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    st0wandgrow Well-Known Member

    All 3 of my CQ females were chopped last Sunday and were jarred yesterday.

    Let me tell you ... these were some rock hard nugs on all of them. Even my runt, which was more cheese leaning kicked out 4 oz's of beautiful nuggets! This one smelled of cheese from start to finish, and was clearly the smallest of the 3.

    The other two were significantly bigger plants. One formed two HUGE colas, and smelled sweet and fruity, but it had the least impressive trichome production. The 3'rd one seemed to deliver the best of all of the variables. Great yield, really nice aroma, ridiculous resin coverage, and a very pretty fade with leaves turning maroon, purple, and yellow. The other two stayed dark green right to the end.

    I've sampled all 3 prior to being jarred, and they are all very powerful! I burped them this morning, and the smallest of the 3 (cheese pheno) is starting to develop a beef stew aroma .... which is kinda weird. Never smelled anything like that before. The other two have that musty grape smell to them which is very pleasant. I'm hoping that the taste will intensify after a few weeks in the jars.

    I will throw a few picks up here when I get a chance. They are horrible quality (camera phone), but I will share them none the less. I have a feeling my patients are going to love this strain once the samples are handed out!

    hovering Active Member

    I get 90% success at worst, 100% usually. My clones go into Rapid Rooters with a light BotaniCare nutrient feed, in trays in a dome. The dome is under T5's for 24 hours a day, closed vents for the first 3-5 days then open vents. The temp is around 75% constant.

    Every cloning situation varies a bit but once you find your sweet spot you can depend upon 90-100% success. It just takes dialing in your personal scene.

    BTW. I still take twice the number of clones I need so I can always choose the strongest for our garden. The others can be given out.

    hovering Active Member

    Nice report! Tried to give you rep but can't just yet.

    Looking forward to your pics. :-D

    matt1420 Well-Known Member

    Hey hov, just wanted to stop by and give props. I noticed one of your cheese quake shots in this months skunk mag. Looks dank bro......

    hovering Active Member

    Thanks bro, I appreciate the support. Have an excellent day.

    StickEnugzz Well-Known Member

    Hey Hovering, been a minute or so since I last posted with you about the Cheese. This is a picture of 4 plants. Three in the planter and one in a three gl hard pot. Clockwise from top left is my attempt at "main-lining" with a Diesel. Next to the far upper right is a next generation cut from one of the re-vegged flowering cuts; or a cut of a cut? And the two across the bottom, also in my planter are the two actual remaining flowering cuts. One of which is the one in the picture from my last post with you. They were pretty gnarly starting out after rooting so it wasn't until their blade sets returned to 5 leaves that everything was fine. Gettin Gooder!


    hovering Active Member

    Beautiful bro. Definitely gettin gooder! I can totally tell those CQ's by their leaf structure. Nice works :-)

    FOG99 Member

    NICE WORK! This is a strain i am looking forward to working with for sure.

    hovering Active Member

    You will not be disappointed. Our next run of CQ#5 are in veg and bloom and all are looking great... more pics and reporting to follow :-)

    Senseimilla Well-Known Member

    i'm gonna have to order another pack or two of CQ as I did not get the desired keepers... short, squat querkle doms that do NOT smell like a blue cheese danish :) sure they'll be good but not what i'm hoping for most likely.... unlike the AoS where I got 4 BCS phenos.

    hovering Active Member

    Bummer man. Worth another look imo.

    bleuballz Well-Known Member

    Just read this! Great info, nicely put together.
    answered most of me questions.
    Thank you.

    trouble27 Active Member

    I've got some really short squat cheesequake they both smell incredible very unique my cq #1 smells a little more grape but deffinately some cheese there too really dense probably the densest I have grown or come across in a long time it's also very Stoney put u on ur ass kind of smoke works great for restless leg syndrome I find a lot of strains aggravate or bring on rls symptoms on the come down my cq #2 yields better and has more cheese smell with grape undertones extremely dense chunky buds pretty much smokes like #1 just tastes little different I'm glad I found it . I've got some going right now along with the void can't wait I will post some pics later and good thread I've been checking in now and then .

    hovering Active Member

    CheeseQuake is still blowing our patients away. I have weekly requests from medicinal growers to add her to their gardens. She is dank and I am happy to have her in ours.

    We have our CQ in bloom of course and a Premix SuperSoil CQ vs. BotaniCare CQ test that is currently running along nicely...
    Huel Perkins

    Huel Perkins Well-Known Member

    I wish I had one of your Cheesequake cuts, my test numbers weren't very impressive...

    hovering Active Member

    Bummer.. sorry to hear that. It is worth another look imo. From my 5 pack I got these 2 keepers, kept #5 for the CBD's even though #3 yielded better.

    cannabis-gll-cheesequake3-052312.png cannabis-gll-cheesequake5-052312.png

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    I dunno what I'm gonna do with cheesequake... my first experience wasn't great. Had great expectations. Had 6 beans last run. 3 phenos, one tall more sativa dominant, 4 middle ground hybrids, and one shorter, squatter, more indica dominant (but not super indica) pheno. The tall sativa ended up being a boy (boo). I only got 2/6 females. They both smelled like stinky weed in veg and then stinky feet covered in vomit in flower... or maybe a really stinky cheese. Not the good kind at all. After drying and curing the smell was a much more muted stinky cheese... not offensive but not a smell I liked either. Was pretty good but not as potent as I was hoping for. I had issues with that grow though including a light leak (and i think more than that) -- unlike the ace, the CQ did not throw nanners. Anyway, I don't really think I got representative phenos and can't really make any kind of good judgement due to the multiple grow issues I had in the new room with a new setup. There's so much other good TGA stuff I haven't grown, I don't really have a strong desire to get back to it because of the last experience with it... but so many people love it so much... and I'd love to get a pheno that matched the description in the 20% range... right now CQ is way down my tga list, but that's also because there are so many good tga strains i haven't tried yet :) i haven't even gotten through the new 2012 strains, much less the pre 2012 and now sub is talking about adding over a dozen more this year... how will I ever get back to CQ? :)

    whitey78 Well-Known Member

    From a 5 pack of CQ I got 1 male and 1 herm..... the other 3 could all basically be keepers... I am definitely growing these cuts again asap to see which one is gonna be THEE keeper... I've only smoked one so far and I was partially impaired for awhile, I was high for hours and I was definitely not feeling any pain thats for sure... I'd say give CQ another chance.... I've made a rule in my garden now that everything has to be grown at least twice before I can say its no good and cut it from the line up... the problem is I start to many seeds at once..... maybe a rule #2 would be a good idea....

    seattlegrownewb Member

    1/3 or 33.33333333 percent. go light on her.

    seattlegrownewb Member

    get chernobyl. you will wanna keep all phenos. cheese quake is a heavy yielder. i prefer dairy queen over cq its just a low to moderate yielder

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