Serious question, what the hell are dispensaries selling?

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    What is this shit? I've been all over the world and cannot get over the fact that the only bad weed I've ever smoked has come from legal Az grows; this shit is the only weed I've ever seen that even has negative aspects to speak of. I was never picky. I smoked the larf n shake when slangin lbs. Reggie stems from brick taste better than dispensary calyx plucked with tweezers.

    There are some really specific smells in AZ dispos that have no relation to Cannabis whatsoever. I have NEVER seen buds that smell like Cheddar powder and have a orange tint. I never smelled dried buds that smelled like stagnant water, corn flakes and lawn clippings before. I thought the tea smelling beasters was shit... Now i miss cheap ass beasters.

    I hate this state. I hate every second I'm here. For one reason. The weed is absolutely unrecognizable. Sure, it looks like weed. But why does it taste like everything but weed? The high is garbage, the medicinal value is 0, those things don't throw me for a loop though, it's the fact that 99% of the weed here tastes like ingredients instead of end product. I've even found some quasi organic grows (doesn't smell/taste like Rubbermaid) and they are fucked too.

    The chem shit like Health For Life grows smells and taste like scented plastic. Never was a fan of synthetics,but in AZ it's pure plastic tasting full dose unflushed poison. So the "organic" outfits? Taste like fukkin ingredients! Peanuts. Onion powder. Lemon rind. Like the raw ingredients some novice thinks should contribute to a flavor he experienced 2 decades ago. It's impostor weed. I can tell you what brand of essential oil the last Durban Poison I smelled was scented with. I know this shit. I've gotten real weed from dispos maybe 5-6 times in 3 years. It's always fake when i go back. I've learnt to spot cheddar and strawberry scented bud by color. I've had Strawberry Cough before. These buds are FAKE.

    Or else... the dispos are in some alternative reality, I do not get it. I can not accept that Arizona produces, exclusively, the only bud I can collectively call bad weed, across the board. I've used sulfur products before. I have a good idea about their olfactory detection, as i hate the smell of raw sulfurs. This dispos weed is not the same stuff that grows in the ground. It can't be. It all taste like an unmixed pile of raw ingredients. Like failed attempt to build weed. Like it was 3d printed with fake ingredients.

    Even comparing 2 buds, the dispo bud just seems off. Hard to describe, its just not interesting to look at. Hairs don't look right, color is off, everything is small and undetailed, bud looks 10 years old and lifeless even though they look so similar to real dank weed, so lifeless.

    If you think I'm just being a dick, go to Phoenix Relief Center right now, and tell me why they have a strain labeled Forest Fire that smells like cheddar powder and nothing else, says cheddar on the back of the jar, taste nothing like weed and is the same exact non-cannabis smell/flavor that entire dispensary menus have had at some point. I have NEVER smelled or tasted bud that was soaked in liquid cheese whiz until I came to AZ. I know all the cheesiest strains. They dont taste like cheez powder soaked lawn clippings.

    Same with lots of smells here. I have NEVER had weed [with a smell] cause any negative side effects on my respiratory system. ALL of the bud with a noticeable aroma in Az has negative side effects on my respiratory system. The scents are NOT from Cannabis. I have been doing this too long to be told some nasty vanilla banana smell belongs to: Durban Poison, Jack Herer and a million other strains I've grown over and over. Or that every strain smells like chocolate dollar store minicakes because that's what real weed smells like (no its from your fish additive, and your buddies use it too late in flower). I can readily tell many dispensaries use bottled products I've encountered. PBP left its plastic flower aroma all over the valley until i told every one of them they were using it,then it started with a plastic candy aroma and equal respiratory torture.

    I never smelled pbp in buds before. Never believed in flushing. Never tasted a chem in my life. Never smelled sulfurs, never tasted peanuts, never smelled rotten milk. And i love the funkiest strains. Its offensive to be offered a milk sprayed moldbud and told how dank or funky it is. Fuck you. I had mold once. It motivated me to grow better. I sprayed it with milk, washed the buds in water, and made crude decarb for edibles. You cant handle the shit any other way. Especially not putting it on the fucking shelf as Sour Kush. Living in AZ is like having extra sensory perception to contaminants that I was never really aware of before. Why would anyone grow weed with no smell, when it makes the contaminants so obvious? No one, literally no one back home grows like this. I've never seen a price tag on a bag of weed that didn't smell/taste like weed at all, let alone smelled/tasted strongly like grow products.

