Suckers/lolipops recipe suggestions?

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    I have about 15 grams of high test honey oil that I made yesterday and I bought a silicone mold for making lolipops.

    Thought I would stop by here and ask in case someone already knows the best way to do this. Before I go google some recipes and take my chances. ;-)
    I have a candy thermometer now too. Just need a good recipe.

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    The recipe that I found works good for me is.
    1 cup sugar, I use sugar in the raw
    1/2 cup corn syrup
    1/4 cup ro. Water
    190 proof tincture
    2 tsp extract for flavoring. Root beer covers canna taste well and matches brown pops.

    Slowly heat sugar, syrup and water until all sugar has dissolved. Turn to high/med high until temp reaches 300f. Remove pot from burner and let cool to 250f. Add in extract and tincture. (With alcohol tincture it is best to high concentrate as the alcohol will evaporate from pan anyway). Once extract and tincture is added do not stir until the pan is put back on medium heat, once there stir and the sugar will start to turn hard because the tincture and flavoring cooled it off too much (no recipe I found explained that, figured it out by trial and error). Once it has became like almost a liquid again pour into your molds, if you have too much put the pot back on low heat until pops have set, remove pops and pour the rest.
    Side note, once extract and tincture are added continusly stir on med heat and remove as Doon as it's ready so not too much heat is added to the thc.
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    canadian1969 Well-Known Member

    Cool, also found this one, uses hash...
    but in my case just straight oil shouldnt make a big diff, no tinctures. too much trouble as I dont have a source of pure ethanol. I mean I can brew a wash and distill the ethanol myself and have done this, but its way too much work; unless you can go to the liqueur store and buy everclear etc kinda not practical, the tincture part I mean.
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