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    What I thought was a mag deficiency on a couple of my plants turns out to be two spotted spider mites. First grow, outdoors. I’ve read a lot of marginally successful ways to get rid of these pests. Plants just started to show signs of flowering in the past week. Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Ultra-Pure Oil Horticultural Insecticide, Miticide and Fungicide can be used year round (temperatures between 32F and 95F) to control insects, mites, and fungus. This product is safer for plants because it is 99% pure unsulfonated residue. Ultra-Pure Oil Horticultural Insecticide, Miticide and Fungicide works on all developmental stages of listed mites and insects. With no known resistance, no post-harvest restrictions, and almost completely odor free Ultra-Pure Oil Horticultural Insecticide, Miticide and Fungicide provides excellent control for disease and pests while reducing the possibility of phytotoxicity.
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    It’s early in flowering so get some insecticidal soap and spray the leaves. Try to stay away from flowers but it’s so early that you should be good to go. I had to do the same thing in mid flowering and it worked wonders. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the quick replies! I’m beyond stressed about this...I’ll pick up some products tomorrow. Hopefully this doesn’t ruin my crop.

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    Do what the other guy said. That covers you for insects and diseases.Youll be alright!
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    Let’s us know what you ended up doing and how it worked out. Always cool to hear the results, hopefully positive
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    Hey Keith, thanks for checking back!

    First thing this morning, I took the infected plants into my backyard (in pots) and hosed them down after laying them on their side. Kept the infected ones down on the grass off the porch away from the rest. Ordered some Mighty Wash and going to get some bug b gone for veggies tomorrow as nothing is open today (holiday in Eastern Canada).

    Just the hose down made a difference. Checked and a lot of the bugs were washed away but found a few stragglers and eggs.

    Also had a long-time grower come by and lollipop my plants to help keep things in check. Love the support when it comes to this hobby. People willing to reach out and help....love the support on here and locally!!!

    Gotta say though, the 100+ clones I watched get cut off the bottom of my plants and put in a garbage bag took its toll on me mentally. Lol
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    Pesticide Advisory
    Alert – NPK Industries Mighty Wash and Ultimate Wash products contain pyrethrins
    June 16, 2016
    The Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) has reason to believe the products Mighty Wash and Ultimate Wash, manufactured by NPK Industries, contain a pesticide active ingredient not listed on the label. ODA has tested both products and found it to contain the active ingredient pyrethrins.
    Use of Mighty Wash and Ultimate Wash could cause cannabis to fail Oregon Health Authority (OHA) pesticide testing requirements. Growers of all crops and retailers are advised to discontinue using or selling Mighty Wash and Ultimate Wash until further notice.
    For additional information or questions, please contact ODA at (503) 986-4635 or email [email protected]

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    What the hell.....really? So what does this mean?

    I’m stressed again....

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    I need a hug and someone to tell me everything’s gonna be alright....
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    That statement said ‘could’, it didn’t say it’s over. Keep working on it and you never know. Either way it’s a great education for the next grow when you produce even better. I’ve learned so much this time that I’m excited about the next. And yes it’s really cool that so many people are helpful.
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    No fucking around this stuff wipes them out in one hit and they are gone for good. Safe to use but has the same DIFICOL as DDT.
    Does not harm plants.
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    This shit is not safe to use at all. DDT is banned in many countries.

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    I'll give you my OPINION, as you can ask 100 people and everyone has a different solution. I fought mites for many years, and used just about every product on the market at one time or another. There are many threads here on RIU about fighting mites and you might want to check them out too. Most anything sprayed on plants while flowering will have a negative effect on plants and maybe your health. As you probably know it's always better to try and eliminate the issue before flowering. But you have to be careful in flowering, especially with "oil-based" or citrus products as most will kill back the bud stigma's. Here's my specific recommendation:

    Buy a product called PurCrop1. It's sold at MonsterGardens. It's expensive, but you only need 2-4 tablespoons per gallon for a spraying. It's oil based but developed under a different process that won't harm your plants if applied properly. You can find a lot about it under a google search. Spray when the room and plants are cool and well watered. Shake the sprayer often to keep everything mixed, and spray like your life depends on it. Spray everything, inclusing pots, walls and flooring. It's more important to spray UNDER the leaves and along stems rather than the above canopy. If you need to turn lights on, wait 1-2 hours until everything is dry. Turns fans off too, let it all dry naturally. If you already have a problem, and are in flowering- apply at the 1 fluid oz (2 tablespoons) per gallon.

    In veg, I use the 2 fluid oz per gallon rate until bud start to form, then reduce down to 1 fluid oz in flowering. I like to spray in the morning, after a thorough watering the day before and the room is at it's coolest point. I spray weekly, if you have an issue, you can spray a couple of times a week.

    Lastly, do not spray one product on top of another (on top of another). Most will interact in a negative way with each other, but not all. Thoroughly research it first.
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    u will need more than 1 product I like spinosad an neem 3 days apart for 2 weeks mites gone
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    Safe Effective. 3-In-1 will give you back a large part of your pest chasing life. You will notice your new freedom immediately and days after the first app. Secret no more. Cannabis is proudly listed on the label. Read the pest this safe effective poison kills and keeps killing for a week. Tetra San a translaminar miticide/ovicide only kills every mite on the planet, but only mites! Here's the link:
    And here's a teaser pic: 3N1.2.jpeg

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    Green Cleaner, works pretty good, less toxic than most, can be used during flowering.

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    I just made a nicotine tea and it seemed to work, bought a package of redman chewing tabacco, soaked it in half a gallon of water (didn't need to boil it, seemed to leach out at room temp just fine) let it sit in the water for about an hour ...and spray thoroughly. Didn't seem to effect the plants in a negative way, I just don't know when or if I should rinse it off (definitely will before harvest).

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