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    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Been using a Moonshine mix with good results , now I'm doing some peat / coco .
    But it ran pretty deep into flower without much else. Non cook .

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    GoRealUhGro Well-Known Member

    I did the moonshine mix and it kicks ass... I made some adjustments to mine though... Added rabbit poo and hf jump start... Along with nute teas and microbial teas

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Yeah it's pretty good shit ... A little hot on some plants - I modified using this as the bottom 1/3 super soil . Or pulling the " original plant mix " portion out ... Which ironically makes a more aerated mix.

    Need a simple micro tea ... Tho

    GoRealUhGro Well-Known Member

    I actually added a lot to the mix as top dress tbh... Might of bot needed it but it worked well... And i planted seedlings straight into the inital base moonshine mix... Worked better than anything iv ever done tbh.... Later i top dressed w bone meal.. Kelp meal...sea bird poop... And made nute and microbial teas... I just kept adding and never seen problems except early on... I had too much c i think... Rinsed the hell outa it and got it to straighten out

    GoRealUhGro Well-Known Member

    Idk hkw that worked but it did.. Only happend on one plant btw

    Dmannn Well-Known Member

    Lots of people will even pay you to shovel their stalls/fireplaces ect.

    rollangrow Well-Known Member

    5-45 gallon smart pots-225 gallon = 35cu ft = 1.3 cu yd

    11cu ft horse compost-
    15.2cu ft pro mix bx
    7cu ft rice hulls an some? lava rock

    Down To Earth Alfalfa Meal,
    Espoma GG6 Garden Gypsum,
    Down To Earth Kelp Meal,
    Down To Earth Neem Seed Meal,
    Root Naturally Azomite Rock Dust,
    Down To Earth Crab Meal,
    Down To Earth Fish Bone Meal
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