See How The Government Is Spending Our Money

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    I like the soundtrack- thats the other back-lit astronaut filming the shot- what's so crazy about that? The head in the shot was a fuckup while they were copying the original film. This was made in what year? There wasn't digital file copying then. They had to make analog filmed copies of the retrieved film's footage. Not more implausible than a none-spherical (spheroidal) earth theory.

    Do you argue the fact that you can turn in any direction, start moving in a perfectly straight line and eventually end up in the same place as you started?

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    I’m new hear. Who’s government are we talking about? Realy, think about it? It’s changed so much since 1970.
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    mcdonalds eh brother. hows that working for your family?
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  4. Yea its sad, they have too little resources to take prints in a found stolen car but they can pack jails and prisons full of cannabis users
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    I stole a car once as a kid. I needed it for a burglary. I left the car parked in a nice neighborhood locked and in perfect condition( I had the keys). Afterwords, I was supposed to go back and wipe my fingerprints of the steering wheel and other places but I got lazy. They did some finger printing and arrested me for possession of stolen property. At the trial my lawyer came to me laughing, he said this would be the easiest case he had ever worked on. I wish he said that from the beginning so I wouldn't be stressed out, but he didn't read the disclosure until the trial was coming. Stupid legal aide lawyers. Anyway they did do printing but not on the steering wheel or shifter, or the door handle. Instead they fingerprinted a bag of chips that I left behind. "My client went to the store, selected this flavour of chips and then changed his mind and put it back", easy peasie. Man the police are stupid. They had me cuffed up in front of my house, embarrassing me in front of my family and community at large as we waited 15 minutes for a transportation unit. In the end the only thing they were good at was bullying people and letting criminals(me) escape any conviction due to their complete incompetence and stupidity. FUCK THE POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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