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    lozac123 Well-Known Member

    Hi there, welcoming all Irish growers!

    I wondered how many Irish growers there are, so I thought about creating this thread.

    Basically, post whatever you like about security, weed, lights or whatever, so long as its weed and Irish related!
    Richie LxP

    Richie LxP Well-Known Member

    Oh Yea:hump:

    Good stuff gettin this tread goin man.


    Growing myself this year in the wilds of Eire, durban poison, super skunk and power flower all being grown 100% naturally outdoors in the lovley irish weather!

    Hoping all goes well.:bigjoint:

    Anyway went to check on my bitches there today and one of my supr skunk is creepin out of its hole!

    Im ecstatic here with happyness:-P:-P:-P

    How and what ya growin yourself this year?
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    SunKissedBuds Well-Known Member

    Not in ireland but definitely Irish and reppin that shit! haha im flowering my first grow now and vegging my second grow beginning within the next day or to as long as i get some good tap roots. im growing N.Y. Power Diesel, Silver Haze and i have 3 bagseeds germin as we speak! yay! Go Green(Ireland and MJ)
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    Richie LxP

    Richie LxP Well-Known Member

    Its time the Emerald Isle got that bit greener!

    GO ON IRELAND! Ha ha

    Its a pity the weather is so fuckin shit tho, sorry about the negativity lads:-(
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    Celtic Vixen

    Celtic Vixen Active Member

    Greetings from the another emerald isle. I'm an Irish grower in Hawaii. Good luck with this thread. We have a couple of great ones going here and have become a little community. I've met some great people thru RIU
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    petrushka Well-Known Member


    duckmusic Active Member

    Great idea for a thread. Im having a second go at growing now after a failed first attepmt. Got myself some lowryder#2 seeds so hopefully I will be a bit more successful with these. I dont really have room for big lights so im hoping a mixture of sunlight and a bit of light from a small light will do the job.
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    SunKissedBuds Well-Known Member

    even if the "sterilized soil" is a bit to thick or clay like and creates mud just add some perlite and sand(not beach sand due to its high salt content)... that will help make it a bit more drain-able.. also you can cut a few more drainage holes in the pots you are using..

    most equipment can be bought at a local grow shop or a local hardware shop and there are many methods of growing. as far as seeds theres a bunch of online seed banks you can probably order from depending on the flexibility of the seed bank and the laws of where you live.
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    B3NNY IRL Active Member

    IrIsH grower here..

    i use Shamrock potting compost petruska. everything ive grown in it grows like fcuk.. especially my MJ... and 150litres for 10€ wont break the bank. hahahhaa

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    Richie LxP

    Richie LxP Well-Known Member

    Get some Hollands Hope

    I grew it 2 years ago and was grand.
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    lozac123 Well-Known Member

    cool. theres a fair few of u here!

    i plan to grow sum trainwreck later, when the weather improves!

    topsoil is grand, but it would need mixing with vermiculite and potting compost, prob 40%soil, 30%verm,30%potting compost.
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    lozac123 Well-Known Member

    "Alright, here is my plan:assorted pickandmixseeds for a 600W indoor

    Apart from that I was in Lidl today and saw bags of Bulrush "sterilized topsoil". Is it the right soil to grow? Some said "yes", some said "topsoil goes muddy, and can suffocate those delicate little roots". :confused:

    Where do I buy equipment and seeds?
    Which seeds grow best in Irish climate?
    Is there a decent Irish forum? "

    u can get both equipment and seeds from your local head shop, galway head shop defo sells all u need. the downside is theyre more expensive than on the net, but the upside is you can pay cash so theres no information for cops to find. i grew white rhino last year, and it was grand. i dont know of an irish forum tho, id say this thread is ur best bet. :-s

    petrushka Well-Known Member

    Thanks ## 8 thru 12!

    I can't get the actual Holland's Hope but I could get a few of these:

    B3NNY IRL,
    as far as soil goes, money is really not the issue at this point. In your opinion, taking the price out of the equation, is Shamrock still the best soil?

    If so, what's its exact name and what do you mix it with and in what proportions?

    danrasta Well-Known Member

    what up every1 another irish grower ere i got a lemon skunk, sensi fem mix seed,bagseed and 2 lowryder#2 all female! i think i used that shamrock soil to and had no probs with it!
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    petrushka Well-Known Member

    "female" like feminized? What you mix your Shamrock with and in what proportions?

    danrasta Well-Known Member

    yea the lemon skunk and sensi were feminized! but the other 3 were just regular! to be honest man i didnt mix anything with it just used the soil and it work grand fo me!

    fr3d12 Well-Known Member

    im in eire also,got a week to go on my nirvana fem 5 ppp,should get an oz +off each,im using shamrock also mixed with 35-40% perlite and have had no probs except the mistakes i made.have you checked out the "irish seed bank".dont know if they are based in ireland or what.i got my 400w hps on ebay,really cheap.
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    SunKissedBuds Well-Known Member

    one of my local friends has trainwreck growing veg and flower cycle and the buds are phenomenol! some really good smoke, real hashy i thought but an incredible buzz! good choice, i think im gonna order hollands hope and durban poison next... although the strawberry cough and the blue mystic look grand too!
    Richie LxP

    Richie LxP Well-Known Member

    The hollands hope would be my number 1 choice, it does extremely well in shit conditions. Its a pity they had none in stock when i was getting my seeds.

    Did ya ever see tha size of the calyx's on the trainwreck? There fuckin huge!

    Skywalker7 Active Member

    Delighted that a forum has been established for Irish growers.......why didn’t I think of it?!?!?!?!

    Too busy growing I presume, anyhow I just wanted to say hello.

    I’m currently on my 2nd vegetative week of growing ‘Skywalker’ from Dutch Passion; hopefully all will work out well (soil growing all the way). Only growing 4 plants at the moment, the legal situation is still a little fuzzy for me. What’s the worst that can happen if one grows for one’s own personal consumption?

    Growing from a dark tent, 400watt HPS system, 2 fans (bringing and removing air) and 1 oscillating fan, humidifier and heating mat.

    Any feedback on the legal situation would be much appreciated!

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