Smoking CBD-rich strains vs other ways to injest CBD

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    I have used cannabis temporarily to treat a health issue (REM Sleep Behavior Disorder - RBD) and may do so again. If so, it looks like I would need, maybe, 50-300mg of CBD/day. This can get expensive, and I'd like to know how much I'd need to smoke given a CBD-rich strain. I'd like to get at least some by smoking and the remainder by capsule, thinking that a capsule would provide effects that last longer at night. Certainly smoking is a much less precise method, but a general idea would be helpful. My understanding is that THC keeps a person out of REM sleep, which is where RBD happens and is, therefore, very effective. But CBD may quiet damaged or aggravated nerves (my neurological condition: central sleep apnea which causes RBD) also resulting in a cessation of RBD without sacrificing REM and deep sleep, two very, very important sleep stages. Truly, I am ignorant about all of this, and hope that someone might be a little better informed.
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    Me again
    I think if a strain has 10% CBD then each gram of bud would have 10mg. You would have to smoke more than a.match heads worth

    That 100% CBD distillate you could dab, smoke or eat the proper dosage without a problem.

    I am not aware of any high CBD Marjuana concentrates on the market yet. (Marjuana based CBD concentrates are needed products.)

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    You means the likes of this?

    Or their "crystal/powder" form

    That was the first one Google threw up at me, I'm sure there will be plenty others at differing prices

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    I think your math's off. A gram would have 100mg.
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    Yep.. 1000 mg in gram not 100. Hehe. Thanks
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