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    Of course, everything is strain dependent. Genetics come first.

    But Ive never met a strain that needed anything over 600 ppm, or 1.2 ec, especially past the second week of flowering when they stop growth to bud. Every 'deficiency' problem was really a game of ratios.

    Some strains Ive noticed need a heavy dose of N into flowering, and will start to wilt/curl/yellow early if they dont get their N in the early bloom period. These are usually termed "heavy feeders", but its really a poor label. They should instead say "heavy N feeders" or "heavy P feeders". At 6 weeks though, you should not be adding anything close to 900 ppm, let alone 1200 ppm. All these bud boosters, etc, are marketing schemes, all you need is a silica supplement, mag-cal supplement, gro, bloom, and something to keep the root zone healthy (BB, root conditioners, etc). You definitely don't need molasses or other crazy ones Ive seen over the years. A small dose of kelp concentrates will give you slightly more aromatics, but I would use it sparingly and add 1/2 to a 1/4 of what is recommended on the label in weeks 5-6 and make sure to flush accordingly.

    And growing is half the battle. Other common fails:
    1. No end flush in pure water for at least a few days. I myself flush in the res for 4-5 days, then I also cut the main stem and stick the whole plant in a vase for a few hours.
    2. Trimming fan leaves before drying. Fan leaves are like shields for your bud, then cover them from UV which degrades THC. They also act as timers - when they become crispy to the touch, that means that the buds have drawn all the sugars from them, and its time to fully trim the plant. If you look to India and other places that have been growing for millenia, you will notice that they keep all leaves on it until the drying is done. There is a reason for it.

    EDIT: you can make your own root conditioner using copper sulfate, at around 0.1% volume. Chlorine also works, but Ive never used.
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    do you use the flora grow with you rdwc sytem eswell using this schedule ?
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    Yes sir. It only helps
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    And this is where organic soil shines -- different strains regulate themselves (to a point).
    It is a common misconception that organic nutrients take months to become available to plants.
    There are some that take a while (like fish bone), but others are fast -- like guano and insect frass.
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    I did a whole run with Lucas Formula but didn't pull much, the whole grow was a bad environment and set up. I got it fixed now and hoping I do much better this run than 2 ounces per plant like my first run. Lol. It was dank but lacked weight

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    2.5 ml Cal Mag, 6 ml Micro and 9 ml Bloom per gal. of Flora trio in coco under QB leds works perfectly fine. No problems at all. This is H3ads modified Lucas for coco. He uses epsom salt but i already had Cal Mag.

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    2 oz is decent considering! I'm wondering what to add to Lucas formula now in flower. All I've added is bennies but I'm considering a pk boost this next run.

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    Lol you should of seen how big the plants were before we flipped them. They were over 5 feet tall when we flipped them. They should of pulled so much more. But it was in a attic uninsulated at that, middle of winter in upper Michigan. Freezing temps, bone dry humidity. I was lucky to pull 2 ounces honestly. They should of pulled way more though. But this time I got a much better room and setup. My plants are smaller and I should pull more than I did each plant than my first grow
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    Oh jeez really! Well damn, each grow we get better. Learn from the mistakes and all that!

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    Care to share your nutrient line up?
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    I have a problem also, I use a 1 part organic feed in veg (local product called Nitrosol), It vegges some awesome plants, however when I transition to the flora trio as flowering approaches I get deficiencies of basic shit like nitrogen. It is a shame I am not running a temperature controlled room yet so I can't say outright, but the cheaper nitrogen heavy feed I used the last run, certainly makes larger buds quicker... It could just be the cold though so I will do the next 2 or so runs with it still just to see what it does as it heats up.

    I would have thought the plants would have had a harder time on the organic shit, but no, it seems to not get enough food with the chems.
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    I have developed my own nutrient program, and it is...sort of fantastic.
    The ratio turns out to be from about 4-1-4 to about 2-1-3
    After a bit of research, a couple years of winging it and making dumb mistakes, and finally learning to properly calculate elemental ppm and stuff like that, I set up a little program for myself that I am really happy with. I can grow in hydro, coco, soil, rockwool, at 7.0 pH and it costs almost nothing. I use one store-bought bottle, CaliMagic, the rest are dry fertilizers I make stock solutions from. Totally not telling you how to do it, but I might start my own bottled water nutrient line, BWAHAhhahahahahahahaha bwahahahahaha! AN better watch out!

    Just kidding, some details are near the end of my signature thread. Here are the basics, ppm measurements from a TDS meter at 500 scale, not elemental ppm. Simply double it for proper microsiemens per cm.
    • Oasis Hydroponic Feed 16-4-17 by the Jack’s folks. 400ppm
    • MKP 0-52-34 only during weeks 4-7 at 100-200ppm
    • MgSO4 for a touch of sulfur, at 50ppm
    • CaliMagic 1-0-0 as directed on the bottle, about 250ppm
    I make separate stock solutions with the Oasis, MKP, and Epsom.

    Calimagic goes in the reservoir solution first, then Oasis, MKP, and finally MgSO4.

    pH anywhere from 5.8 to 7.2 - I shit you not.

    When I start to run out of all of this stuff I will probably buy some Megacrop to try it and compare.

    I have five-footers in the flower tent right now growing in soil, coco, and rockwool all on the same reservoir at 7.0pH
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    If you are going to spend money try something like Elite.
    Flora trio and mineral salts are for us mere mortals :)
    I can buy 5 pounds worth of dry ferts for less than $10, it will make thousands of liters of nutes.
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    Pruning and cleanup has become a little out of hand because the growth was so ridiculous, looks like lots of hash-making trim will be had, but here’s a shot of the tent.

    The little rockwool gal in front wasn’t even rooted when she went in there and has been outpaced, just an experiment using rockwool in blumats, I will let it mature after I take the big tops down at the end of the run. Anyway, the shit works.

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