Sin City Seeds Anybody Used Em?


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How was your Clearwater runtz cross? I am just starting bullpup from them, runtz & devil driver I think, looks fine in its 1gal,nice structure and easy to lst.. But I have yet to even have tried runtz in any capacity. The grape preserves sounds like a great mix. Thanks.
My Grape Preserves is very very solid beautiful plant. I have 2 Specimen X (4516 x devil driver) from the Devil Driver drop. One of them is the most stunning plant in my garden.
The structure on my Deep Pockets is quite nice. Good spacing on a tree sized plant. I am going to try an kick up the terps in flower.
How have any of you guys found bullpup to be? I only grew 1 out,and don't recall it being very I could've got a lousy plant from that seed,maybe I suck at growing, but I was surprised to learn it was a tiki collab,so it probably should be an actual runtz cut,so if others have found this particular strain a keeper,let me know..have 11 left..but hesitate to grow another mediocre one...anyhow, I have tikis Pablo's revenge and bx gushers..came together..and a couple of other runtz crosses..twerpz cosmic wisdom, Cadillac rainbowz 3rd coast, juicey runtz by sin plenty of great crosses...idk why thar one was meh. Oh well.