TGA Cheese Quake by: Hovering

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    dabumps Well-Known Member

    Hovering do you grow in SS?

    hovering Active Member

    Not yet. Sunshine Mix4+Perlite for our medium with the full BotaniCare nute line for feeding. SS some day :-)
    Eric A

    Eric A Member

    out some serious dank there. Kudos.[/QUOTE]

    Wow. Thank you so much Hovering. I look up to master growers such as yourself, subcool, nugbuckets, and many more whom I regard as true keepers of the dank.

    For me, I feel it is a blessing to be able pursue the science of dank for me and my patients. There is a ton of crap out there and it's really tough when you get ready to decide on what to grow. I agonized over what to get, who to trust...etc......lots of money for seeds that you can't even be sure if they are the real deal......lots of horror stories of Hermes, males, 0% germination, fem seeds....blahhhhh.

    I found Subcool/TGA about a year ago while looking for information on ducting.....I read and executed subcools get your ducts in a row article.......long story short....once I found him and TGA my worries were gone. To me Sub is the real deal. He personally emailed me and answered my questions regarding his strains. You would never ever get that kind of treatment from a breeder in Amsterdam or anywhere else I imagine.

    aside from my Williams wonder TGA genetics are all up in my garden now. To watch a little seed grow into a beautiful big girl with beautiful fruit is truely mind blowing for me. They make it pretty easy to find a keeper or two.
    I just ran plushberry and JTR from seed and found 2 keepers from each strain.

    I did a video journal of those as well......I'll edit it down and post it up soon. Kinda busy this month.
    Huel Perkins

    Huel Perkins Well-Known Member

    Nice video Eric, I enjoyed the passion in your narrating lol! Good stuff man, thanks for posting.

    Senseimilla Well-Known Member

    Nice video eric! My normal camera is busted up so doing a video journal myself this round -- just started 6 cheesequake germing on saturday ight - 2 pushing dirt at the moment -- hope I get 100% germ on my TGA beans. Got apollo and ace of spades running too (the ace of spades! the ace of spades!)

    I have some beans i'm gonna be germing later that are also cheese crosses, so interested to see how they compare.
    Eric A

    Eric A Member

    Thanks Senseimillia,

    Id be interested in how the cheeses will compare as well......please post. I think I really like the cheeses.

    Im LOVING the 2 CQ phenos I was blessed with. Both to me are very special. I trust you will be pumped when they are ready for harvest....truely great medicine. Never had anything like it. I'm a Terpen kind of guy and really enjoy its flavors. Crack the jar and the aroma alone is healing.

    Ive had 100% success rate in germinating all my TGA seeds.

    CQ gave me 3 girls, JTR gave me 4 girls, plush berry gave me 3 girls.
    not bad for a few 5 packs.

    Once I run them again to really determine the keepers then I'm going to try some Apollo13 And Jilliybean. I also have a few more 5packs waiting for room in the garden. Dairy queen, deep purple and querkle.

    Im still waiting for my neighborhood dispensary to get Vortex, Ace, Chernobyl, and Void. Those are the next to be purchased.
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    hovering Active Member

    Nice Eric. I LOVE what you've got going on there..

    Senseimilla Well-Known Member

    Yeah I usually get 75-80% ratio female too -- if my usual ratio holds up I should have 4-5 females of Apollo, Cheesequake and Ace of Spades. Got 100% germ and all up looking healthy! can't say same for cannacopia beans so far got one complete non starter and had to rescue another.Can't wait for 4 months from now! I'm going to have more TGA bud in stock than I know what to do with... i'm already getting worried about running out of my apollo #2 :) still have about 3oz of apollo #1 tho :) If I can just get one truly awesome keeper from these I'll be happy.. more than one would be even better :)

    st0wandgrow Well-Known Member

    Took an early sample off of my one Cheesequake girls that is closest to finishing, and ..... WOW! This is dick-in-the-dirt-dank right here! Next to my Kali Mist, this is the most potent weed I've grown!

