The Banana Religion ????


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So Im at my local grow show and where talking about feminized seeds...I asked him what his take was on them he told me not to wast my money...He told me to take a banana and to put ot it at the base of my plants to help increase female/male ratio...So i came home and started to research it...I couldnt find anything on here )sorry if it is but i did a search and found nothing)...Any ways a lot of ppl on other threads have tried this and has great success im going to give it a go on these i got going now when there ready but heres some info....If any one has experience with this please share
Thank you

Treatment of hempseed with ethylene gas will increase the resulting number of female plants by about 50%. Ethylene is produced by certain plants (i.e., bananas, cucumbers and melons), and these can be used to treat hempseed in a simple manner. About two weeks before you plan to sprout the seeds, place them in a paper bag or envelope and put that in a plastic bag with the peels of a ripening banana or cucumber. Replace the peels after a couple of days, and change the bags to prevent mould.

Here is a thread I saved from OG. I don't know if it works but my seeds are currently in a banana-filled bag. You can't loose much to try. I'll post my female male ratio once I sex my plants.

O.K Ive read alot of posts with regards to male plants from people obviously not intent on breeding & worried about having them.

The best way to avoid males in the first place is obviously to feminise your seeds before you start which you can do by using a commercial feminiser like sensa soak which contains 'Ethylene' or birth control pills that contain oestrogen etc.

But here is a cheap, very effective method I use which ime sure some will be familiar with but alot of you wont.

O.K Before you germinate your seeds, place your seeds in a sealed plastic bag containing banana peels for 14 days. Wrap the banana skins in tissue to absorb any moisture they give off. Keep the bag in a warm place & air the seeds regularly, replacing the skins as they ripen. Ethylene, a naturally occuring gas given off by the ripening bananas causes feminisation.

I have been using this method for two years now & has produced a 100% success rate on apx:30 unfeminised seeds from three different strains.
Anyway, the seasons well under way now but I hope this might be of some use to anyone that wasnt aware next year.


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anything that may help me get more ladies for pennies im on it...I still have a bout a week to go before there ready but im gonna give it a go...I will be putting at the base between weeks 3 -5 the see what i get...