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    I just got back from the rec store and bought a gram of Sour Cookies rosin. I dabbed it and it tasted delicious. It reminded me of an old strain of weed that we used to buy on occasion back in the 70's in the midwest. We called it "Oaxacan" (sounds like WAH HAwK AN). It was bright green and the seeds were very shiny (oily), dark, chocolate-brown with no striping. The seed casings were very thin and rather fragile -broke easily if you pressed on them. The buds were full of them and there was very little left after they were separated. Again, the bright green color was very unique, as well. It was a kind of neon-green. The taste was very earthy and mossy and left a lingering aftertaste on the pallet -like when you walk into a greenhouse on a hot day - that organic, "planty" smell. I remember that, at the time, it wasn't even the desirable flavor! We all were trying to cop the Columbian and other similar "gold" strains. The Oaxacan was just okay. But I remember it....and that memory of it made me about 45 years younger! LOL!

    Anyway, I was happy to have found a taste and smell that took me back in time.

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    I grew Oaxacan Sativa in early 2000s. They were freebies from Seed Direct or Seed Boutique cant remember which name Gypsy went by then. They were vigorous big thick leaved plants. They were not ment for indoor but i didnt know any better then. Grew the best one outside one season and was wonderful with a great uppy high with a earthy flavor like you said.

    I also have Sour Cookies from Dank genetics going now. Ran 2 then another 2 running now. One of the first 2 i grew has one of the greatest highs ive had comfort wise, really potent and very euphoric with no paranoia. I really like the cookie they used in the cross, no mint like the forum cut which i sort of despise in crosses.

    The most earthy tasting strain ive ever ran was a Alien x Fire OG from Carpe Diem. Tasted like you were eating a bag of HP promix with a hint of cherry.
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