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    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    what you quoted was for iphone instructions. which is different from a PC/MAC as its a hand held cellular device.
    do you just want to know how to remove information from your mac computer...?

    t3hmobster Active Member

    That is correct, I have a lot of photos on my MAC from my DSLR but have no idea how to remove the information. I am a pretty new user to MAC OS. Always been a PC user ha.
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    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    I do not use Mac I bet you though if you google remove metadata From photos on Mac you'll find the answer

    The cameras like dslr they don't show much information I have one they show basics like what camera it was the color of the camera your camera settings your shutter speed

    It's iPhones and cellular photos that people need to be cautious about those are the ones that leak your location should you not have your cellular locations turned off
    It mostly happens when people forget to turn it off after using something like iPhone maps

    The DSLRs don't have gps on them so you wouldn't have to worry if you are still worried google what I wrote above should get detailed info
    Sorry I'm not a Mac user therefore I can't test out how to do it
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    t3hmobster Active Member

    hey thank you so much for the response, guess I wasn't really thinking about that fact that gps isn't enabled into the DSLR photos. Guess i've just always been extremely use to using my iPhone and droid for my pictures. Thank you a great deal for the information though :)
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    Sali-D Well-Known Member

    Even if location services is on it doesn't pin point your location, only the suburb your in at the time....that's what I see anyway from looking at my photos ....correct me if I'm wrong?

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    Dependant on the phone
    And where the photo was taken
    If it's a major landmark or not as well

    Either way that's all really neither here nor there people simply don't want that much information out onto rollitup
    So we've created a guide to take it off

    MrStickyScissors Well-Known Member

    People photo shop bud shots. Whats the world coming to

    innerG Well-Known Member

    Photoshop can be used for many things, even just cropping/resizing pictures, fixing bad exposures or trying to correct the color given off from HPS lights. Just because an image was in Photoshop doesn't mean it's faked.
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    Super Silverback

    Super Silverback Member

    So if I send picture from I-phone with location settings off its ok?

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    Wrong! EXIF data can pinpoint your location to 3 meters or less from pics from any phone or digi cam that has it's GPS turned on. For phones just turn off the location function or set it to use GPS only if 911 is dialed.

    Use StartPage to "Google" stuff. It goes thru Google but doesn't track your IP like Google.

    On a PC/Mac or certain phones then use TOR to go to places like this where you would rather not be tracked. Once you have TOR go get a phony email and use that here too.

    Rippers and cops are always snooping around for clues so leave as few as you can to be safe!

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    texasjack Well-Known Member

    It would be pretty hard to read the forum if half of the thread's posts were missing. That's why.

    If you're so scared why are you here?
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    Joomby Well-Known Member

    How can I delete all the photos I have ever posted?

    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    If you've uploaded your pics directly to a site like this then you would need to ask someone in Admin like Sunni but it's very unlikely they will remove them as it leaves holes in threads. Same with posts so if someone wants to delete their account the posts will remain.

    If your pics are all on a host site like Photobucket etc then you can delete them any old time.

    Generally once something is posted it's been picked up by bots in a very short time and is out there forever with billions of other posts and pics. Unless someone is targeting you they are just a mote of dust in a galaxy with trillions of motes and unlikely to be noticed.
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    Dr.Amber Trichome

    Dr.Amber Trichome Well-Known Member

    How do I add smartpage to my safari search engine choices in the settings on my phone?
    Thanks for the information about location and camera photos . I did have mine on and always found it to be a very annoying feature. I was curious about its function but never took the time to look around in my settings to see it's origination. I was able to easily turn it off with your instructions.
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    It's called Startpage Doc. Can't help you with the phones tho as I never owned one. Got an older flip phone that gathers dust most of the time and I just pack around in case of emergencies. It's set to only use GPS when 911 is dialed and I have a digi cam for pics that doesn't have GPS at all but it does have Manual White Balance so I can take pics under any light that look like normal.

    Joomby Well-Known Member

    Cheers man. I have reported the pics in question they might be kind enough to move them
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