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Would you use a Sonoff..?

  1. Yeah

  2. Nah

  3. Id rather have a sawn-off ....


    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    you did not read. The sonoff can not access the network. I know how to change the time DUH are you looking for an argument with me or something? Do you think I do not know how to change the time on a sonoff? just WOW! arrogant thinking. Deep breath and exhale. Everyone is NOT an idiot and can do thing without your instruction. Surprise!

    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    You're the one crying over your shit not changing for DST. But I can see you can't make a proper sentence. Maybe you need instructions for it. Surprise.... there's always one asshole in the group.

    nfhiggs Well-Known Member

    I suspected that might be your issue - that's why I asked about it in the other thread.
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    Chronikool Well-Known Member

    You do realize you need network connection to change your schedule right.. ?

    Randomblame Well-Known Member

    Look at the screenie, mate! Min./max. voltages for LT-F562B are listed in the second last row("operating voltage") on page 7.

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    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    You do realize most people use smartphones.... which can be made a hotspot. Connect, change, go about your day. You DO NOT NEED HOME INTERNET if you have a smart phone. So I find his crying pointless. I mean if he so super smart with his smartass post. Then he should've known. A smartphone can be tethered as a hotspot which then makes the phone an access point that the sonoff can connect to. And change whatever values you would like. I wasn't an ass to him. Until his crybaby post. Of course he got his panties bunches up and put the sonoff down bc it doesn't work. Bc of Wi-Fi.

    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    What's crazy is that nothing burnt up. I NVR dreamed the part woukd have a wrong schematic. But it's all good now. I appreciate the help. Your post is what made me look at it again.
    regoob eht

    regoob eht Well-Known Member

    Gotta question, just purchased a Sonoff 4ch. Was wondering if I wire 1 power cord in, 4 power cords out and hook up 4 HLG drivers (240h-c2100ma) 1 driver to each relay, should be ok? Was mostly worried about inrush current. As long as I schedule them to turn on and turn off 1 or so minutes apart? I'm on 20amp breaker in the room, just want to make sure I'm not doing something stupid. Thanks.

    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    I believe the 4ch can handle 3200 watts. I think depending on what your running from the plugs in. But you could prob do two and two on a time. I have 2ch and have over 400 watts of lighting 2 drivers plus 10 40mm fans kick on. Plus two fans in the tent. And don' have any problems.
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    Chronikool Well-Known Member

    The 4ch sonoff can handle 2200w (10a)
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    Randomblame Well-Known Member

    Each channel has its own 10A relay so 4x 10A like mentioned in one of my other posts.
    I would switch the channels on one after another, a one minute interval is the smallest thing you can set.
    Maybe a bit exaggerated, but on the safe side...
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    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    16a is 3200w
    regoob eht

    regoob eht Well-Known Member

    • Power Supply: 90V~250V AC(50/60Hz)
    • Max. Current: 10A/gang
    • Max. Power:2200W/gang, 2200W/Total
    That's direct from Itead.cc
    The 4CH(R2).
    Thanks for replies, guess I couldve looked it up in first place. :dunce:
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    nogod_ Well-Known Member

    I don't even need to "show ignored content" to know who's on the other end of this.

    Some turds just wont flush.

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    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    Hey Chroni , what are you up to these days? still doing some guerilla growing around the south pole:)?
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    Chronikool Well-Known Member

    Yeah buddy...still tent growing....AND still eating pengiuns and riding majestically over icebergz on polar bearz... :D

    Ninja Fruit - Day 45 riu (1 of 1).jpg

    blurkool harvest RIU  (1 of 1).jpg
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    Randomblame Well-Known Member

    Haha, Yeah! Finally the resettlement has started!
    In fact, resettling the polar bears to the south pole would be a good thing, the north pole is melted off in a few years anyways and the south pole should at least last a decade longer.
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    astonehead Well-Known Member

    Anyone used the sonoff WiFi dimmer? I see it somewhere but can’t find it again
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    justsmokedope Well-Known Member

    Well sonoffs have arrived then , i think ive bought too many haha


    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    I ordered a bunch of them. I found 10 packs for 30 bucks on amazon. So I got two 10 packs. My entire house runs on these now. My ol lady loves it. Especially when the kids tv's are left on their rooms when they fall asleep. We don't have to go in there chancing waking them up to turn stuff off.
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