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    drgreenthumb has an mtf....its fairly sativa looking like your photos
    the leaf shape is fairly similar
    i have the mvtf and drgreenthumbs is not near the same..
    docs mtf will not finish up north here but i will say its way up there on the bling and potency
    and tastes kind of lemony gets tons of resin
    i grew it in early y2k selected a clone and ran it for a few years then lost it due to a mixup
    i am starting some more beans i had in the freezer
    i like it better than the gsc.. ogkush type plants..though ilike them too
    this mtf has what i like which is creative uplifting energy and sativa leaning
    i don't know if he sells it anymore i haven't checked his website in quite a while
    but these mtf seeds are up there in my top 5 all time plants yielded very good but is a bit tall not your average short squalt grows like crazy
    thats all i can add..good thread..
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    I grew a crop of some MTF a few years back that came from an old fart in Sutton, Ak. He was quite proud of his original Thunder Fuck and I paid him handsomely for his cuts and spider mite friends.
    The crop yielded well and finished in 9 weeks but it's potency was mid grade at best.
    Either I was ripped off or things have improved since I was a teen smoking the mtf with friends being so stoned I could hardly walk.
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    The real question is.. do you still have the cut?..

    GardenGnome83 Well-Known Member

    Got any seeds?

    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    Nope, I had to let her go. I did take a few naked pics of her before our big break up.

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    Looking back at her, she could have made good breeding stock. She grew like a Sativa but had a very Indica type high.

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