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    lol i also wanna start next round im really not happy with the otjer one i rekon im pulling tje whole thing early in a week or to if its good enough compared 2 tje weed i buy the early bud i smoked yesterday was the best fuck tjats some nice looking bud man frost as fuck hell yes
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    It's not overly uncommon to have sparkling frosty babies from the seedling stage.. With our seeds its expected more often than not to be honest! I will have to show you some more of the new baby shots.. Off the other camera which is a lot better than this one.. It captured some good shots!

    They're just so damn cute..

    But first..Here's one more off of the crappier camera.. Baby OPG from seed in a lil one gal. Happy! image.jpg
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    Then yeah perhaps near lakes or rivers or if there is a forest that shades itself more.

    White is where its at. When you see white webs that look like lightning or roots.. in between moist layers of healthy leaves.. thats great. if theres finished darker, finer compost under that, even better. Just avoid disease and weird looking shit.

    Once you find your predominant leaf types you can look into them more for their cal mag ratios and ph etc. worse case they may need some tlc in the ph dept..

    I think that's a good experiment worth trying on both ends. Worse case you'll learn a few things (I would try comparing 2 methods) and then using the compost as a sub in a small case study. Worse case you will have biomass for outdoor compost/ veggie or ornamental soil.
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    Hey Don I'm sure you metioned it in this thread but I don't have the time to pour through it atm. Curious to know what cmh set up your using. Back in the day I ran the Phillips bulbs on magnetic hps ballasts. I saw a few years ago companies are bringing them back.
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    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    Cutest little Mint Chocolate OG.. Fresh up.
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    cheers for the info i rekon ill try n do a few different types of of spots like rivers n stuf and then diffrent methods there's a national park really close 2 mine and . hay man if ur gunna upload some more pics can u please upload some of the deep dreams if u have any im running that next im also looking at getting hid lighting since summers almost done is there one u can recommend for veg and flower

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    Un-iced as in the autumning off practice of dumping ice in pots?
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    i really wanna grow some shrooms lol
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    @SSGrower Yeah, as tedious as that is, some cultivars will react really well to it.. search GrandpaGreenJeans up on his write ups on it. Some really interesting stuff. I wouldn't recommend it for your average monster crop but for your fav plant, or two, shit, nice treat.

    In the co-op that runs my strains and recipes, its a 60:40 mix of 1000w CMH to HPS, switchable ballasts, so you can run either bulb type, usually cheapest bulbs one can get, as new lights each round is whats important.

    But in the other smaller garden, its 315 LEC SunSystem with Phillips bulb, mostly.

    and in the personal garden / competition garden, its all hand built LEDs (Vero 29 COBS, 4500k, 3500k, as well as far red, deep red, and UVs)

    Also got the team working on lights direct from manufacturer, foot wide, dimmable 150 w panels with meanwell drivers and 150º angle beams.. If anyone needs lights that last and put out the crazy resin.

    @calliandra UNBC my friend, UNBC. :)

    @Shlubly, smell first, structure second, my friend.. know what I mean...
    smell first, then structure, thats most important for me anyway, as well as metabolism and immune system .. but smell.. big one. nice and stinky by that 5th node or sooner, thats what I really like to see.

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    bygosh, I checked it out a bit - wow I really love how Aboriginal wisdom is being integrated into different courses there!! Feels like a really good place to expand horizons :D
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    Don I had no idea they had switchable ballasts for hps/cmh bulbs nor did I realize they came in 1k watts. thanks for the info! You definitely have some great things going on Don!
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    Afganking does it too, I prefer to use snow if I can.
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    Yeah, snow is quite a good alternative, Ive used it before too. Lots of that around in Canada in the winters. Saves running to go buy RO, too, which I'm glad I don't have to do anymore, lol.

    Its exciting how times change hey, always something new!

    and, yeah no prob..
    Anytime, my friend.

    Appreciate the words of support too! All you MI folk are awesome cats

    Yeah its quite the impressive place hey! especially for its northness, I'm really impressed. Very green, very progressive, and surprisingly state of the art. Toured the place a couple months ago, just really quick.. now looking forward to the spring tour for sure!

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    thccbdhealth Well-Known Member

    Are they making cmh in 1000w with a single arc tube?
    Or a series of 3-315 arc tubes in the same bulb jacket.
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    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    Data sheet, not yet
    My bro's price is in the 350 to 400 range I think. So they must retail for close to 6. I will give him another shout today tho for a brotha.. I've been trying to get the website and brand off him.. he's just super busy working and running the cow farm I guess.

    I will snap pics of the lights too for ya, this week if I can!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Popped a dozen REG seeds (on 18 and 6) a month ago.. looks like 11 out of 12 are females!!

    Amazing ratio.. 92% females... super super happy about that..

    Man, perhaps this programming works better than I thought!!

    The 6 I put into flower, at just 3 to 4 inches tall, 5 of 6 became female, in the first week.

    The other 6, got given (accidentally) just one night of 12 and 12, and all showed female the very very next day..


    Popping a dozen more to see if we can do this again.. Including Frosted Flakes from @RM3 and Namaste

    Soooo nice to have the personal / competition garden back up.. long annoying story!

    Cultivars under DIY LED at the moment:

    • Mint Chocolate OG
    • Bubba Meltdown
    • Original Pink Gangst (Pink Gravy x OG)
    • (The ultra special) Pink Jewel
    • Heidi's Unicorn
    • Shotta Berry Kush (SBK)
    • Bullet Proof Rhino (TPR x SBK), &
    • Blueberry Greasetrap (Hi Terp / Hi CBD pheno, S1 Bx)

    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    & last but not least..

    Cultivars under CMH & HPS at the moment:
    • Pink Gravy 4 (George Pheno)
    • Bubba Meltdown 6 (Pre 98 BK Pheno with CBD)
    • Bubba Meltdown 7 (Golden Ticket Pheno)
    • Bubba Meltdown 3 (Raspberry Strudel Keeper Pheno)
    • Original Pink Gangst. 1 & 5 (Super Pungent /Grape/Orange Phenos)
    • Rockstar
    • Chem Dog
    • Blue Matter (97 Bluemoonshine x PNL5 x Black Cherry Dojo)
    • Black Tuna (Jamaican Lambsbread x Herijuana)
    • EPK (early PK) and finally..
    • CTF (Oldschool/Terpy/Greasy pheno)

    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    Forgot to mention..
    .. Triple Purple Rhino from Doc and some Rainbow Cookies from Kmog, those are represented too. Closest I could find to Rainbow Kush!

    Note to self..

    Now just to get Charlotte's Web this summer (lined up), and Pink Kush (again, but mite free), for their CBD and terps / CBD, and a truly legit Rockstar..
    (this one is from OSBA and its gotta be a fake, Spanish crap vs the Reeferman original..)
    so R* will go but then it will come back, presumably .. I need to see what she can do organically and in a living soil / water only..

    Then may only the best cultivars stay standing..
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    SunPlix CMH

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    giglewigle Well-Known Member

    Heidis unicorn sounds nice
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