Rosin vs bho

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What's better rosin or bho

  1. Rosin

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  2. Bho

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    chuck estevez

    chuck estevez Well-Known Member

    30-40 min
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    Bob Zmuda

    Bob Zmuda Well-Known Member

    I like to make bubble hash, then rosin press that with the hair straightener. Made about 6 g's of rosin the other night in about 15 minutes.
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    BigSoupey Active Member

    How many grams of hash ?
    Bob Zmuda

    Bob Zmuda Well-Known Member

    Good question. Didn't weigh before but I still have lots to press. I got very backed up on making bubble and had about 4-5 harvests of trim to get through. So it was a lot of bubble to start with

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    I tryd to make Rosen for the first time today I put some wax on the flat iron and when I pressed it just melted everywhere

    BigSoupey Active Member

    . Don't want to be a dick like so many "happy stoners" on this forum but what were you expecting?

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    I expected Dank I need to use a coffee filter?

    BigSoupey Active Member

    Isn't bho already an extraction from a solvent ? I can't see anything else being extracted... Wax melts... The only thing I understand you could do with wax is purge it more,,, I wouldn't use a coffe filter its most likely going to just soak up and your going to lose your product ... Paper wax oil instead of just some nice wax. Hope it works if you do continue bro bruh.

    PKHydro Well-Known Member

    Did you just put the wax straight onto the straighter?

    If you would have done like 2 minutes of research into the tek you would realize you need to put the wax in between a folded piece of parchment. THEN squish it between the hair straightener so when it melts, it melts into the parchment for collecting.

    BigSoupey Active Member

    That's not just melting wax onto parch paper? What exactly is getting separated from the wax? It's already dab ready no?

    hyroot Well-Known Member

    You are removing wax oil from flowers. By pressing flowers between parchment. Or pressing 5 star hash or lesser quality using a 25u screen or tea bags between parchment.

    Flowers 250 F -300 F for 5-10 seconds

    Hash 175 F - 250 F for 7 - 20 seconds

    Watch older hash church episodes on you tube or bubble man's other videos. Or John berfelo or Cuban grower on instagram. Or soil grown tech on instagram

    BigSoupey Active Member

    He's trying to get rosin out of wax bruh, not make it from flowers or hash

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    I think hyroot is ignoring my stupidity

    BigSoupey Active Member

    Not stupid man... So many people on here just want to sound like they know what's up and fail to read the whole stories.... They just seem to want to either have a cheeky comment or sound the most intelligent...or just be rude... Had a cat say I should choke my wow bro. Peace n love all over this place ...
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    hyroot Well-Known Member

    I accidentally quoted/ replied to the wrong person.
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    BigSoupey Active Member

    No worries

    D_Urbmon Well-Known Member

    new tek. Just dab right off the flattening iron. No need for bongs and quartz/ti anymore. :weed:
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    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    That's the cheapest enail ever, why did it take so long to figure it out:razz:
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    njr80 Member

    Lol, nice way to help make sense of your issue
    Grow Goddess

    Grow Goddess Well-Known Member

    I see many voted for rosin.
    Does anyone have an opinion regarding the preferred moisture content of the buds? Like should they be very dry, like bone dry, or a nice moist, smokeable dry?

    When I did some testing with a hair straightener on 6 different strains, only 2 produced an acceptable result worth going forward.

    One of my favorite strains for making oil with ISO, pretty much evaporated, even at low temps. I suppose that is why it is so good for alcohol extractions, I don't know. The iron I have has a temp capability range from 170 to 450F. I used a range between 220 and 310 for my tests.

    No big surprise though, there will always be strains that work better with one method over another.

    For those with a big press, I have another question: What percentage of yield increase should I expect going from the hair straightener to a press that is 5 to 10 ton? 20%, 40% 80%, etc.?

    I will say, the rosin quality was impressive with Strawberry Cough and Querkle. It did not work with my other strains. After pressing, the remaining bud material was still smokeable and not too bad.

    I must admit, I may invest in a press, but I will say this, I prefer QWISO, just more difficult to make small amounts.

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