Seeds won't crack

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    ThatSpudGuy Well-Known Member

    Ive the same green crack running now. Took about 14 hours to crack in paper towel then about 3/4 days to sprout
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    charface Well-Known Member

    Reminds me of cherry seeds,
    They are supposed to hit the ground then go through stratification. I think that's the word. But you can put them in the fridge for a few months.

    Some guys scuff weed seeds with like a match striker but Ive never had to take drastic measures. I can see it though now that seeds are actually spendy.
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    kingtitan Well-Known Member

    Lots of methods work. Some breeders actually don't honor if you do not soak for 12-18 hours and don't use a damp paper towel for tap root. Its all over the place really.

    I have always used little plastic shot glasses filled with Nestle spring water and soak for max 16 hours then move to paper towel until the tap root gets 0.5-1 inch then drop it into solo cups with soilless just barely covering them.

    Now my experience with popping seeds isn't a whole lot. I have probably popped 35 seeds over a decade span and only 3 have not germinated for me. 1 was from a pack and the other 2 were at least 9 years old Blue God from Jordan of the Isles I found 2 months ago in my wife's jewelry box LOL.

    This is the last 10 seeds I did couple months ago.

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    legalcanada Well-Known Member

    if they are old seeds you could try adding GA3 to the water when germinating just don't add too much or they will stretch like crazy

    i've always just planted my seed and watered then waited a few days, too much chance of picking up pathogens or damaging the fragile tap root and imo the only reason for soak/paper towel is impatience, i don't see any benefit unless they are like 5-10+ years old or improperly stored
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    Kerovan Well-Known Member

    Just take the seeds and put them in your soil and keep it moist.
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Hmm tree's. You should soak apple seeds too.

    I didn't say it doesn't work did I?

    I explained what water to avoid or amend with H2O2 also.

    I wouldn't soak the beans from those breeders who say not to. Insurance.

    Please, do what makes YOU happy.

    Keep in mind that this is an open forum and people are going to post answers YOU don't like. After all it was just information I gave.
    Not like saying that our paper towel method was "Bad information."

    Mmm, seeds from various boutique breeders in your area....Ok, the point is?

    Here's some won at auction. Your listed price range is low........One is the only pack to be released.

    I got no real point in posting that either but, thought I might share my newest acquisitions.... So, you can keep your apples....
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    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    Nice seeds. I saw that auction... and those are worth 150. People over pay at auctions. Hope you didnt spend a load at AUCTION.

    But I know the feeling to be exclusive. Nice seeds again..
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    The red packs are the auction beans. Looking forward to the white labeled one....

    Yet the Triangle cross is interesting....Clone only Florida strain. damn potent

    Flaming Yeti, interesting. Loompa's Yeti is what, another pheno of Headband or the base is a headband pheno. They have a shit ton of different headband pheno's they named different things....

    Breeding partner and I just got these....


    There's a cpl of Loompa headband pheno's represented here....

    Blasphemy is breeder stock but, will be run for fun also...

    Your Orange Fruity Pebbles caught my eye. What the cross, besides the FP?
    Alien Waltz drew the eye too.

    Nice beans!
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    Lightgreen2k Well-Known Member

    So where to start.

    Orange fpog is
    Fpog x Orange juice bud {first orange line release from obs under franchise} The famed orange cookies that the jungleboys have had for the past couple of years came from this line.

    There is lots of loompa lines these days, the seeds above are from cabin fever. Its Norcal fire Og x yetti og squarred.
    Yetti og squared and yetti bx where his two first release on the cannaforums 2011-2012.
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    Possum1 Well-Known Member

    FYI, seeds all turned out fine. The green crack has been a day behind the blue dream throughout, but both are doing well.
    Put cracked seeds in soil, the first blue dream to crack sprouted the next day, the one 3 hrs later sprouted the next day (may have planted a little deeper?) The green crack also sprouted 1 day apart starting the next day.
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