See How The Government Is Spending Our Money

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    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    Rollitup has built a clock for its users to put on their webpages the clock will show what the government is spending all our hard earned taxes on:

    You can view this site by going to
    The Grow Clock

    To add this to your page just copy this where you want the clock:
    <script src="http&#58;//">
    [url="http&#58;//"]Growing Marijuana Forums[/url]

    Put this on your page to let everyone know how much our governtment is wasting!!!!

    Newbierock Active Member

    That's pretty shocking, it's sad to see how much is wasted on such a harmless drug. perhaps if they spent the money on busting crackheads. - Or maybe even funding education. Shit, they could even help poor people. :|

    medicinaluseonly Well-Known Member

    "I give unto you all the herbs bearing seed".
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    medicinaluseonly Well-Known Member

    Just Remember, all you stoners out there, if you dont want 2 more years of this insane Regime (Bush-Cheney etc.) VOTE, yes that's it, get off your lazy asses and VOTE!! "I give unto you all the herbs bearing seed"
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    dew-b Well-Known Member

    your right the 60's & 70's are gone.:cry: and the youngsters need to get out and vote.:roll: its the only way to make changes.
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    ViRedd New Member

    Yes, be sure to vote for the socialists in the Democratic Party. We all know that socialism is the way to balances budgets. *lol*

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    FirstTimeLandscaper Well-Known Member

    IM not the most political man out there but i do try to feed my family.I work at mcdonalds and trying to grow is my only way out.I spend alot of money on pot and i dont want to anymore so its either stop smoking and buy pot,stop smoking pot and buy cigarettes or do both but grow my own pot im trying my own ways as well as taking advice but nobody here answers so I keep trying.and sorry but bill clinton was the best president

    winky Active Member

    Hey guys - for real... America is the biggest example of too much money and not enough to do. George likes to spend it killing any one !!!!!!
    Happy day

    eLLisD Well-Known Member

    The government is just scared because they know if they legalized it so many people would be making tax free money. And the thought of that tears their little prick assholes apart.
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    xXxBaByImBlaZinxXx Active Member

    yea it is bullshit that their gonna waste s0o0o much money on something ppl will never stop doin... maybe it would be a lil easier to just make it legal... that'll be the day
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    ferncakes Well-Known Member

    not my government :)
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    tawni18 Active Member

    "our" government is one of the most deranged in the world. Only we can make a change. Was it always medically legal in Cali, I think not. It is being more decriminilized as the years go by in some places, however it is getting worse in others. Stand up, don't be afraid to be heard. As one of my favorite men would say. "Get up, Stand up, stand up for your rights
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    tawni18 Active Member

    That is why it is not leagal, they can't control it!!

    Cheesta Active Member

    I suppose this should be in the political board but whatever.First off to medicinaluseonly, I've been thinking about that same thing that you quoted yourself on. This planet has too many people to ever hope to reform. I feel the only way this world will ever be better is a fresh start to say i.e. mass extinction lol. Imagine the lives of humans if we slowly started shutting down the regions (power plants, manufacturing plants, waste process plants, etc.) of the world and people stopped having children, until only about 500 million were left. Imagine what glorious lives these people could live. Everyone having been super educated in a certain field and every so many years have to dedicate their lives to it (power plants, manufacturing plants, waste process plants, etc.). So everyone does their part... ahhh it'd be nice, of course it'd never work out that way.

    Secondly I think one reason they don't legalize bud is because, like stated earlier, they can't control it. Also if its legalized many kids would try and even possibly start to smoke, that normally would never in the first place, and you have to admit it, there are people who shouldn't smoke. Just like there are people that shouldn't drink. Hell no one should drink, that shit just fucks you up. Favorite quote from this board, "What is the difference between a drunk driver and a stoned driver? A drunk will go right through a stop sign, and a pothead will stop and wait for it to turn green."
    Vote 2 Legalize Marijuana

    Vote 2 Legalize Marijuana Well-Known Member

    It boils down to this: We the people!

    If enough states act, there could be enough collective pressure to catalyze a much-needed major overhaul of our nation's antiquated and harmful drug laws. Right now there are to many senior citizens out there that are being sent the wrong message. The hippie generation has tried for years and continues to try to get these laws changed. And now we have the younger pot head generation coming into the seen, but most don't even bother to vote. It is time to send a message to the younger generation to get them up off their asses and to get them out there to vote, to protest, and to get petitions signed to get this on the ballot each and every voting year!

    I am a strong supporter for the legalization of Cannabis. Which brings me to another point I would like to make! Stop calling it Marijuana on the ballots, instead we need to be calling it canabis just to throw people off. Marijuana sounds evil to most seniors and a like.


    Make your vote count!

    dadvocate Active Member

    vote for Kubby for President Steve Kubby.
    Decent guy, medical user, amazing grower.
    vote vote vote!!!!!!!
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    vandewalle Well-Known Member

    basically what the government should do is legalize pot, and then take all that money they were spending on fighting it, to take down the meth and heroine and coke drug lords, this way everyones happy and instead of people running around with knives to steal some money for their heroine addiction, people will be running around with open arms to hug and share weed with oneanother
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    AllMeatNoPotato Well-Known Member

    vote i want to tell you something. they will not change the name marijuana on the ballots for the simple reason of what you just stated. it sounds diragatory. if the ballot stated cannabis indica or cannabis sativa, more people could see the medicinal benefits of it just by the name. but over the years our government has instilled the image that MJ is a horrible drug and it needs to stay that way from their perspective. yes this is a buch of horse-shit but it will not change until the mentality of our government changes. it is legal to take morphine but it is not legal to toke the smoke. to be honest, if they would only make it legal for medical purposes that would be a good start for me.
    Vote 2 Legalize Marijuana

    Vote 2 Legalize Marijuana Well-Known Member

    How true it is! I would be happy with just better medical marijuana laws.

    I'm a medical marijuana user and it was terrible trying to get on the system. It's not that it is a real hard thing to do, but trying to get a doctor, or doctor's to back you up no matter how fucked up you are is near to impossible first off.

    Second off, In Colorado you have to have an on going treatment that is related to the disability by your doctor. Someone such as myself who broke his neck and can still walk but with difficulty, has a hard time getting treatment because there are none per-say to help with our severe pains and muscle spasms. Thus the reason for trying to be a medical marijuana user. But the law states you have to have an on going treatment with your doctor. Catch 22 I think they call that.


    AllMeatNoPotato Well-Known Member

    damn dude that sucks. i say lets move up to B.C. in Canada and all get MM Cards. I was wanting to grow ATF forever and that way I tell you what vote, if I move to canada, then I would vote for Hilary using the absentee ballot. lol

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