Ripper Haze from Ripper Seeds

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Bud Tipps, Sep 9, 2014.

    Chilly willy 84

    Chilly willy 84 Member

    Nice report

    kushedy Active Member

    I grew one of these out towards the end of last year. It was a strong vigourous plant that yielded just under 5oz which considering it had to put up with me accidentally over doing the bloom feed is not to shabby. Unfortunately the high was not all that good. It was to clear a buzz. I acctually found myself asking if I was even high when smoking it. A bit like DP's Durban.
    A lot of people who tried it liked it but to me it didn't hit the mark. In fairness I only grew out a single seed so the chances are that there are better pheno's in there to be found.

    zem Well-Known Member

    I have to say that it is either a bad pheno or something with growing/harvesting. It is very sensitive to feeding and light. If you overfeed you might affect taste and potency. When done right, it is the best tasting/smelling plant with a great high long lasting and very happy

    kushedy Active Member

    The one I grew was generally pretty easy to grow. No issues with light & could take large amounts of nutrients. I just yellow tipped it a tad in flower. Other than that, all good. I tend to think it was just the pheno I had. I expect if you popped a few of these & did a pheno hunt you would probably find a few really nice plants in there.

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