Supplemental lighting, LED's, COBS, T5/T8 UV-B

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    Am considering some supplemental lighting for flower.
    Growing Vertical with stacked 315W CMH, 5 plants and would like to add some extra light, probably the T5 UV-B.
    Off the top of my head thoughts.
    20171206_100731 (2).jpg
    The 315's are are currently on from 9 PM to 9 AM.
    - Hang the four or five, two foot, one or two lamp T5 vertical with fixture, like the SunBlaster T5 HO. The fixture would swing and hang from the top ot the tent while the 315's are on and put in place when they are off, see pics above.
    Would only run them during the last two to three weeks, the 315's would run from 9 PM to 7;30 or 8 AM, then lower the T5's and run for 1 to 1.5 hrs, from what I have read that is about the total amount of time you want to run them anyway.
    The goal is to increase the THC, terpene and flavonoides. I have seen it work while using my
    CLW SS400 LED with the UV-B lamps built in. They ran while the LED was on but hanging them would be a pain in the butt.
    Thoughts, suggestion, call this ol' fart a fool, LOL, or just throw it out there?


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