Roots, how deep will they grow?

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    Horsetheband14 Well-Known Member

    Let's just say I grow my plant to about 4'. How deep will the roots go? I want to know so I can get the appropriate pot to put the plant in.

    le1337need Well-Known Member

    Your roots will go as deep as you will let them. That's why it's best to start with a small pot and work up to the bigger pots.

    Sanifsan Well-Known Member

    the first part is true. If the roots are not limited by the size of the pot they will go as far as they can. However I do not believe that going from small pots to bigger pots has anything to do with the growth of the roots.....Just make sure that the pot is big enough to support the plant... the general rule of thumb is for every foot you need 3/4 of a gallon of medium... so a five foot plant needs at least 3.75 gallons of soil.

    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member

    San if you are correct then every book I have read is wrong. The reason you use the small pot is to contain the roots. You don't just want them to grow down, you want them to grow towards the side also. Early root development is so important for a good harvest that you might want to check your facts before you present them. You would be correct to say that multiple transplants are not good for the plant, it can stress the roots. If you happen to look at widows posts of a grow journal you will see the kind of early root development you would want to have before you go to a three plus gallon pot.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i found different strains have different root growth. at the end of the year when cleaning all my pots i find some strains have hairy ball like roots others have thick branch like roots.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i hate to be the dick but you challenged. i checked some facts.
    went out to my library here's what i found.

    MARIJUANA GROWERS GUIDE - by Mel Frank not let roots become restricted....... you can use small pots to save room until you weed out males.

    CLOSET CULTIVATOR - by Ed Rosenthal
    .....small pots save space.... plant clones in pots according to final finish height.......

    .......use big pots. caanabis has deep roots that like to grow down....

    so what i read, if you are limited on space you can work your way up to bigger pots. but if you have the room you should use as big a pot as possible from the start.

    sorry to burst your bubble. i have more books if you want more help.:peace:
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    Sanifsan Well-Known Member

    The plant has natural log to follow and it is written in its genetics...The plant will always grow side ways before it continous to grow the tap root...However this varies as when there is no water the plant will grow faster and faster downwards to hit the source of water...THe side growth is usually for search of nutrients not water... at least not as much when it comes to tap roots. So when the plant gets enough water and nutrients the growth is normal and there won't be a one way growth it will be balanced. Like everything else in nature...all things are dependent on a certain factor.

    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member

    Well alrighty then lets see if I am the ass you are trying to indicate. I thought maybe there was something I missed. It had been some time since I first read that Jorge guys book. But there it was, on page 104. I was sure I had interpreted it correctly.
    " Seedling and clones can be transplanted directly into a 3-5gallon pot."
    I had missed it by a few miles! But being that determined asshole I read on any way.
    "It requires fewer containers, less work and less possible plant stress. The larger volume of soil holds water and nutrients longer and requires less frequent waterings."
    Wow I Had missed Nirvana!!!
    " Often when small clones.......

    Transplant well rooted clone into a 4-inchpot; transplant the 4-inch pot inton a 3-gallon container. Proper transplanting causes root to develop in the small pot.
    WTF- did I just miss something. Didn't he just say I could just plant it in a 3-gallon pot , ;less work etc..

    Here is the key to what I was trying to say. You see he says it does make a difference. I never said you couldn't do it, but if you do Cervantes says it can effect early root development. Now, maybe you guys missed that point.
    ....."are transplanted directly into a 5-gallon container, the roots grow down and out towards the container sides and bottom. Roots do not grow into much of the soil of the container."
    if you are really interested in educating me please continue. Please make sure to read the entire section, report acuretly without taking things out of context. If you ever want a funny story let me tell you about my first grow.
    But i guess that doens't belong in this thread. Lead on proffesor. I suppose I should admit that I was a DEBATOR in high school, and even though it has been more than 40 years, I still enjoy a good open discussion. I never did like condesencion. And I still can't spell.

    peoples805 Well-Known Member

    Hey Folks just a little reminder from a Newbee, thes e plants were growning all by themselves out doors since Skippy was a PUP. so any thing different, one does can cause a numberous amount of different affects. I yes i tend to follow whats tried and true , But hey the way things become tried and true is
    to make errors and correct them for the next person.

    OhioGrown Well-Known Member

    small pots to big pots is the way to go for suuuure
    Billbo Scroggins

    Billbo Scroggins Member

    Outside the roots wont grow to deep because of ambient ground temps being 50-55 at four feet deep. Also why is every grow pot even 100 Gal ones only 2-3 feet tall at most?

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    I start mine in 5-10 gallon pots all the time with no problem.

    There is really no reason to do multiple up pots.
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    Morgan Lee

    Morgan Lee Member

    Could I grow 2 plants together in a 35 litre grow bag (also called planter bag)? I filled the bag
    about 3/4

    Cx2H Well-Known Member

    So what is that about 7.6 gallons dry?
    I wouldn't but you can and tell us what happens. I'd be interested in the flower stage of it
    Morgan Lee

    Morgan Lee Member

    About 9.2 gallons
    Morgan Lee

    Morgan Lee Member

    Sorry yes that's the full bag. So better if I plant each separately?

    Cx2H Well-Known Member

    Absolutely. :-)

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    I would not put two plants in the same bag.

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