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    tstick Well-Known Member

    I just got back from the rec store and bought a gram of Sour Cookies rosin. I dabbed it and it tasted delicious. It reminded me of an old strain of weed that we used to buy on occasion back in the 70's in the midwest. We called it "Oaxacan" (sounds like WAH HAwK AN). It was bright green and the seeds were very shiny (oily), dark, chocolate-brown with no striping. The seed casings were very thin and rather fragile -broke easily if you pressed on them. The buds were full of them and there was very little left after they were separated. Again, the bright green color was very unique, as well. It was a kind of neon-green. The taste was very earthy and mossy and left a lingering aftertaste on the pallet -like when you walk into a greenhouse on a hot day - that organic, "planty" smell. I remember that, at the time, it wasn't even the desirable flavor! We all were trying to cop the Columbian and other similar "gold" strains. The Oaxacan was just okay. But I remember it....and that memory of it made me about 45 years younger! LOL!

    Anyway, I was happy to have found a taste and smell that took me back in time.
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    booms111 Well-Known Member

    I grew Oaxacan Sativa in early 2000s. They were freebies from Seed Direct or Seed Boutique cant remember which name Gypsy went by then. They were vigorous big thick leaved plants. They were not ment for indoor but i didnt know any better then. Grew the best one outside one season and was wonderful with a great uppy high with a earthy flavor like you said.

    I also have Sour Cookies from Dank genetics going now. Ran 2 then another 2 running now. One of the first 2 i grew has one of the greatest highs ive had comfort wise, really potent and very euphoric with no paranoia. I really like the cookie they used in the cross, no mint like the forum cut which i sort of despise in crosses.

    The most earthy tasting strain ive ever ran was a Alien x Fire OG from Carpe Diem. Tasted like you were eating a bag of HP promix with a hint of cherry.

    Palomar Well-Known Member

    The Acapulco gold that’s around now is an old school Oaxacan... a fav

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    JohnDee Well-Known Member

    Hi Guys,
    I'm always interested in discussions about old school genetics. I spend about a month in Oaxaca back in the 80s. Ciudad Oaxaca is a lovely vibrant Mexican town...but I spent most of my time at Zipolete beach on the south coast. Old hippie hangout and nude beach. Slept in a hammock for a couple bucks a night. The weed we got was very heady and a little harsh to smoke. No doubt minimal cure. It got you as high as you wanted to be.
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    Montuno Well-Known Member

    Hi everybody.
    Acapulco Gold isen't Oaxacan; it is from Guerrero.
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    Palomar Well-Known Member

    The Barney's? I know its not the original in any way. Thought it was a straight Oaxacan.


    Montuno Well-Known Member

    I was talkin from the original Mexican landrace. Of course, Barneys one is a comercial hybrid, like a Skunk.

    Montuno Well-Known Member

    ... Purple Mexican; (Oaxacan '79 X Pakistan Citral Kush), Cannabiogen, florewin:



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    ltecato Well-Known Member

    Back in the 70s, my neighbor got his hands on some Oaxacan seeds from a bag of weed that someone had scored in San Antonio. He planted them in his back yard and they grew to about two feet tall in a month or so. Then, unfortunately one of his relatives found the plants and ordered him to get rid of them. So he cut down the seedlings and dried them out to smoke (because after all it was Texas in the 70s and the available selection of reefer for sale was absolutely dismal). All I can say is that these leaves from immature plants kicked our teenage asses. Not flowers -- just what would now be called "trim" and probably used to make topicals or extracts. I remember this distinctly because I had to drive home from my friend's house after we smoked a joint and this was just about the only time cannabis sort of made me "hallucinate." I was driving along and my headlights hit something ahead that I thought (briefly) was a giant green fluorescent rat in the middle of the road. I had to blink once or twice before I figured out it was just a big, leafy tree branch that had fallen in the street.

    Those Oaxacan leaves gave me a "trippier" high than just about anything else I've smoked before or since. It was totally upbeat and it felt "clear-headed" but goofy as hell.
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    Booyah! Well-Known Member

    I never had a chance to try this amazing Sativa but the deep flavors and enveloping high make it sound really good. I love those earthy flavors but always associated those with Indicas.

    Most of the sativas I've played around with have had more of a Citrusy Thai Haze type of spin to it. Strong but best paired with a good Indica to level you back off. This one sounds good on it's own. Probably would make an amazing hybrid paired with a similar flavored Indica. I always like to match flavors in breeding pairs. One day maybe I'll come across a sureal sativa like this.

    It's amazing how old flavors are now reapearing in hybrids that are many generations separated. Makes me hopeful that extinct strains are still hidden in the genepool.

    Very nice hybrid Montuno! That's gonna be incredible
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    yesum Well-Known Member

    Showhigh has Acapulco Gold and Oaxacan if you ask for it, I have them. Real thing there but helps if you can grow it high in the mountains outside if you want all the original effects.
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    Mellow old School

    Mellow old School Well-Known Member

    They were from Seed Boutique/Gypsy freebie on OverGrow back in the day, got some myself, just never had ny luck with germinating them sadly...

    Beachwalker Well-Known Member

    This is a picture of a bud of Columbian Gold from the mid-70s. This was the second strongest marijuana I've ever smoked, the strongest was Panama Red circa 1973. Wish I had all the seeds in that jar right now I'd be fatter than Besos! 20190108_011825.jpg ..notice the long skinny sativa leaves, also hard to see but everywhere that there is not gold it's black including all through the bud, also had lots of big black seeds almost the size of bb's
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