    Like who the fuck thinks Sour Kush smells like Sour Milk? Arizonians I guess, got yall heads so far up the dispensaries asses you can taste their nutes too. Probably an improvement over the nasty, fake, unweed of AZ. Let me give you the retard test. Kush. What's it taste like? IF YOU SHOP AT DISPENSARIES YOU CANT TELL ME. Youve been let down. I thought dispensaries would be a place to hood me over and learn about new strains while in AZ recovering from medical malpractice. Thanks for nothing but more anguish, Arizona.

    I'm not retarded. I can tell the difference between naturally fruity weed flavors, and plant matter soaked in fruit juice. People in Az think these dispensaries really have berry flavored weed. No the grow store has berry scented fertilizers. I smell this fake shit everywhere I go and can only assume it's one of these fucking loser bud perfumes or the other. Terpnado, Shark Nuts, SuperCrunk Skunkwerkz. Real growers don't go to the cannanute store so who the fuck knows. But i know weed. I know it's limited profiles and unlimited combos of said profiles. Besides that point, why would every bud on the shelf smell like haybails, except for one strawberry themed strain that smells like strawberries? Well that's because it all smells like haybails, and they scent the strains with a name whos theme matches whatever bullshit additive they have laying around.

    I never knew why OGs Cookies and Gorgilla Glue were popular until i went to Arizona [dispensaries]. Its because the growers don't fuck with those strains as bad. They read online that "Terpinator changes da flavor of da og but u kan use it on da less known strains, it improve da flavor of my farts", so Cookies, GG, and OG don't get the bullshit treatment as often. Thats the only reason, gsc and gg4 are consistently natural smelling, since people know them. You will see haybail GSC before you see haybail Strawberry Cough because they are always willing to fake the lesser knowns. So you have reggie OGs (not even midgrade) and sub reggie non leets that taste like playdough and robot dick, oh and it's all hydroponic, so keep sniffing that bag and use your imagination for flavor. Like i said the organic buds Ive ran across don't taste like hash/weed, they taste like terroir amendment.

    I cant wait to be the fuck out of here. So i can get back to growing. Weed that actually counts as weed. The first buds I ran across back home assured me, weed still smells and tastes amazing, elsewhere. That first visit out of state reminded me, all weed tastes good when it's real weed grown naturally.

    I love weed. Weed i can grow from seed and still get a good hash flavor and uplifting high from. Weed that smells like heavenly edible versions of the world's most controversial smells; skunk, fuels, body odor, bacterial warfare. Weed that always has a sugary, spicy, fumey, candy or hashy taste no matter what seed it came from. Not this fake dispensary shit giving my beloved herb a bad name. Not this onion powder tasting, peanut smelling bud giving organic growing a bad name. Not this bud that's literally been soaked in something to make it oily.

    Have you ever bought a sack of weed that 100% for certain had been soaked in CHEESEBURGER GREASE, after you spent 5 months investigating what the hell it could have been? Well I have. I never in my life would have believed the shit you hear about blackmarket growers. I never saw it, and got sick to my stomach even thinking about producing something unnatural. But now I'm sitting with lab results trying to make sense of all the contaminants that have nothing to do with weed, thats in weed, coming from legal dispos and delivery services in Arizona.
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    Im sure it's like Walmart,
    Buy extremely low and sell medium to high.
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    This is pretty much it actually, much like any business it really is only a matter of time until people settle for the "walmart" mentality. However, I prefer to call it the "McDonalds" or "Budweiser" mentality as they are specific products as opposed to just a purveyor of goods like WalMart is.

    Let's take both products for example shall we? For the majority of American's, McDonalds is the go-to place for a basic cheeseburger and Budweiser is the go-to for beer. We can sit here and argue this all we want, but the sales and $ figures do all the arguing for us. Most people tend to think that a McDonald's cheeseburger is the "standard" definition of a cheeseburger, much like people with Budweiser think it's the "standard" definition of beer.

    If you grew up on McDonalds and that's all you've ever known, you'll come to assume that their burger is just how all burgers taste. Places like In N Out and Habit Grill are seen as "high quality" when in reality they should be what is considered the "standard" for a good quality burger. But because so many people are used to McDonalds, either because they grew up on it or because they've eaten nothing but burgers from McD's their whole life, they associate something low quality like McD's as "standard" when in reality places like In N Out/Habit/etc should be the standard with their 100% fresh and never frozen beef patties. If you grab yourself a basic Chuck Roast from any higher quality meat department and grind the damn thing yourself and turn it into burgers you'll never go back to McDonalds for a burger ever again.

