RDWC without air pumps?

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    sorry, supposed to be CO2, but since you couldn't figure that part out... just kidding. I'v been using air pumps/stones for a decade before I found out that the co2 causes pH to rise. So i stopped using air pumps, but Im not doing RDWC. But I don't 'think' they're needed there either. A good flooming pump in your rez and DIYing pvc with lots of holes on the return into the rez to further aerate. This should be more than enough.DO. At last what's what I've read

    If your rez is < 5 gallons you might need to put the flooming pump on a timer to avoid heating the solution above the ideal temp, or put it outside the rez
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    This is some interesting shit, I am amazed that people use airstones. That is a very good suggestion attach a section of PVC to my out flow with shit load of holes to increase the DO with minimal pH fluctuation.

    DO is a good thing, make no mistake about it, the more O2 in the root zone the better. But do it without airstones.

    I might add that I am not a hydro grower, so I only speak to those that use alternate forms of hydro. ie. DTW
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