Rosin vs bho

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What's better rosin or bho

  1. Rosin

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  2. Bho

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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    should be fresh and smokable (moist) to press. Older herb gives a darker product.
    Meds need to be decarbed though still.
    Ive made IPA my whole life... Do a good job and all but like the idea of no solvent what so ever in my meds.
    I still feel my IPA oil tastes better...may have to do with the fact I'm pressing herb and not kief though...still learning.
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    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    IPA? sorry, not picking up what that means.... I am still pretty stoned though LOL
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    99% isopropyl alcohol. IPA oil or ISO I guess
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    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    I can answer why you like your IPA (my QWISO (made with 99% ISO).
    At least if you make it the way I do with no heat or keep it under 110F. It maintains all of the terpenes. I can taste the difference side-by-side, been working with my strains for over 10 years.
    I will admit the Rosin is more potent, but just doesn't have the flavor and that is because the terpenes are evaporating right out. Unless of course I winterize my QWISO, then I lose the flavor. It is smooth and tastes good, but the potency goes up. I still prefer the QWISO with the terpenes. I suppose it would be similar with QWET, but not all strains work well with Ethyl, it is a selective method like rosin.
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    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    Ah, got it. Thanks! Just always saw it referred as ISO or QWISO
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    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    Maybe this will help, and maybe I can see some pictures of yours.

    I was able to find a straightener with a nice temperature range from 170 to 450F.
    Kipozi_20180124 010.jpg

    Nice looking rosin, just not much
    SBCRosin_20180124 004.jpg
    With flash (sorry, the camera has a hard time focusing)
    RosinFlash_20180124 013.jpg
    Without flash
    RosinNoFlash_20180124 014.jpg

    I used my Eclipse Vape
    EclipseRosin_20180124 008.jpg

    The buds have lost their luster but are still useable
    PressedBuds_20180124 018.jpg

    Would hate to see caregivers charge full price for them.

    I like the rosin, it is potent and enjoyable. With the hair straightener and welders gloves, well, it is a bit more of a pain than what it is worth, for me. I would rather spend a day making QWISO then pressing buds and losing a lot of flavor. However, I understand why somebody would prefer it, especially with a real press, maybe get better results. I am still a firm believer that heat degrades the quality. In my opinion, it is efficient when it comes to making a dab or two, just a bit wasteful compared to QWISO.

    So, can anyone tell me the percentage increase in quantity comparing a quality hair straightener to a 5 to 10 ton press. I would like to see multiple opinions, and some pictures.
    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    You know, after waiting a couple of days for at least someone to respond, show some pictures, and answer my questions, I have decided I just don't have time for pressing buds for rosin. I'll stick with my QWISO, it is more efficient and all around better product. I can't help but to think that the real attraction to rosin pressing is to be able to consume premium dabs and push bad buds onto customers who are unaware.

    Non Strain Specific
    QWISO 2013_11150018.jpg QWISO 2013_11150022.jpg

    30 grams quality QWISO
    QWISO High Grade 30 grams 4-18-14 007.jpg

    This one was made with the strain that would not extract with the hot iron, makes some awesome dabs when extracted with alcohol though!
    4-G QWISO sample ready to winterize 3-29-14 050.jpg

    Beautiful QWISO from TGA Qush
    Qush QWISO sample ready to winterize 3-29-14 047.jpg
    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    Yes that's why we make it and only that reason. What's better than screwing over decent people? Who the hell would buy squished
    Now you have the answer and can smugly move on to your better product.

    A hair straightener is kid stuff to start with. Get a small decent press/setup. Then you can start to learn what to do.
    Read the rosin threads......superb info in there as we all discuss this technique. You tube has tons of videos as well. Extremely informative in themselves. Better than pictures.

    Rosin is a great thing and if you equip yourself I'm sure you'd like the results. Starting material is important. The better in...the better out.

    The first thing you need is to get a real press...or you'll get the results you've already had. Usually 17-30% of the weight of the material used. Usually in the low 20's is normal.
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    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    photos please
    Show me, talk is cheap
    I need to be convinced that it is worth the investment.... We are talking $1,500 + here, not exactly pocket change jerk.
    I have researched, watched videos, read threads.
    Strain selective is a big downside. Honestly, I can't even justify spending $35 on the stupid hair straightener that I can't even use otherwise.
    Frankly, I haven't seen a video or picture yet that justifies solventless vs solvent.

    If it is so worth it, where are the photos to back it up.

