TGA Ripped Bubba

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    Pross Active Member

      • Strain: Ripped Bubba
        Growth: 2ft 7inches
        Nutes: Supersoil
        Yield: 1 32oz Ball Wide mouth Jar
        Bag Appeal: I don't know I never bought weed before
        Smell: Vanilla, fresh wet garden soil,
        Taste: Via Vaporizer-SWEET aftertaste, vanilla like in a vanilla tootsie roll. Candyish type of sweetness.
        The High: Puts a smile on my face. I felt warm all over. Pain in my legs and knees from running 5 miles the day before gone. I put on some music and was dancing while I was cleaning the house, which I had 0 motivation to do before I vaped the RP. My thoughts were clear and the ideas flowed but where hard to hang onto. I found myself just jotting down ideas to remember them for later implementation. I felt VERY good. Not spaced out and definitely not locked down to the couch. Made me highly aroused and my dick got harder than chinese arithmetic. Girlfriend came out the shower and got put straight to sleep!
        Comments: That motherfucker SubCool has done it again! He has produced a breed of marijuana that has helped my PTSD, made me want to interact with people and have the motivation to fuck the dogshit outta my woman! I use a vaporizer as I'm too paranoid to smoke in my apartment. Maybe that's why the taste was so pronounced. I grew it using supersoil and it was my first time growing MJ in dirt. I will continue to do so if I keep getting taste like this.​

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    Pross Active Member

    I forgot to say that I've only cured this for two days. Maybe it will change after a couple of weeks of proper curing.
    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman

    Omgwtfbbq Indicaman Well-Known Member

    grew 5 this summer, got 1/5 females, that one girl has a very cherry/lemonade smell to her. sicly sweet. smoked all of it and i got to say, its a nice bubba kush hybrid for sure.
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    Jer La Mota

    Jer La Mota Well-Known Member

    Nice report man!

    gbis59ll Active Member

    vortex yield was absolutely pethetic compared the the other's ,

    how "vigorious" is the bubba

    Pross Active Member

    Update: The smell has changed. Like an artificial sweet candy and vanilla smell. No floral smell at all. Just had to try another nugget out the vape again. This time on the inhale I got nothing but a heavy floral sweet taste. But on the exhale it was straight sweetness like taste rolling off the back of the tongue. Can't really place the artificial fruit flavor. Had to continuously hit the vape to place the candy artificial fruit taste but I just can't nail it down. This is where I fucked up. I didn't have shit to do but this stuff MAKES you get shit done if you smoke too much like I did. I couldn't sit still more than 5 minutes or else my stomach would start to act funny. I wasn't jittery or shaky but I just HAD to do something. Instead or driving to the bank I walked which was about a half of a mile away. Found that I was damn near high stepping before I caught myself. lol Also was doing stuff around the house and I never noticed that I cut my finger on something and didn't even feel or notice it until I went to wash my hands and saw the blood. Next time I grow this I plan on vegging for 2 months as I only vegged for 1 month and it yielded one 32oz mason jar. This is not stoner weed for sure. This is "I'm a grown ass man and have shit to do" weed.

    bundee1 Well-Known Member

    Liked for this comment
    Da Almighty Jew

    Da Almighty Jew Well-Known Member

    great review

    69Bandit Active Member

    I like subcool, he seems to have his shit together and is active online.

    Leaning towards either his Agent Orange, Apollo or Jack The Ripper.

    MiKron Active Member

    Does anyone have some pics of her growing? I managed to only get one seed to crack and it was male. It grew perfectly bush like bubba, heavy coffee/skunk smell but the leaves are more narrow like JTR. Really defined tops system none of them race against eachother.

    I've collected the pollen and will be hitting my super lemon haze (rockhard lemon candy haze pheno), my Tahoe OG, and truly fruity. Hooray for personal outdoor stock.:hug:

    Pross Active Member

    Yes I do if you look under my name I guess you can see the grow report I did. There are three phenos and I had the short indica looking one with very few fan leaves. I vaped some 1hr before work and it felt as if I had a protective bubble around me when I got on the train. I was nice until lunch time.

    Pross Active Member

    Okay I had to add this to one of my favorite smokes in my short stoner career. This will put you to sleep if you smoke too much. I like the vanilla like taste that this has coming out the vape and at times I will smoke this too much. 2 hits off the Vapir is like a shot of nice espresso and Viagra with a smile! More than that then your looking to get hungry and then fall asleep where ever, and I do mean where ever you take your last bite of food.

    MarWan Well-Known Member

    excellent report & description :) lol had me laughing while smoking a joint stay safe

    bowsa Well-Known Member

    tga13 418.jpg tga13 420.jpg here is one plant out of 3 ripped bubba tasted like mac and chesse hamberger helper main lined just popped last two fingers are crossed

    TCurtiss Well-Known Member

    Ripped Bubba by TC





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    BeastGrow Well-Known Member

    Damn TC looks like you dipped that nug in sugar!

    Mroutdoors Well-Known Member

    What the hell happened to Poss, his smoke reports were awsome

    Giggsy70 Well-Known Member

    I have wandered about this strain. Might give it a go outdoor this summer along with my other strains.
    Amos Otis

    Amos Otis Well-Known Member

    it's good

    blowincherrypie Well-Known Member

    ... sounds like he was smoking fuckin crack.. sounds like a smoke report for tyrone biggums


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