Subs latest soil recipe?

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    spaceman Active Member

    I decided to give subs super soil a try this year. But I've seen several different recipies from years prior. My question is what is his latest recipe? The one I found was from 2012. I should have looked harder I guess any info would be appreciated. .
    Mason Jar 92705

    Mason Jar 92705 Well-Known Member

    Whether you use the latest recipe or the original one from years past, it all works the same. Some of the new things added to the latest recipe (crab meal, oyster shell or whatever) isn't necessary and probably won't make much a difference imo. Use the original recipe from 2009 and be done with it. Composting/cooking is the most important part for at least 6 weeks and that its wetted down but not soggy wet.
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    Jimmy Verde

    Jimmy Verde Well-Known Member

    The oyster shell is a great buffer honestly definitly toss it in stuff is very affordable

    Dolldolphinfin Member

    Bio char and insect frass were two of the latest editions. Although I can't remember the ratio.

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