Ripper Haze from Ripper Seeds

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    Bud Tipps

    Bud Tipps Well-Known Member

    Strain: Ripper Haze
    Growth: Stretchy but decent
    Nutes: General Hydro Flora + Evergro (10-15-19)
    Supplements: Molasses, Floralicious Bloom, KoolBloom, Blossom-bud, Azomite, Dirty Gardener (mycorrhizae)
    Yield: On the light side, 4.5 out of 10
    Visual Appeal: Excellent, 9 out of 10
    Smell: Very appealing, 9 out of 10
    Taste: A lot like it smells, a nice hazey skunk taste, 9 out of 10
    The High: Exceptionally potent, 9.5 out of 10
    Flower Light: 400w HPS
    Harvest Time: Day 47 of flower


    The Ripper Haze I grew turned out to be excellent. A bit light on the yield, but it is top quality. From what I read it is a S1 selection of amnesia haze, so there isn't much pheno variation. It has a medium odor of a hazey skunk.

    It finished fast, it only took 6 weeks and 5 days of 12/12 before it was ready. It weighed 2.25 ounces dry, 63 grams.

    It occupied 2 feet of space in a 3 gallon container of peat and perlite. It did stretch a lot, the branches like to grow long. It vegged for 8 weeks and 2 days before going in to flower. It grew at a decent rate. The calyx to leaf ratio is good, and the bud structure makes it easy to trim. The trim is good for making hash even if there isn't that much of it. The buds are of medium density and gummy when you tear them apart.

    The buds look perfect while alive, once dried they don't look quite as good. The smoke is very powerful, it's the strongest sativa dom I've had in a long time. Smoking too much will lead to nap time. This is mainly what I had been smoking since the Mazar x White Rhino ran out.

    I can see why the breeder's chose to attach their name to this strain. I smoked the whole plant, and I miss it...

    I'm currently vegging a cross of this with the Critical Sensi Star, it should turn out nice.

    Highly recommended for those seeking a potent sativa dominant plant.

    Day 3 of flower:

    Day 10:

    Day 17:

    Day 23:

    Day 30:

    Day 37:
    Bud Tipps

    Bud Tipps Well-Known Member

    Day 47, finish:

    rhday47a.jpg rhday47b.jpg rhday47c.jpg rhday47d.jpg

    rhday47e.jpg rhday47f.jpg rhday47g.jpg

    rhcureda.jpg rhcuredb.jpg rhcuredc.jpg

    mehrific Well-Known Member

    finished up real quick. NICE!!!

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    wow a 7 week haze, and its real potent?! i may try this out....can u describe any other smells/flavs?

    indicat33 Well-Known Member

    Very nice plant with a fast finish, great job Bud Tipps, Nice Report - :clap: :bigjoint:
    Bud Tipps

    Bud Tipps Well-Known Member

    I'm afraid it's been awhile since I had any around, all I remember is it had a skunky taste, not really strong or mild, somewhere in between.
    Bud Tipps

    Bud Tipps Well-Known Member

    Thanks indicat :bigjoint:
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    indicat33 Well-Known Member

    What size container did you use for her? I think our yields are being diminished because I use med-sized pots. I believe I'm going to up-size this summer.
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    Bud Tipps

    Bud Tipps Well-Known Member

    Currently they go from 1 gallon pots to 3 gallon pots when they go to flower.
    toaster struedel

    toaster struedel Well-Known Member

    Very nice, I grew the Hawaiian wave, didn't finish till 9 week and gets talk as f#%^
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    Kygiacomo Well-Known Member

    great report and awesome fkn nugs!!! i found some youtube vids of ripper seeds slaying spannabis. the bubbleman was there with the ripper crew and so was Soma and Big buddah. im gonna be growing their Toxic outdoors even though i cant find no reports on it. i hope its as resistant as they say,but i got a few spanish buds on another fourm and they told me that ripper is a very high quailty bank and anything they have is fire
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    DesertGrow89 Well-Known Member

    Nice looking plant but no way this can be done in 47 days... Just saying.
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Did you use a loop to judge if it was done?

    42 days of 12/12 and done for a sativa dominant. I just don't see it.

    Good looking plant and buds. Maybe missed out on some weight.
    Bud Tipps

    Bud Tipps Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Yeah, I checked it with a loupe to see if it was done.
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Got a smoke report? I'm sure interested in fast flowering sativa. Again, looks good.
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    Bud Tipps

    Bud Tipps Well-Known Member

    My smoke reports are kind of brief, I included it in the grow report. It had that 'racey' high some people really like. Smoking too much made me sleepy though. This is one of favorite sativa doms, right up there with C99 from FS which took 52 days.
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    Kygiacomo Well-Known Member

    looks like ripper has a new strain out called Acid dough? has anyone tried it yet? they slayed it again at spannabis with Acid dough being the best sativa

    jonsnow399 Well-Known Member

    Guess not. anyone? I'm looking for another good up high sativa that finishes in less than 12 weeks

    kushedy Well-Known Member

    Haven't tried it yet but have a pack to try at some point. I'm a bit of a seed hoarder so have these amongst hundreds of others to get to at some point. I have the Ripper Haze on the go at the moment, early veg stage. From memory I think I read somewhere that Acid Dough is Lilly x an OG Kush of some sort. Lilly is apparently a very well known quick (7-8 week) finishing Sativa from Europe produced by Delicatessen seeds. Supposed to be very popular amongst growers & users alike in Europe.
    Acid Dough is meant to be Sativa dominant so I'm guessing the Lilly is the dominant genetic in the cross.
    I have both to try :-)

    zem Well-Known Member

    In my experience I have to say this plant is awesome

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