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    Scroga Well-Known Member

    Ok, so I'm having trouble finding powerhead I thought why not start a dedicated thread?
    What is a powerhead?
    An aquarium powerhead is a water pump completely submerged into an aquarium to circulate water; usually this is used to create flow throughout the tank. For example a single powerhead could be used at one end of a freshwater aquarium to simulate a laminar river current, or multiple powerheads can be positioned throughout the aquarium to create more turbulent flow. For our purposes it is used to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen into the water.
    What type powerhead are you using? Is it better than airstones?

    Glaucoma Well-Known Member

    You forgot a very important part, the bubble tube! I don't care about the bubbles, but what I dig most about it is I know it keeps the air in the buckets/tubs cycling, as if you were using an air pump.

    I use one that's less than 20 watts to aerate up to 20 gallons, and I'm sure it would do more.

    Airstones suck. I don't use them at all anymore.

    Scroga Well-Known Member

    Gday mate, do all powerheads have bubble tubes?

    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    IMHO, we want more than just circulating nutes

    I combine one pump to recir nutes over a bed of polished ornamental rocks (Dollar Store) and let it fall back into the rez. The other pump is on a timer to top feed via Hydro Halo Drip Rings Since I own air pumps/stones I put a 4" disc air stone under each pump increasing DO in the rez.

    HP Rez.jpg

    Scroga Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your opinion, this thread is just for those using powerheads and those looking for info on powerheads...

    Spanky84 Active Member

    So its basically a submersible pump with a ventouri tube?

    Tone5500 Well-Known Member

    A power head does not have to be totally submerged you can position them to create a waterfall effect , that creates dissolved oxygen I heard tho that they will make your res temps high.

    Scroga Well-Known Member

    Is the venturi an essential component?
    Stinky Buds

    Stinky Buds Member

    Cool finding this thread, I knew I couldn't be the only one who's tried this.
    I use one just to stir my 30 liter res.
    I also have a full time air pump driving 4 airstones in it.
    I would not run one constantly as I read something about the motor and it's magnetic field not doing nute solutions any good (ie causing things to fall out of solution/ separate).
    I run mine (Hydor Koralia Nano 240) on a timer, 15 minutes on every 4 hours.



    jijiandfarmgang Well-Known Member

    I've never heard anything like this. Tons of people using hydroponics use a submersible pump, creating a magnetic field.

    - Jiji

    jijiandfarmgang Well-Known Member

    Ok I searched a little on magnetic fields and horticulture, and found a lot of scientific studies backing the benefits of magnetic water. After reading a bit my brain started to hurt, maybe some time I'll read more into it.

    - Jiji

    apoulin Well-Known Member

    I have a Marineland 900 Powerhead in a 12 gallon DWC, I have a dual output 100 gallon tetra air pump running (2) 14" airstones along with another 60 gallon dual output offbrand pump running (4) cylinder airstones.

    I added the powerhead after reading about flooming, and to help circulate the water in my rez tank. I wasn't sure if I should keep my airstones or not, I have read a lot of people completely ditching them and only using powerheads and then others only using airstones. It is all about introducing Dissolved Oxygen, so the more the merrier is what I have been reading.

    Since adding my powerhead I have noticed a huge difference in the quality of the water in the entire rez, it does a good job circulating everything and keeping everything moving to prevent dead spots. I run my powerhead 24/7 along with my airstones, I do have to clean the filter because loose roots and sludge tends to build up here. Some people worry about it heating their rez up, I have not had this problem. My rez stays around 68F. I have my powerhead mounted at the very top of where I want my water line to stay, this allows the majority of the motor to be above water. The top of the motor is warm, but since adding the powerhead it has raised the temps in my rez less than 5F.

    My powerhead allows it to be mounted in a couple different directions, I have it the same as on the box. Suctioned to the corner of my tub, sucking through an intake tube (about 4" into my rez) and pushes it out to create a waterfall effect in the middle of my tub. This does create a little more noise (the waterfall) but I have fish tanks and do not mind the noise.

    Maybe this is overkill for my tub, but so far the babies have been loving the new addition.
    Stinky Buds

    Stinky Buds Member

    Temps are part of why I didn't want it (power head) on full time as well, but it's relatively small 240 gph..
    I have a 220g SA cichlid tank too, that's how I thought of the power head, the one I use there is substantially beefier.
    That's also where I get the water for my rez.(which is only 8 USgal/30 liters).
    I also have the rez outside the room where the girls live in order to keep temps down (small room 6'x6' w/2 430W HPS).

    Can't imagine having to heat your rez unless you live in the Arctic somewhere.
    I never want to see root rot again.

    I don't put a lot of stock in the idea of magnetic fields causing problems as I am one of those using submersible pumps in my rez, it was just a small consideration I put out for feedback really.
    I also don't run the nute pump 24/7 of course.

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