff here in just a short period .
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    Madriffer Well-Known Member

    A new arrival. Excited to have some new genetics. Shoreline bx is on order. Was going to do Karamelo, could only find European banks with it. Prefer to buy from US seed banks. Now that the system is getting dialed in it's time for some diversity.
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    Madriffer Well-Known Member

    Seems I forgot to add the pic. Need more coffee, and some dabs. 20190415_054431.jpg

    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    This isn't necessarily true. The progeny will always be comprised of a grab-bag of traits from the parents - some dominant, some recessive. That's why I said earlier that if you have an absolutely killer plant with the trait of 'late nanners'(regardless of whether you think that's good or bad), it's certainly worth the time of an experienced and attentive gardener to explore the progeny of said plant. Your progeny will never inherit all the great traits from the parents, nor will they inherit all the bad traits either.
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    H.A.F. Well-Known Member

    Back to the contest! One month in, how's everyone doing?

    #125, not a contest pic, but related to the contest. Momentous occasion for me. The mental pieces came together and I have flipped the 4 skunk as of a few minutes ago. They are due for a feed tomorrow, so I will do whatever transitional flushing and/or feeding is recommended on each nute. Since there is plenty of time left I should be able to do a full harvest, dry, final weight to make a decision on the "best" nute for my growing situation by the stop date.

    I had a tent sitting idle, but with only a 65w. But it is a HLG 65v2, so I put my manifold in the tent. Duh.
    It will slow growth-wise (maybe?) but after my next harvest I can re-shuffle everything around.
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    Big Perm

    Big Perm Well-Known Member

    Oop. Looks like someone stepped on a landmine.

    H.A.F. Well-Known Member

    Am I the only one that went back and checked my posts? ;)
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    H.A.F. Well-Known Member

    @BostonBuds that box in your pic LOL

    Large FRB
    Large - Fu#king Really Big
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    BostonBuds Well-Known Member

    I think it means Flat Rate Box, as you can see I love using usps boxes and get them in bulk.
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    H.A.F. Well-Known Member

    I was just trying to lighten the mood in here LOL
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    H.A.F. Well-Known Member

    @GreenThumbsMcgee (referring to your pic post)I can dig it. Until I figured out a way to flip my contest grow without affecting my regularly scheduled programming, I was leaning towards topping them to slow them down and give me another week or so.

    I honestly think I put too much in my original plan, but I am trying to stick to it. small pots and short veg giving each a good taste off the individual veg nutrients. so far so good. I have to flush and or feed tomorrow, and rearrange all the schedules but still within the plan.
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    Opie1971 Well-Known Member

    Great looking garden ya got going Kush, really pretty. GREEN, GREEN, GREEN!!

    Way2-High Well-Known Member

    Plants are looking kickass in the picture thread! Definitely a couple front runners! Loving all the posts guys, keep em coming!

    dstroy Well-Known Member


    Turned up the light in the veg tent to 25% (140w), they were at 10%.

    Should grow a little bit faster now. Need the other three to catch up, so I’m taking it easy on them for now.

    Flower tent needs to clear out. These plants are too big already.
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