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    alaskachic Well-Known Member

    Hey tank idk who the owner was the really really tall guy?? Anyway they had a lot of stock mostly Reg.s
    There booth pretty big nice very pro.
    Cops gave him a real hard time 3_ of them sort of surrounding him. I thought god this is how police brutality starts!! Turned out ok.
    Not the job of the Cops to interpret the law to siut there beliefs or give them the 'upper hand" IMG_20160514_150834.jpg

    alaskachic Well-Known Member

    Next time I want to toss the laws @ them (paper) & shant.
    Respect The Vote
    Can't wait to start that Black Domina it was one of the few feminized
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    mr.Tank Active Member

    Nice shot ! Yeah, that's the coolest guy ever. He is all about making his customers happy. That's why I stick with them.

    What were they giving him sh*t about?
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    mr.Tank Active Member

    I made a thread for reviews in general for SHN (which a seasoned member said would be okay). This thread here seemed more geared towards a specific experience.

    Here's generic one for all experiences:
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    Johnny AwesomeSeeds

    Johnny AwesomeSeeds New Member

    I went to a fair in Oregon where SHN had a booth. Dude had to insist my friend take a pack when he said he got mostly makes in a pack, like, dude came with a pack of swamp boys and just insisted.
    I've never even been a customer and their customer service impresses me honestly.
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    linuxman Active Member

    shn is legit was worried about getting scammed but got my beans fast in few days.
    got 3 free seeds too.

    Shastafarian Well-Known Member

    Guys I'm kinda embarrassed I even started this thread but It was an error of mine that was porly handled all around. I never said they don't deliver in a timely fashion they absolutely did and still do. I do recommend them for hard to finds because they cost a few more$ then most sites so people tend to hit the other sites 1st usually before them I guess, so they are left with a little more stock then some. I'm sorry if my issue came out wrong but SHN is legit. I just got another order in from them last week 1st one since the issue but got mostly Exotic Genetics, had to scopp the pre-order Labarynth the Sizzurp, and Trap Star and some Archives Samoas even though I just came from the Archive Portland seed drop and got almost everything I wanted so I decided to go hard and really get it all, lol but they made it to the door in 4d to S. OR.which is always quick. I did not screw up on this one thankfully but it also wasn't confusing like it was before. I'm glad to say no worries life's to short. Happy 016 Thanksgiving
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    Magnoli Member

    How did your testers turn out, just out of curiosity?
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    Shastafarian Well-Known Member

    which ones? Im about to pop all the last order and so many more just came back from Emerald cup and it was a field day of seeds.
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    Angry Pollock

    Angry Pollock Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'd be embarrassed too.
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    Legalize-Freedom Well-Known Member

    Hmmm I've done several orders with seeds here now, and EVERY package had a freebie, sometimes 2! They didn't HAVE TO GIVE YOU SHIT, OTHER THAN WHAT YOU ORDERED, QUIT BEING A BITCH!!!

    oGeeFarms Well-Known Member

    ordered once from SHN. very quick. no freebies. i think they are slightly high priced than other banks but they accept CC.
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    phantumstranga Member

    How did those #45 turn out?
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    ThaMagnificent Well-Known Member

    No freebies here either other than a peppermint candy roll lol
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    Legalize-Freedom Well-Known Member

    Yeah I always seem to get lollipops. I m surprised they are not doing freebies, and to Shastafarian, I apologise for saying quite acting like a bitch. Not cool of me. I tell you guys I just did an order with James Bean, and I screwed up and ordered 2 of the same pack of seeds when I meant to do 2 different strains. It was an $80 mistake on my part, but they sent me some free Dynasty beans with the order, and also sent me the other pack I originally meant to order, on the house. I will definitely do more business with them! and I have a very a dozen stickers all over my t5 now, lol
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    mikehod Well-Known Member

    I just ordered from SHN and didn't get the 2 bogo packs for there March Madness sale.Not hating though I didn't order because of the bogo's,although I did pull the trigger on one 5 pack I was on the fence about because of the bogo.$350 on 4 packs of regs is the most I've ever spent.They arrived fast though.$350 by bitcoin during a monthly promotion at the tude woulda got me 20+ freebies and 7 or 8 packs.I've been dying to try some American genetics and the tude carries mostly generic shit.So I'm happy and not sure if SHN woulda made it right didn't ask to busy getting my BB 2.0s onboard and launching Apollo 11 to stop this Alien invasion.SHN is cool in my book.
    Catherine Patry

    Catherine Patry Member

    Neptuneseedbank 7 free seeds Jamba labs Cliffdiver no shipping charge 3 days beans at my house in South Carolina excepts all credit cards

    Shastafarian Well-Known Member

    Hey thanks for asking ya my batch #45 shitted out on me & I really dont care anymore. I have another pk of them that prob will never even get popped lol. I do enough pollen chucking of my own now to check out my own desired strains. Just made another order from SHN a week ago and happy to say I received my Archive pre orders Sweet Thang and Pudding Pop in about a week which I received 2 freebees 5pk of Mota Rebel Orange Peel and the3pk Dosi #23s and Im more than stoked. Very satisfied these past 2 orders.

    420KushPharm Active Member

    i had good results with these folks
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    Legalize-Freedom Well-Known Member

    Ive not done business with them, but your not the first person Ive heard say good things about them.

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