south east london newman wants some advice

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    hempyhempster Member

    hello fellow friends

    i want to tread carefully here as i know that the website doesn't allow people to hook up and i'm not aiming to break the rules

    however, i am 50, have medical problems, am quite alone and in need of some help as growing isn't an option for me

    i wondered if someone could give me advice or signpost me to where i can make contact with someone who can help me?

    i know i did it a few years ago via some kind of internet classifieds but i can't remember where exactly anymore?!?

    hope that's ok and i get some good advice

    hempyhempster :shock:

    xKuroiTaimax Well-Known Member

    Hey there... Places like and Hippocribs (for London) might be a good place to look. They are surprisingly relaxed over there.

    I won't yell at you or give you the whole 'this forum isn't for asking where to buy drugs' thing...

    I am in London, also a medical user (joint pain, insomnia, depression etc) and could pass on a number or two via PM if you really, really need it...

    Because I'm stupidly trusting like that...

    daggamonster Member

    i know this thread is probly getting on a bit now, but im gonna pitch in anyway. its been proposed on this forum before, for other requests, but because its maybe just the perfect answer for your problem im gonna say it again. the silk road. do an internet search, download the browser, set urself up an account, buy some bitcoins and bobs your uncle :) hope that helps

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