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    Should mention
    Thanks! I think that big fat top-cola look awesome. Been there done that, still smoking it,
    IMG_5632.JPG Look below the big cola. I got more large dense flower weight from the one on the right. (both before I found mainlining)
    but we all know a flat-top (however you do it) is gonna have a better, more even quality harvest. And in the end, it all gets ground up bongsmilie

    SO this is my last 'experiment' to see if one pruning method makes a difference over another (since the limbs are different) and I may just go back to the straight-8 and flipping it as early as possible. With this 'scrog-without-a-net' method I have had to deal with crowding and pruning every watering and I know that having the extra shoots is slowing down the main cola. So in all aspects, is it really worth it for me?

    Basic math, if I can dry a half ounce from each cola on a v-8 easier and quicker that's 4oz per plant in less time with less stress etc. I'm good with 4oz per harvest - it meets my needs and then some. I'm also good with less stress:cuss:
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    Just topped to 3rd node on gorrila skittlez 1st time trying it hopefully I'll do it right lol

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    What have you yielded off that and have you got any pics if you don't mind me asking
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    have no bud pics unfortunately but i yielded about 8 ounces. bud smokes nice but just wasnt happy with the bud to leaf ratio
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    Before and after training

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    Do you think I'm ready to flip and how much under growth do I need to clear

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    U can flower anytime from now...but....I reckon your gonna struggle for space....try and space them out to allow light to penetrate,airflow ect ....
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    I'm abit bollocksed as it's my reseviour underneath will remedie for next time

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