The UK Growers Thread!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by lozac123, Apr 2, 2009.


    lozac123 Well-Known Member

    Hi all UK growers!

    This thread is for UK growers, indoor, outdoor, soil, hydro etc etc!

    Post everything and anything you like, assuming it has something to do with weed or UK!

    Ill start off with a q now, the prices of weed in ur area, and the me ur ans.

    woo, UK.bongsmilie

    Jointsmith Well-Known Member

    WOO UK Weed!!

    I'm paying £120 an Oz by its pretty stalky.

    I'll probably sell my Hindu Kush for more than that.

    lozac123 Well-Known Member

    well, nothing can beat where i am. its €350 for an oz of crap weed, thats also coated in glass.
    its bs. i havent smoked in ages cos of it!


    Jointsmith Well-Known Member

    Wow thats pretty steep.

    You got a grow on?
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    lozac123 Well-Known Member

    not atm. waiting for the weather to improve a bit and ill do my yearly outdoor grow.

    BudBrain Well-Known Member

    hey guys i pay 20 an 8 in da east but usually sum stiky shit man. dyin for a nice smoke lol

    monkz Well-Known Member

    finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy a uk page lol
    live in south london pay 20 an eigth about 130 a ounce but its never weighed up properly... dealers think they an trick you but some people other than dealers also have the sense to go into any fukin shop and buy a scale lol... always have some grams missing in what i buy... and the strains arent that great, its also fukin wet as hell
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    weedmanjam Active Member

    dude i get an oz for 100 wer i stay dry as hell 2 never buy wet shit dude
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    phoenix58 Well-Known Member

    Another UK member here :-) Nice idea!

    Last year I found myself without homegrown for the first time in 11 years. Had a gifted Q of UK Cheese from a good mate and made it last a month! Refused to buy the crap available locally, tried a Q of local soapbar for £15 and binned it, no taste, no effect, hard as iron. Waited until I was up and running did it taste good that first smoke again. Think I went without for several months.

    Its about time this damn law was changed...criminalising otherwise honest people!

    alanpartridge Active Member

    any of ye going doing a outdoor grow this summer if so what strains do a good job in this climate..
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    covertgrow Well-Known Member

    lol im in north london and pay £20 an 8th, £35 a q, but the 8ths weigh up about 2.4g and the q's 5.5g ounces cost between £140 and £160,
    basically always the same kinda strain, just light green fluffy buds,
    rarely a nice bit of cheese comes about,
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    Jointsmith Well-Known Member

    I just had to part with £120 of my HARD EARNED muller for what dried down to 22g!!!!

    We can all agree, Buying weed is lame as Tell us about your GROW's!

    I'm currently running Hindu Kush, ICE, and White Widow.

    In three weeks I won't have to be buying greenz for a LOOOOOOONG time. (Perpeptual Harvest! BOOYOW!)
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    Don Gin and Ton

    Don Gin and Ton Well-Known Member

    afternoon gents! am up north and aint bought gear for over 6 months! currently got 3 ak48s and 3 NL x Shiva and a chiesel soon to be mother! journal in me sig

    reet its friday im away to the pube for a broon and a shmoke !!!!

    Shearer for prime minister

    Jointsmith Well-Known Member

    Your Plants are looking healthy dude.
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    phoenix58 Well-Known Member

    Well I'm down south....BUT I'm sure looking forward to seeing Shearer walk out onto that pitch as manager, cometh the hour and all that, can't wait to see the reception he gets :-) :hump:

    Oh, and growing Bubba O Kush & an AK47 x called 'Needles'.

    Have a good weekend all :bigjoint:.
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    Arrid Well-Known Member

    Hey guys.

    Nice to see the population of UK growers on RIU has increased!

    The weed I'm getting at the moment is dirty polish weed, usually sprayed with god knows what.

    It's all anybody has, so it will have to do I guess.

    As someone said, buying weed is lame.. I say buying UK weed is lamer. haha.

    Remember you're representing the UK so don't go causing arguments and leaving illiterate posts!

    Currently only buying a tens (1.7g) at a time because the weed is terrible and I don't want to waste my money.

    I like how one of the tags is "bbc" haha.
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    pitchforksandtorches Well-Known Member

    hey guys, currently got 2 ww (topped and tied) and 2 morning glory (topped only) under a 400w in soil, got about 4 wks to harvest, these pics are about 2wks old .. ww first


    and the morning glory..

    a for weed prices, my most recent scores were a half of uk cheese at 75 and a halves of g13 for 70... seems pricer than some of you guys pay but the gear was excellent and well worth every penny, the g13 in particular, it really kicked my ass - i'd smoke half a jay and come around like an hour later staring into space and dribbling like a fool :grin:

    lozac123 Well-Known Member

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    Reddragon1986 Active Member

    Nice to see uk growers like me. The reason i started growing was of the shit weed was buying,its like powered green seaweed and once every 2 years a 8th of blueberrty comes along.
    I believe this country shud hav same laws as the dam,locking us away for doin natures thing,who do these leaders think they are!

    BudBrain Well-Known Member

    hey peeps whos goin outdoor this year then. i no i wil be, fuk the dealers, lol. il just be growin my bag seed into 8ft monsters n let nature do the rest. As for the weed front has sum nice uk cheese last week. just bout gone tho:-(

    Happy uk growin lol

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