    Budweiser is a bit of a more interesting example though. Take a look at this graph ( Any of you guys that are also beer drinkers will have to resist spitting yours out, nothing quality is on that list at all except for maybe Sierra Nevada. Any beer connoisseur will tell you that some of the best tasting beers come from micro-breweries and even home brews. Budweiser is complete shit in every aspect. It has absolutely no flavor, is overpriced, and is just pure shit all around.. yet is has remained the top selling beer for decades now. The reason is because, much like with McDonalds, people associate Budweiser as the "standard" for beer and just go with it and I was even a victim of this myself. I thought I hated beer for the longest time because I'd only ever tried Coors, Budweiser, Miller, etc. I had just assumed that beer is supposed to taste like crap and never got into it. Then one day a roommate in college let me try one of his Fat Tire beers and it was eye opening because I legit thought that beer was just not supposed to taste good.

    I get into this because both examples prove that this is merely a marketing tactic that companies that have a low-key monopoly on their respective markets use. They build themselves up and establish a brand name that most of the country comes to know and love, then they drive the quality down to increase profit margins. It's not just Budweiser and McDonalds, it's everything. A bag of Dorito's now has less chips in it, more artificial tasting flavor, and costs more. Establish the brand name, then start cutting corners once people worship your brand to the point where they make excuses for your lack of quality because they are so loyal to the brand name.

    Weed is no different, and you'll notice this is why laws for legalization cater to warehouse/acreage/commercial growers. Cannabis is no different than any product in the sense that you have the power to produce something of higher quality than what is considered the status quo and this is why there is always a demand for high quality, just as there is for low quality. Budweiser and McDonald's have some of the greatest sales numbers you can imagine, yet micro-breweries and food joints like In N Out, Habit, etc are still flourishing.

    Most people don't know what good weed is unless they grow it themselves. It is incredibly rare to find a legitimate dispensary that cares more about quality than profit margins, but this is no different than your McDonalds or Budweiser. If they can consistently be in the top 5 best sellers for the year with shit quality, why would they waste money improving quality when they're already making a stupid amount of money?

    Weed is the same thing. Why would a dispensary pay $3k/lb for some high quality indoor when they can pay $1-$1.5k/lb of decent quality outdoor and sell it as indoor? Much like Bud/McD's, people assume that "The high is only supposed to last 15-20 minutes" or "It's normal for my chest/head to hurt after smoking weed" and so forth. I used to work for a dispensary in California as a receptionist and budtender, but I was also a vendor for them as well. We had a lot of veterans and so forth that were on SSI and being a budtender I got to know a lot of them on a personal level. My outdoor grow gave me WAY more meds than I needed, I could have got $2400/lb for it (was back in 2011-12 when prices were different) but I gave it to them for $1600/lb because I wanted them to have a $35/8th option. I came into work the next day and saw it on the menu for $50/8th and I was livid. I demanded the price be brought down to the $35/8th donation I was going for or I would vend elsewhere, the price was changed within minutes.

    I don't bring that up to brag by any means, in fact I'll be the first person to admit to you that I'm nothing special and there are a TON of more knowledgeable folks on here than myself. I only bring that up to show you that what I say is true. Dispensaries don't buy the highest quality meds and sell it for top shelf prices.. they find the cheapest crap they can peddle as "top shelf" and go that route. Because again, why would a dispensary pay $3k+ for a lb of quality indoor when most of their customers will pay the same $50/8th for mediocre outdoor?

    These dispensaries are simply following the McDonalds/Budweiser/Walmart path, and that's finding out just how low they can go. Funny how you hear people bitch about how everything is made in china now and it's shit.. yet they aren't willing to pay extra for quality. So it goes I suppose.

    charface Well-Known Member

    No time to really read that yet but I will,
    I browsed it
    What legal weed was supposed to do here was be good quality and beat street prices.
    They have failed

    Hashes on the other hand, they have done well.
    Good quality and dirt cheap.
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    I get a little too long winded for my own good sadly and for that I do apologize..

    But legal weed was sadly just a farce for these commercial growers to expand their operations. This is why you see a lot of people that are actually against legalization, they know it's just an excuse for these cash croppers to come in and set up shop.

    Arizona is one of the more worse states for that because of the way the laws here were set up. Pretty much ensures there is no competition, which is what these people want the most because they know they can't compete with quality should it become mainstream. That's why they buy out the competition and keep peddling their shit. Gotta sell you the image that their shit is gold and such.
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    Makes me glad I don`t buy weed.
    Take care

    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    Whao all that to say you don't like your states weed?
    So why not take that to your advantage and start small and offer them higer quality. Based on what your saying any breeder from the strain reviews bank on roll it up, would give them a AAA-AAAA smoke.

