SpeedySeedz Beware Rollitup Staff (Speedy Seedz)


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Nirvana gives you reward points on your purchases, adds up to free stuff down the line. And they have a good reputation. I haven't used them yet, but I'm completely unhappy with Attitude so I'll be making a switch. Good luck.
Must be you then because No issues with attitude at all.


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Took me weeks to get email responces from attitude.
Calling is he'll tool 7 days calling long distance every 20 min.

I prefer to give my money to others.

And I agree Jodi is a joke.

But attitude never burned me.
An they are great deals.

You can order multiple times to the same address on there big sale days.
To get a shit ton of free seeds.


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Took me weeks to get email responces from attitude.
Calling is he'll tool 7 days calling long distance every 20 min.

I prefer to give my money to others.

And I agree Jodi is a joke.
Sorry about your luck!!!!15 orders and no issues and the one i had was handled promply.
More positive about attitude then negative.


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I repeat.
You can do multiple small orders to the same address.
To get alot more freebies from them, they will send em all an don't check.


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Multiple order I swear it's safe.
Others Proved it to me.
I have done it.
Do to small orders stead of one big one.
Fu Jodie


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Must be you then because No issues with attitude at all

Why cut me down for sharing my personal experience and opinion? Lucky you for not having my experience, but fault me for the behavior of others? Or for sharing such? Could just as easily been you.


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If you mention anything about germination of the seeds, they will not do anything for you. This is stated in their policy. I have used Attitude numerous times and only had issues twice, and both were germination issues. I contacted the breeder and in both cases, Jodie allowed the breeder to send them replacements and they sent them to me with no shipping charges. Another thing to remember is that Attitude is just a "middleman" so any problems with the seeds is on the producers of the seeds, not Attitude, they only sell what the seed producer provide to them.


I had bad experiences twice with attitude so never ordered again! I know 1000s of people love attitude and prob for good reason
but I guess I was just unlucky, its there customer service that really grates me most, if attitude dont want to answer you they
just don't its thats imple... guess that happens when you get to be the biggest seedbank in the world... personally I use herbies head shop
or bonzaseeds.com as they give awesome customer service before and AFTER the sale which si important!


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It looks like our rip off artist has resumed operations again. The company called speedyseedz comes in and out of the scene every once in a while once the heat dies down on them.

Rollitup Members beware of this company last time they went underground they ripped off not only us by not paying their bill they ripped off countless members as well. Any member that is promoting them will be given an infraction as a warning.

This is for the benifit of the community that we keep a watchful eye on these scam artists.

Take Care
speedy is a lil bitch.....


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I will always stand up for Attitude and Nirvana for that matter...but Attitude has always taken care of me, at least 40-50 orders over the years and only 2 issues that ended up being a blessing when I got a lot more in the end for being patient and not bitching about it through constant emails. Nirvana has excellent customer service, solid strains and have some good deals, I had problems with Ice strain, but ended up finding one of the better pheno's Ive ever seen after about 25 seeds that were given to me. Back to the main topic, Attitude is completely trustworthy, not once have I not ended up getting my seeds, I do opt for the insurance and tshirt with larger orders just in case. Cant say I like that their raising the amount one has to spend during monthly promotions for the the promo seeds, used to be 15-20pounds, the new year one was more but well worth it, but I think I saw that the emerald triangle promotion had to spend like 35pounds for the 3 freebies, not sure that this info is completely correct, but hopefully Im wrong. Regardless I would recommend them to anyone, always get breeder packs, insurance is good idea plus tshirt is always kinda nice, especially the medical culture ones lately. I used to know speedy back when I was on this forum more, seemed liked a good dude, guess he punked out or maybe just hasnt got his shit together, hopefully people get what they paid for and if not, that what these forums are for, to help others with everything green...Peace!!!!!!
Here is some more information. The guy just doesnt give up.

Speedy Seedz: you can put your little announcements up
Speedy Seedz: thats fine
Speedy Seedz: at the minute
Speedy Seedz: i dont want any customers from your site
Speedy Seedz: i got enough on my forum
Speedy Seedz: but i will be coming for riu within the next 6 months
Speedy Seedz: and i will take its crown
Speedy Seedz: ive got the financial backing to do it now
Speedy Seedz: to get ranked
Speedy Seedz: and get in all the directories
Speedy Seedz: you can do it with time and work
Speedy Seedz: and you can do it with money
Rollitup:good luck with that my friend
Speedy Seedz: and soon within the next 2 months theres going to be tons and tons of good reviews about speedyseedz all around the net
Speedy Seedz: and ill get sub paid off too
Rollitup:you had my support i liked you
Speedy Seedz: then everyone will start jumping ship
Speedy Seedz: see you in the coming months
Hey Seedy seedz: words are words we will see if you are all over the internet, which could just mean more bad reports, so if you really want to repair damage don't screw people in future and with this backing you supposedly have give free seeds with orders like a reputable company like attitude does and maybe even fix some of the orders you screwed up under other name
I hold a black belt in guppyponics I hold another in aeroponics I have 3rd degree in Veganics I have a 2nd degree in DWC I have a green belt in led aeropincs but will master it like:weed: all other growerson son, just thought you'd enjoy the remarks

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its weird going through this thread and others about speedy and everyone is happy or at least satisfied from his service.

im not making any claims but from my seat it appears that speedy pissed off admin and admin is taking an immature approach to the situation by putting speedy on blast and over exaggerating his bad rep.

again, im only speculating here but i know ALOT of happy speedy customers. (i havent used him personally)

he got paid, he never paid sub and he has custi's who never got there orders . . . .id say hes not to far from a common thief . . .and based on his"take over " strategy id say delusions of grandeur are self evident

sounds like a wiener

its not hard i know of other small sites 500-2000 active buyers . . . . . .and one man runs it . . i dont know of any orders that have not been either fulfilled or taken care of in some sort of way . . and why is he starting new business's here and there . . . .BIG RED FLAGS

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ive ordered from attitude one time and got nothing,they say it was the post offices or mailmans fault


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I won't be taking any chances with Attitude. Nirvana seems like a good reputable company with decent pricing. I'm a new comer so if anyone knows anymore sites feel free.... 😎🚬


i think attitude is safer than nirvana, and you can get nirvana seeds there, however attitude seems to be having some problesm coming out of the chicago customs right now, IMO i would stay away from seed ordering for a little while until they or everyone changes there shipping method, not saying other banks are having the same problems becasue they probably arent, however im not willing to take that chance with my money, if your a first timer getting a seed out of some good bud you smoked is enough to practice and grow whatever you want successfully....

has anyone heard anything about speedy seedz as of late? im jw if dude is still ripping people off, it woudlnt surprise me
I won't be taking any chances with Attitude. Nirvana seems like a good reputable company with decent pricing. I'm a new comer so if anyone knows anymore sites feel free.... 
I have trouble seeing why there isn't a sticky for attitude being a scam. Threads about people getting scammed by attitude are endless. I found over 20 scam threads just looking through the pages for 15 minutes.