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    Buba Blend

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    I am in soil and I'm dealing with some fungus gnats. I used one part 3% HP to 3 parts RO about 10 days ago, about the same time I flipped to 12/12. All plants appear fine.
    It's the 1st time I used it.
    Normally I would start all of my plants at the same time and have gnats under control by flowering.
    This time I have some young plants mixed in that gave the gnats new homes to move into after the big plants became less inviting. I've been using neem oil spray and soapy water spray on the surface of the soil. I should be fine once the small ones start drinking more water and dry out faster.
    Like your top 10. I'm going to try the potato and will look into getting the Diatomaceous Earth Rocks.
    Happy Growing!
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    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing, and, to you as well, man!

    You can also set a trap with apple cider vinegar..

    For this method, you will need some apple cider vinegar, sugar, dish soap, water, and a container. In the container, mix two tablespoons of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of sugar, a few drops of soap, and 1 liter of water. Mix it well then place the container around the area where you see the most gnats.
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    Did you snap a pic!?
    Missed this message, somehow

    No foliars this time, minus a lone aloe and or coconut plus a weak weak Epsom ie MgS4 before flowers showed..

    Bit of Uv, slight negative pressure, which imo helped elongate the hue once it was present. Lots of neutral Ro and minerals and meals too, this go.. Which assisted. twas a fresh reammend to 2% kelp, Etc, as well
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    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    Testing some small batches out, folks.. 6 different variations of the 5 way living blend aka the sweet 1:1:1:1:1 recipe which many of my caregiver friends are liking more than the usual / intro 1/3 : 1/3 :1/3 blends !!

    The testing team:
    • Pink Gravy clones
    • Bubba Meltdown clones
    • Ctf clones
    • Ogk x PG babies as well.

    The 6 Variations:
    • Double peat
    • Double coir
    • Coir + peat
    • Coir + Douglas fir, well rotted, composted
    • Coir + leaf mould, fine textured
    • Coir + Glacial rich soil
    These variations are then being mixed with:
    • 1 part castings
    • 1 part aeration 1 (in this case, rinsed rice hulls)
    • 1 pt aeration 2 (mineral lending +permanent.. in this case a charged Biochar, diatomite blend). Ie perlite free.
    Then all are being amended to the same specs with our :
    • Rock Mineral blend, Paramagnetic + glacial
    • Organic Meal mix, @DT's referenced preferred %'s
    Gonna be exciting to see the results unfold!!

    Do stay tuned,


    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    the mycelium, not to be confused with mycorrhizae fungi, are most quickly establishing on the coir recipes..

    I actually thought the peat would be more fungal..

    the fastest to establish itself is not the double peat or peat coir though..

    but this is, of course, just one sign of many that will be gauged moving forward..

    just keeping y'all in tune with what's good over here!!!
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    calliandra Well-Known Member

    Aw lol and I thought you were ignoring me :-P

    Indeed I did take a pic, more than one :bigjoint:
    here's a few to give you an idea

    the plant on day 78 (right before harvest)
    2017-09-27_day78_PE-in-natural-lite (2).JPG
    a bud closeup
    2017-09-27_day78_PE-in-natural-lite (7).JPG

    trich pix taken with my wonky digiscope
    2017-09-27_day78_maindbud-trichs (5).jpg 2017-09-27_day78_midbud-trichs (3).jpg 2017-09-25_day76_PEtrichs (2).jpg
    and a few sample bouquets I blended up into smoothies and few until midflower (after that I did more fruity juices, cucumbers especially - I had a very disagreeably productive plant out in the garden this year lol)
    2017-08-23_day43-flowersmoothie (1).jpg 2017-08-30_day50 (7).jpg
    (the thought of direct anthocyanin uptake does come to mind looking at these... who knows!)

    greatly looking forward to the story of your mix variations, there will certainly be interesting lessons in there for me! :bigjoint:
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    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    Beautiful shots, btw, Fum, nice chunky high-grade nugs with copious amounts of resin, who doesn't love that!!!

    I look forward to my next puff as well!!



    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    I would never on purpose, aha

    Those are some cute anthocyanin shots though, right on for getting em to show up first try!!

    So no UV, no negative pressure, just some crazy slurpees for them, am I getting this right?

    My last home inspection is tomorrow I plan on doing an anthocyanin direct feed and gauging the results..
    I have a special and lone seed from this pink trichome-headed cultivar, via rodelization, and it will be in the mix too.

