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    Sub ur the man , just keep on doing your thing man, my grandmom always said you get more ants with sugar then you do with salt, thats kind of how i live my life now, you kill the haters with kindness and they dont know what to do, i would be in jail by now if it wasnt for that saying, man i just got done looking at that hash thread, that shit looks so good

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    great thread sub as always lots of great info, you have really changed my mind/open my eyes to a lot in the growing scene/industry. keep up the good work man. i hope i have your experience and knowledge one day.......

    peace from the uk
    bailwah bongsmilie

    KronicCraig Member

    awesome thread man! love to read your shit and watch weed nerd! Unfortunately I'm stuck in a non-medical state, so can't take advantage of my sweet Florida sunshine. Wish I had the finances to bring organics to those in need.

    justanothergrower78 Active Member

    Sub, crossed your vortex with a GDP strain i acquired from friends in the triangle. I was able to pull a male and 3 females off the seeds i germinated and have been working with her since. I also acquired a very nice sour kush strain from the same area male and am in the works of trying her out with your jilly bean the male sour kush is so sour and strong nice purple hues running up the stem and big clusters of balls hanging from every node so i thought jilly bean was an excellent candidate we shall see!!! happy growing!
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    I don't know if anyone mentioned this yet or not but this tincture is almost my exact recipe for making e cig liquid with cannabis. It works great for me and the vape is rather smooth. The big difference is that you need to cut the vegetable glycerin with water (the veg glyc is an emulsifier) to achieve the correct viscosity. Also veg glyc is thicker than poly propylene (NOT etheylene) so once the THC is added it will gum up you tank/atomizer faster than normal. I keep a separate few around just for cannabis. I have never used poly propylene for cannabis but it will work, if you cant get it to mix add a little veg glyc to it.
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    so I live in Santa Rosa and someone organic and its saying that they have subcools home growno I live in Santa Rosa and organicann's saying that they have your home heads... i get a sack every time they say this and it is generally airy and harsh. I have a really hard time believing that somebody that knows as much as you, would grow it that way. don't get me wrong I don't mean in any way to disrespect I'm just wondering if its really yours, or they use your name to sell.

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    /\ hate this phone sorry for the ssstutter/\

    tags420 Well-Known Member

    Ya it's his from his/jills garden that you see on the nerd. He is in sonoma county. Most of Subs buds he drops off there have big swollen calyx's/borderline foxtail, might be what you are calling "airy". Taste/smell is usually the best part about his strains. He has like 3 strains there right now.

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    i just wanted to try to let subcool see how well his genetics are doing in the northeast, if i could have done it different i woulda gone with the 3rd dimension instead of kaboom simply because it flowers so much quicker, either way i have 2 kaboom and 2 qrazy train the kabooms are the lemon smelling pheno and the qrazytrains are just funky and almost rotten or fermented smelling i cant wait to toke up on them any way here are some pics hope u guys like let me know what you think View attachment 2814095 View attachment 2814096 View attachment 2814097 View attachment 2814098 View attachment 2814100 first 2 are qt the others kaboom

    weed nerd out

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    So i pollenated one of my qrazytrains a few weeks ago…. i am wondering DO SEEDED OUT PLANTS MATURE FASTER???????? when should i pull it if its a 60 day plant, im seeing some ambering of trichombs but im unsure, i dont want to pull it then have underdeveloped seeds

    whats your guys and girls thoughts

    weed nerd out

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    Let them go until you see the seeds start to pop out.
    Grosse Pointe Dank

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    Sub this is a really interesting thread, I learned things that I would only have if read from your post. I'm new if you haven't noticed, but see you postin everywhere. I seem to learn more interesting facts from you then I can by simple searching.. Keep this thread up don't let it die down!

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    Sorry man your too late sub is long gone from this site he no longer post here but you call still read any and all of his post or threads, if you go to his personal profile you can look up all the threads he started that way you don't have to weed through all the other threads

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    Grosse Pointe Dank

    Grosse Pointe Dank Member

    That sucks… well thanks guys for keeping me updated

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    Sub = God , Need more breeders who respect genetics so highly!! its not just a plant you slap a name on!

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    I agree with that he takes it to the next level.

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    been reading for hours thanks sub cool huge fan of your genetics and these post give some great insight keep up the good work!!


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