Seeds Here Now getting a little weird.

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    I'm stoked seeds here now is now carrying Madd Farmers work! He's been ripped off by so many folks using his work, slapping a new name to it and winning cups for years without giving credit to the man and wife, his father before him for those old Emerald Triangle genetics. Seeds here Now finally got the guy to come out of his shell! Im glad to call both he and the Mrs my friend! Cali's best kept secret is now avaliable to all!
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    I got my 3rd order from them yesterday , ordered
    killer freebies to boot

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    I signed up for the text message notifications and contests shit for seedsherenow and they straight up send me a text message today that basically showed the winners phone number on it. I cancelled my subscription and took my number off that list immediately

    It showed the (888) 888-88XX and then blocked the last 2 digits but that is not cool. It shows way too much. Why the hell would you mass text everyone the winners phone number? You gotta block that shit out. Who the hell is the retard sending out these messages? You just violated one of your customers privacy.

    You can't send out texts that have the whole phone numbers of someone minus two digits.

    Common fucking sense!

    See the pic they sent? I smudged out the other digits, but they had the area code and the first 5 digits visible.... Imagine getting this sent to you? Wtf

    Congratulations everyone can you guess the last two digits of this phone number and share it with everyone?

    Mickey Mouse shit. Fire this dumbass!

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    They might be getting a bit too big for their own good...
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    You literally signed up for that shit bro, now you gonna bitch because you didn't read the terms of use before you gave them your #. And there are still 100 different number combinations with just 2 numbers. Who in the hell is going to try a 100 different number combination in order to find out who won a pack of seeds, lmao.

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    There wasn't shit in the terms about displaying numbers. Wouldn't have signed up if there was. That's the fucking point.

    I don't have a problem with SHN. Just bullshit like this. It don't matter whether I stick up for them when that IP address shit was going on, or I complain about them shooting people's numbers all over the place, someone is always gonna bitch in return. Lol. Positive or negative.

    There ain't nothing in there terms about sharing stuff like this. They never did this shit before, now they are. Just expressing my feelings. I love SHN. But that don't mean there ain't stupid shit they do that makes me wonder.

    I shot an email at customer support and they thought it was stupid too.

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    I just don't get why you're mad bro. Say you win and your number is (815)222-1324 and they post up (815)222-13xx how the hell would anyone link that shit to you? Sit there and call(815)222-1300, (815)222-1301, etc.... until you answer the phone? Sounds dumb, right?

    I think you're making a mountain out of a mole hill but that's your paranoia to deal with and not mine. Sure who ever put the numbers up could have blocked out more numbers but only a handful of people are paranoid enough to assume someone would go through a 100 number combinations to find out who won some damn seeds.

    Law enforcement agencies have much easier methods of busting people in illegal states i.e. your electric consumption via smart rf meters.
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    Anyone from the uk ordered from Any problems?

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