    Mother shown here, alive:

    and here, after cure, as you've seen too, but I love reposting it:

    Tight Dojo 2.png

    As for the recipes, YES, will be very interesting to see them perform. I bought some red wheat bran and lavender flowers so its time to inoculate a little further. Gently folded the first layers of organisms into the mix so they're ready for a little more action.

    fumble Well-Known Member

    Thank you!
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    calliandra Well-Known Member

    Actually I didn't go for the red on purpose ;) But I was kind of watching since I'd had pink trichs (not heads, like your gorgeous one there!) before and was intrigued.
    But yes I am putting it down most likely to to what she got fed.
    I just recently got to dive more into VPD, and realized my plants do have atrocious conditions regarding humidity at my new place: the air is really very dry, to the point that I've now added a humidifier to my closet. So very probably that factored in as stress (promoting anthocyanin buildup?) in that grow too.

    As for lavender! One of the bouquet smoothies contained a single branch of it , and the day after I gave her that one she started smelling distinctively of pot roast :-P She was in full flower, and while interesting, it was a pineapple express after all, so I was looking for more of a fruity smoke haha
    Now, I need to repeat that experience before I say there is indeed a connection, but there could be something going on there! :bigjoint:

    Ah this round of yours is sure to be a spectacular one! I see pink trich heads in the near future! :D
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    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    Appreciate the feedback, and observations, keep em coming, please, lol.
    Next round here I think I will try get some blue trichs, now that you mention avoiding reds, cause I think that would make for a really spectacular photo shoot.

    And back to lavender, interesting eh! I wonder what that might be attributed to, something in the Lab perhaps. I wish you guys could have smelled our Roasted Chicken pheno, it was SO crazy smelling, like literally you had a delish freshly roasted chicken spiced up to the tees right under your nose... perhaps I will have to hit them all with a lavender foliar so the terps can potentially explode.

    Too bad I was in 12/12 from seed (testing) mode then, otherwise, I would have captured that pheno, I'm gonna regret that one I bet a couple more times yet.

    For getting more fruity smoke, have you ever tried upping the basalt or gypsum, or have you tried to use specifically Indonesian Bat Guano by chance? I dont like guano but a respected brethren in the community swears by it, just figured I would ask since thats the goal for ya atm!
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    Speaking of my next puff of gravy ... @fumble


    here she is.. PG#4 cured one week. This is CMH HPS coco and GH fed btw, still fire as f*ck!

    PG#4 Cur'd 1 wk.jpg

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    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    Has anyone, at all, used this product or know someone that has..

    looking for some community feedback before making the investment, is all, big thanks in advance for anyone who chimes in..

    They also have an attachment called OrganaDx that tests for various heavy metals and pesticides.

    At 649 or so its by far the most mass appealing tester .. I posted this back when they ran a successful Kickstarter and have some decent feedback from Chronic Canvas in Canada but some more is always welcome!

    Also, if anyone has any info on how much it would be to set up a NIR spectroscopy setup (Near Infra Red Spectro) then that would be very merry as well.. speaking of which I have some amazing (free too!) beans to send out to any blessed Don Fam who be helping us push the envelope forward here.

    Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 3.30.35 PM.png
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    calliandra Well-Known Member

    lmao the roasted chicken sounds crazy too!
    My guess is that somehow the aromatic compounds combine in special ways to produce these special smells. I actually got the pot roast smell to fade again by watering a more fruity juice (mainly cucumber) and giving the plant extra time to swing back ;)
    Oh and I didn't foliar those smoothies, they were watered into the soil.. just as FYI, as I've no idea whether these substances would get absorbed via the leaves the same as via the roots (what do I know at ALL as a matter of a fact? lol)

    Thanks for the pointers! No I haven't worked with guano, nor am I likely to, given the sourcing headaches here in Europe - firstly, to even find something (guano is going mainstream hereabouts too, but they don't sell pure anything, just ready mixes containing it along with a shitload of other dubious stuff I don't want in my soils. Oh and don't even think about asking how they sourced or processed it). And when you think you found something, the product declarations are horrifically vague, and you don't get information by asking either because it's a "business secret". :roll: Sorry about yet another rant on dumb-down consumerism lol

    But that's the reason I'm on my current hellride trying to become independent from bought ingredients - and going through all sorts of learning experiences with badly thought through mixes and composts that aren't where I want them yet :dunce:
    The quest continues :rolleyes:

    Wow @ the MyDX, sure sounds like a nifty thing - even if the results are more approximative for now. Then we could really get going, and see, for example how a plant watered with a lavender juice modifies its composition... :blsmoke:
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    hillbill Well-Known Member

    Damn! I sure like Fish Bone Meal 6-20-0! More N in Fish Meal 10-3-0. These, in a mix do. Wonderful job. Haven’t bought bat shit for a while.
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    Canadain Closet Gardener

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    So I think I'm feeding my worm farm as good as myself during my university days, a pound of cannabis leaves, coffee, tea and banana peals.

    Almost done
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    thccbdhealth Well-Known Member

    You mean your now on the same diet.
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    Canadain Closet Gardener

    Canadain Closet Gardener Well-Known Member

    basically yes :weed:
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    DonTesla Well-Known Member

    Gorgeous plant, CCG!

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