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For anyone interested in ordering from BC Bud Depot, here is my recent experience report:

I placed my order with them for 12 God Bud and 12 The Purps a few weeks ago. I had some correspondence with them, they were prompt and courteous. I was somewhat cautious due to reading some bad reports from others online. I reasoned that any company who has won several Cannabis Cup trophy's year after year and spends a huge amount of money running multi full page ads every month in world wide magazines must be doing something right. I waited patiently for my order to arrive. After a couple of weeks went by I became nervous and emailed. They replied promptly that orders can take several weeks to arrive. I relaxed. Days later I received my order very discretely packaged and totally un-noticeable to anyone. It was so camouflaged that I did not even realize what it was until I opened it. No worries there. After inspecting my order I was astonished to see that I had received many more seeds than I had ordered. Nearly double the amount. Needless to say that made my day a very happy one. As far as I am concerned, BCBD has a new customer from now on. They treated me like I was their biggest customer, and I know that I am very insignificant to their overall business.
They have earned my respect and loyalty. If you are a high strung type of person that is in a rush I would not reccoment them. But if you are laid back and have time they are a first class seedbank company with some of the best strains in the world.
I hope that this benefits anyone who is curious about them. From being in business for a long time I can confirm that a few customers who make complaints can really hurt your reputation, even though you may not deserve it. Life happens and we have to accept it.
Happy Trails!

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just cause you received beans from them,dont bend over backwards.....I received mine too! swt tooth,swt god and hashplant all BCBD's own strains! and all garbage!wasted time,effort,and garden space!I got some weird ass looking plants!and it wasnt me...I had other strains from elsewhere grow'n next to them that came out dank!so before you start calculating your returns(and send others down shit creek) try growing 'em out!any1 can send seeds w/in a month!I wouldve rather got nothing than what they sent me !waste of time!!! imo!
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