    Love it!
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    jd123 Well-Known Member

    .was reading this thread getting all excited so i decided to go look at and admire my little unsexed cheesequake seedling, and what do you know shes already showing a little female pre-flower!!! :hump: :weed: i cant wait till shes ready to flower. shes only 5" tall and she already stinks lol.
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    tranka32 Active Member

    Nicely done Hovering. I really liked the video and commentary, thank you for the work... T

    hovering Active Member

    Thanks Tranka32. I have photos and words in this thread, the video has been put in by Eric at our request. Anything CheeseQuake here ya know! Anyway, thanks for the kind words :-)

    montanachadly Active Member

    You guys have all inspired me to remember the cheesequake in my order this time. The last few times ive ordered beans from the attitude all tga stuff i always planned on getting the cheesequake to do but then i always forget and get something else. Right now i have some beautiful girls in there first week of flowering 2 each of qush, ripped bubba, and chernobyl. I have some Space bomb, time wreck and pandoras going that are second week from seed. Since ive been following the subcool ways ive become a weed nerd myself watched all the videos and bought a good bit of seeds. I have 9 difft strain packs of TGA Soon to be 12 the next order cheesequake will be the first on the list followed with space dogg and appolo or some space queen. All those Cheesequake look much better than any cheese strains i have seen grown by any of the dispensaries we used to have here in Montana.

    Senseimilla Well-Known Member

    Loving my cheese so far... hovering did yours have fatter or thinner leaves when young? It looks like I got a more indica pheno and a more sativa. Which were yours?

    Also I thought I saw a thread about what you do with your testers as far as when you top to get your 4 colas and such... mine are just now sprouting side branches :)

    StickEnugzz Well-Known Member

    Hovering Hows it going? I don't know if you remember my run of Cheese Quake but I lost the mom from an overheating issue. I ended up taking cuts from the flowering CQ's that were in they're 6th week or so of flower. The cuttings finally have made a turn around and today I took cuts off of those rooted clones. It took about two months to go from a budded branch to a re-vegged viable donor plant. That was the first time I have ever had to take a cut from a plant that was so far into flower. That smoke was so good I was ecstatic when I got to this point. Was about like taking care of a newborn these last two months worrying about those cuts. Those genetics are solid as a rock any other strain would have probably hermed all over itself. Hope all is good in your garden. Keep Er Green! :weed:

    Pic of one a week before they out 5 blade leaf sets.

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    hovering Active Member

    I got both an indica and sativa pheno in my 5 pack. Both are incredible but my keeper was the sativa leaning. Less finish weight but it had the hidden CBD's I was looking for plus the amazing grape danish flavor. Fucking incredible and still my favorite smoke to date.

    I let my side branching catch up a bit while keeping her short with fluorescent lighting tight on top of them. When I top I make a clone for a mother plant so you want to have enough nodes to take your clone plus have 4-6 branches for budding colas.

    hovering Active Member

    Fucking Awesome save my friend. Nice work. Vegging from flower can be tough but an excellent skill for exactly the reason you had to do it. SAVE that strain!

    I am very happy for you. Thanks for sharing the pic too.. beautiful to see the fresh green pop through. Really nice. Have a DANK day bro.

    Senseimilla Well-Known Member

    Like you I'm keeping mine short... how many nodes do you let grow out above the ones you want to take before you take a cut? Just hoping I get a high success rate on the cuts so i only have to take one each (since i'll be cloning 20)

    hovering Active Member

    I take pretty small clones, usually I cut about a 4" top that has 3-4 nodes. I do my 45 degree cut just below the bottom node and then strip that bottom node off so it gets hit with rooting solution and is below my rooting medium. I like to have one node below ground on a clone and 2-3 above ground. The above ground nodes will be cut back by cutting all fan leaves in half, across the blade, so that they don't require much space or energy but can still "power" their node while the cutting roots.

    Senseimilla Well-Known Member

    Yeah I've had limited success with cloning previously (never a high % success) -- I gotta get it down this time though as I am not going to be able to take half a dozen cuts of one plant like I did previously to max my odds of getting at least one survivor (and still only managed to clone 2/3 plants). I need to get it to where pretty much every time it takes unless I do something really stupid ;) I think after looking back at what I did last time I am gonna have a much higher success rate this time but don't know how good it'll be. What would you guess your % rate of getting roots is?

    Think mine probably need 1-2 more weeks before it's cutting time. Once they hit their 1.5 gallon final tester pots they will take off I'm sure, especially since they're about to start getting nutes. They're growing real well considering they're in solo cups still :) Of course my Cheese have been the most sensitive of the group :)

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