    If you grow who really cares whats in the dispo. I'll say it like this people have been growing all over the states legal or not and making it with at least a self supply.

    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, it's not that simple in the state of Arizona. If you are within a 25 mile radius of a currently operating dispensary, you cannot cultivate. Period. So if you're in a metropolitan area of AZ you're pretty much SOL unless you're willing to live out in the middle of nowhere or buy property out in the middle of nowhere.

    While there is a rather high demand for meds due to the fact that not even half of the current operating dispensaries in the state grow, unfortunately quality meds has become somewhat of a niche akin to micro-breweries and so forth. Don't get me wrong, quality can absolutely always compete.. but for any small timers it takes not only absolute quality, but networking and marketing to boot. Because what you have to consider is that you can grow the absolute best quality bud ever, but if people are satisfied with "Budweiser" and that's all dispensaries are buying then it can be a rather tough sell.

    Most dispensaries these days buy the cheapest product they can get away with to increase their profit margins, no different from the majority of other businesses really. I personally don't know of a single dispensary that is paying more than $2400-2800/lb for anything, and that alone is typically enough to lower the quality across the board. Unless you're able to start your own dispensary, you'll have a rather difficult time vending because not only will you be competing against people willing to sell for $800-1200/lb, but your competition also happens to include the dispensaries that currently are growing. The laws for a dispensary grow are vague, you designate your land that the dispensary grows on and that's that.. but there are no size limitations to the land and no plant count has been set. A handful of dispensaries just so happened to designate a 5+ acre parcel as their dispensary grow and since, by state law there are no plant limitations.. they are literally having a field day. Some of these people alone will be able to singlehandedly supply not only their own dispensary, but countless others.

    If you're unable to start your own dispensary then your options are essentially limited to being happy with growing your own meds as patient to patient donations outside of a dispensary are currently not legal like in other states. While we "little guys" may not be able to compete in terms of selling in the market that they have no only created, but monopolized on, we do have another option.. and that is to grow our own. If we grow our own meds, to a quality that we all on this forum have come to know and expect from the plant then we wouldn't be buying from the dispensaries. Someone once told me that every single dollar bill in your possession is a vote in one way or another as you're choosing who to support with it. Don't give your money to these clinics and instead invest it into your own grow, eventually the clinics will be forced to follow suit and provide a similar quality that people can provide for themselves or better.

    I've been dealing with dispensaries as a vendor on and off for the last 5 years in two different states, the name of the game is the same. In the end, they are a business just like any other.

    If you don't mind my asking, what state are you currently in and what are the laws like there? From the sounds of it things are easier for you than they are out here so I'm just curious, always nice to see what things are like in other states as well of course :)

    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    Im actually from Toronto. People have been supplying dispensaries for years. They have been quazi legal. Now with legalization for the whole country in 2018, the playing feild is wide.

    People think that they only can supply flowers, but they can supply clones/ be expert guides to strains to cultivate.

    A venture captalist , would be the best person to get with, besides bank.
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    kratos015 Well-Known Member

    You can do a whole lot more than just supply flowers, or even clones/consultant fees. There's money to be had making labels, selling jars, edibles, the list goes on really.

    However the issues in the States are that the people that make the laws are also the people that have the money, so it goes right? A decent amount of these guys already have capital and get themselves into the business one way or another, get themselves a ridiculous amount of money, and then lobby to make the laws how they see fit. Again, no different from any other company/business in this country really, sadly.

    Laws in this country have made it pretty difficult for the little guy to get on their level, it's entirely possible but it takes an enormous amount of effort. It only gets worse when "legalization" hits because from what it's seemed like to me, "legalization" only happens when all these Walmart growers finally have their ducks in a row and are ready to establish a monopoly for themselves. They did this in Nevada also, but were unable to anticipate the demand. The first laws were that only people qualified to transport alcohol were allowed to transport cannabis, severely limiting the amount of people that count actually become vendors. So, naturally, these Walmart growers couldn't fill the demand themselves and Nevada actually declared a "state of emergency" because there was not enough cannabis, and eventually lifted the regulation concerning who could and could not transport cannabis to dispensaries.

    The laws here are a total mess, sounds like you guys have things better off up in Canada. Perhaps some day we'll be able to get the same thing going here, but only time will tell.
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    Yours.echos.whats going on around here.

    Its world wide with legalization and governments somehow. For real For real.

    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    @kratos015 all the time these bigshot companies want to join mY Ig. They want ideas and to see who is in the industry.

    Cannabis.Queen Well-Known Member

    Torontooooooo! Wooop! "Playoffs??" Lmfao sorry idk too hyped to see someone from Toronto :)
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