Spider mites - need advice

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    Venerate CG by marrone bio. Approved for use on cannabis by the state of california. Spray up to week 2 then release beneficial insects.

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    My head is starting to hurt...lol.

    I just did round two of bug b gone insecticidal soap (the fatty acid one). Plants are doing well. Ordered the mighty wash and will use that for round three and any spot treatments, if needed.

    Options are very limited around these parts. Thanks for all the great feedback.

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    Hot shots every time either a differ or a hanging strip I've used all that is mentioned even tabaco it won't work your going to make a bigger problem HOT SHOTS PEOPLE they work great!!!!!

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    I second PureCrop1. That stuff killed some powdery mildew I had on some plants when green cleaner and atak(from optic foliar) both a double strength didnt do jack shit. Its a pesticide and fungicide. If you email monster gardens on here about samples they might hook you up (if they still have samples that is) good luck.

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    Hot Shots are toxic as fuck
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    Yep. Dont want that anywhere near something I grow that people will smoke.

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    Hot Shots are carcinogenic...........READ THE LABEL. They cause cancer.

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    I’m gonna get cancer if I don’t stop worrying about my plants. Poor things....

    Just finished round 2 on all the ladies with the soap. I’m not going to keep doing this. I’ve accepted the fact I can’t get rid of them all.

    I’ve got 6-8 weeks until harvest. Can I keep the borg at bay enough with Mighty Wash and regular hosing with water to see this through?

    Note to others: I got mites bugs from introducing a grocery store bought tomato plant to the crop.
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    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    Mighty Wash didn't do shit for me........regular hosing will cause mold to form.

    The best way to proceed is cool the room down to slow down the mites reproduction. This will give you a chance to fight them and greatly reduce their numbers.
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    I agree about the temps, hot temps can supercharge their reproduction rates... but personally, I did notice some effectiveness of Mighty. I was wondering if the stuff they sell now "Mighty" was the same as "Mighty Wash" so I called NPK and they said it was exactly the same. What may be some other not-too-toxic products to rotate with Mighty? It seems those bastards can quickly get a resistance to just one product.

    But overall, not introducing cuts or plants from outside, keeping a clean/sterile room and equipment, filtering any air brought in from the outside, and keeping temps down seems to be the best prevention that has worked for me.
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    Seawood Member

    My plants are outside in pots so regular hose-downs are not an issue but lowering temps is. I’m in the NE so hoping temps start to come down soon. It’s been a very hot and dry summer. I’ve sprayed high pressure water, 2 rounds of insecticidal soap, a round of Mighty Wash and now back to the straight water. If I can keep the little pricks at bay until the weather breaks and cools then hopefully I’ll be ok. No sign of them lately but that doesn’t mean there’s not a few lurking...

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    So I went out early this morning and hosed down all my plants as they were looking a little ‘rode hard’ after the beating I put them through the past couple weeks.

    Couple concerns...take a look at the pics...some of the plants look slightly ‘bleached’ or ‘washed out’...almost like an N deficiency. Leaves are quite pale. Also, pistils showing on one strain all turned brown. Plants are preflower.

    Hoping none of this is anything serious to be worried about and won’t ultimately impact harvest and/or overall plant health.

    First pic is GG4. Have 3 of these and they look the worst. 2nd is a young Blue Ninja strain which looks healthy. 3rd is a larger/older Blue Ninja that has some decent looking foliage and some not so much...this is the one with brown pistils.

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