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    Chronikool Well-Known Member

    Itz been a while since i posted a new thread in here....i feel excited like that 16 year old school girl i once was...

    So thought maybe i would put up a thread on the Sonoff wireless modules i have incorporated into my fixtures and my thoughts so far. (me and @bizfactory have been testing them for the last month or so...but im sure others have already done this)

    Sonoff were a Russian company but have been brought by 'Itead' out of China i believe.

    Basically they are a simple and cheap replacement for your timers that are controlled from wifi from your phone or tablet. A simple way to snazzy up your LED lights who if you are like me are daunted by Aduino and the like.

    After i had wired them in and set them up with the timer.....i turned off my wifi (and data) to see if the timers would work independent (internal) of signal ...clicked on my LEDs without an issue. :) The modules have manual switches on their shell so that you can overide the switch or if your wifi isnt working or you cant get signal in your grow space. Each module can handle 10 amps although i havent tested the capacity. They have a handy little green night light that emits from them...almost like they had growers in mind ;)

    The App that is recommended by 'Itead' is 'eWeLink'....simple search and download....and pair it up. Done! You can get 150 devices on this one app apparently....

    I also have a temp/humidity controller/module Sonoff so i can see remotely at any time those figures and control a fan and/or humidifier to get to a desired level (in app preferences) ....(im gonna pop another one in my still to be configured drying tent in a few weekz)

    Details here: https://www.itead.cc/sonoff-wifi-wireless-switch.html

    I have communicated with 'Itead' and asked about a wireless dimmer module...they replied saying they used to have one but was problematic and removed from the list. They told me they will be looking into it again

    I actually got these cos i wanted a new timer....these were cheaper...was a cool find.

    So yeah....about a month in...no issues at all. This might not be for everyone....but thought id throw it out there :)

    Sonoff (1 of 1).jpg
    Sonoff - wireless controllers and flash shit (1 of 2).jpg
    Trimming death blizzard (1 of 1).jpg
    Organic Miner

    Organic Miner Well-Known Member

    I've researched them, but have not used them. I think someone else here has, I remember seeing a thread. Maybe it was @VegasWinner, don't recall. Looks pretty, still need that dimming function though.
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    Chronikool Well-Known Member

    Oh yup...i see where he used them.... should have just searched... :)

    bizfactory Well-Known Member

    Some pics of my latest build that included a sonoff, no problems so far! I plan to incorporate it into my existing monitoring (live stream, temp, humidity) site that runs on a raspberry pi so I can control it from there. I found a couple github repos for custom integrations using MQTT. Then I can ditch the dumb ewelink or whatever it is.

    IMG_20170826_163127~2.jpg IMG_20170826_170129.jpg IMG_20170826_170742.jpg IMG_20170826_162950.jpg IMG_20170826_170210.jpg IMG_20170826_172646~2.jpg

    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    Real nice. I have a few of those they have one with a temp sensor dht22 I believe. I really like your setup. I also use esp32 and other esp devices that log onto wireless creative. I love it

    Chronikool Well-Known Member

    Im glad you are here...so the one thing i was a little bit worried about was reliability on these...but you have been using them since the start of the year...correct? ..any issues...? :)
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    sethimus Well-Known Member

    looks great, just ordered the 4ch and the dual version for testing :)
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    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    I have tested them they work great, but I have not used them for growing yet. I got about a dozen of them an some ESP devices. I really like them, I have OTA code that allows them to log on to wifi network but I have to have MQTT running on my RPi to do anything useful. I am also looking into OpenHab for scheduling control.

    But this year has been so busy with other projects, my projects have taken a hit. I am working on DMX512 controllers right now. I have a Stage Light Controller an RGBW light strip controller, and other equipment I design and maintain code and parts testing. I maintain for my clients. I also have developed an 8 channel DMX512 Master Controller I am working on for testing my light controllers with before delivery to client.

    I want to get back automation but just so much to do and so little time to do it in. I also involved myself in lighting technology yet again with pcbs and controllers.
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    LED Light User

    LED Light User Active Member

    Nice Thematic
    I take a seat

    Chronikool Well-Known Member

    Cool...keep us updated.... :)

    sethimus Well-Known Member

    dual switch works as advertised --> my new timer for the pumps :)
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    klx Well-Known Member

    Good to hear. Imma grab some of these ready for when my timers die...as they do.
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    ignatiousR Member

    This is what I have been looking for also. Thanks for bringing it up. I just bought one to test out.
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    Chronikool Well-Known Member

    Sonoff POW is all hooked up...

    Sonoff Pow (1 of 3).jpg Sonoff Pow (2 of 3).jpg Sonoff Pow (3 of 3).jpg

    Philip-O Well-Known Member

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    Chronikool Well-Known Member


    The modules will keep the schedule you set up..yes. And if you set the 'power on state' to 'keep' it will adhere to the schedule you set.. (Lights on/off etc)

    Philip-O Well-Known Member

    What about if wifi fails? Would they just keep on going according to the scheduled program? It certainly seems worth trying (especially paired with a dimmable driver).

    Chronikool Well-Known Member

    Yup...all tested without wifi (off/disabled)....functionz as per schedule :)
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    sethimus Well-Known Member

    these are all (besides the 4ch ones) based on an esp8266, with its own memory. they only need the wifi connection if you want to change something or turn something off via the app.
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    Randomblame Well-Known Member

    Yeah, finally!
    I already have a Sonoff switch on my *bay watch list for a while now, 5,90$, but wanted to know some things about it before buying. But the first page of this useful thread already answered all my questions, so many thanks, guys!
    As ever, you are the best!
    Now I never gonna get up again, LOL!
    It's so cool to control all your lights from your TV chair and very useful for home automations.
    Any links there?
    Where did you guys get the Sonoff with temperature sensor, what does it cost and do you have a link to hand?

    The price of not even 6$US per Sonoff is ridiculously cheap for the features they offered. When they switch a relay, I see no reason why they should not hold like any other good time switches.
    Will they fit it in all my lamps? Yes, I'm sure! They are a lot smaler than traditional timers.

    Actually, I wanted to have my UVB tube on a separate timer (like growmau5 on his QB rig), but the sonoffs makes it a lot easier and it looks so much cleaner without such a big timer. The Sonoff can be hidden in the driver housing and is still reachable as long as you not totally cut the wifi connection.
    I love these thing already, even though I've only seen what you guys have shown us.
    Exactly on something like that I have waited since a long time.
    And thanks again for presenting them here.

    F***! Overlooked the link in the opening post, Lol!
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