    Just sayin'

    Maybe it is worth it to you all who can afford the investment in a "good" press, but not for me. I have better things to spend my hard earned money on.
    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    Jerk then....I got the frequency measured now.
    At this point any good advise I'd won't be hearing. You come on here almost demanding someone proves this or that to you. WTF Why would you think these guys would care about educating you? Can't you read? Google only getting to your area of Alabama? If you weren't so demanding sounding, help might come your way. As opposed to crying for help...try looking for info and read along with the discussions as the rest of us have.
    Put up the picture huh....I told you to check out You Tube. Or do you want someone to watch them for you too?
    You can definitely spend less than $1500 to get into the game as well. Complete units start at $400. Opps...i'm helping .
    So if $35 bucks is unjustifiable to spend....try loosening your cheap ass up some. Or get a new paper route. Some of us aren't fucking around ya know! You want something something decent to make it with!
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    matthend Well-Known Member

    How are you applying the pressure and for how long?
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    mojoganjaman Well-Known Member

    anyone use the easy vac 3 quarts for shatter????

    mojo lookin' for opinions

    gb123 Well-Known Member

    use the chamber but not their vac lol

    dont make it anymore..
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    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    Have you tried Rosin Mojo?
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    mojoganjaman Well-Known Member

    nope...I'm old and broke....less is better for me...unless someone kin build a unit to give me a couple oz' per run...I have the product...lack the knowledge...I'm a newby budz!!!!!

    mojo still learnin'
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    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    Rosin is easy to make although a little time consuming. But it's the kind of thing that can be done while enjoying a beer and joint or TV or whatever.
    If you spend about a grand you can tool up.
    The end result is very satisfying and hard to beat for taste and effect.
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    mojoganjaman Well-Known Member

    I'm build the press....bring it to me...teach me how it works...and I'll donate a lb of take the proceeds and leave the'll love the South Okanagan...;))))

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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    oil.jpg make ISO


    do it frozen..

    and you can Still use the vac ;)
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    The Hippy

    The Hippy Well-Known Member

    Well in the end you have a solvent-less product. So no stripping agents are needed to be purchased.....over the years that is cheaper. Imo Rosin is better than shatter for taste and potency. I find it just a bit more pleasant to use. I like shatter...don't get me wrong.
    Hey If I was closer i'd already be there helping smoke that 20lb's. I think we'd get along just fine. I'm stuck in Ont though at this point in my life.....shoulda moved there years ago.
    You can build a nice setup as GB did...or buy a pretty nice unit for under a grand.
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    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    A strong man (one of my patients), over 200 pounds compressed the plates together by pushing down on a table. We started off with light pressure, then increased pressure to the point of extreme. We did the same with temperatures ranging from upper 200's to the low 300's F. The timing was varied, from 5 seconds up to about 60 seconds. Most were in the 30 second area. Following what others have done. Have read many posts and watched many YouTube videos.

    I am not saying it didn't work, in fact, it did work pretty well with my worse oil making strain, Strawberry Cough (I have to admit, the rosin was some of the most potent oil I have had). It did produce some with Querkle, but with 4 more strains, it did not even squeeze a drop, just saw a lot of vapor escaping but nothing on the paper.

    It seems this method is very strain selective, much like that of solvent extractions.

    Here is a first extraction of my best oil making strain.
    QWISO-20180202 020.jpg

    This is the remainder of the second extraction of my best oil making strain. I used about 1.5 ounces which produced about 7 or 8 grams of concentrate total, considering first and second runs.
    QWISO-Low_20180205 008.jpg

    My initial plan was to compare the QWISO method to the Rosin press method with my 4-G strain. I set aside buds just for this comparison. Well, when the "press" did nothing with that strain except put off a very nice aromatic vapor into the air, I decided to try my other strains.

    TGA 9 Pound Hammer, which produced no rosin, reacted similar to the 4-G with the iron.
    TGA9LbHammer_20171218 005.jpg

    Original Bubblegum, surprised me, also produced no rosin, and this is one of the most gooey strains I have ever grown. It is not sticky, just gooey.
    BubblegumOil_20180205 010.jpg

    I also tried Chemdog #4, not happy with this strain period.

    Again, I do admit that the Strawberry Cough rosin impressed me. I could say it was some of the best oil I have vaped and smoked from this strain using the rosin method. I am certain it would be even better with a true press of quality.

    Over all, it seems the rosin press method is very strain selective. I sure did waste quite a few buds through all of the trials I put them through.

    Am I missing something? Is it technique? Tools, strains? Hard to say since my SBC did produce product.

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