Rdwc 500w led scrog grow

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  1. 500w of leds (10x 3590 crees at 3500k)
    2x ~25L pots with about 15L res and 30L top up tank with float valve.
    Running the nutes in the photo following the local grow ship recommendations.
    Temps sit around 17-27 humidity about averages 55%
    Growing 2 feminised pineapple express from G13 labs cloned from my last grow.

    This is my 3rd grow. Second in this tent, second attempt at a scrog and first with the leds.

    Last grow I had to chop early due to mold. I lost power to my extraction fan for upto possibly 4 days while on holiday. I also definitely need to fill up the net and be more harsh with removing lower bud sites.

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    horribleherk Well-Known Member

    looks like you're off to a good start I had to fight mold last winter
  3. Thanks, I was trying out a new power board where I can turn of the fans while I'm in my room and it doesn't turn on automatically after a power outage. Lesson learnt, I'm hoping I won't have much trouble now.

    albert111 Well-Known Member

    nice setup
  5. Top and some lst

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  6. Drank about 10l, topped once more.

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  7. Progress shots and 2 clones and a berry bomb and a royal purple kush seedlings. Berry is the tall one.

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  8. It's getting hot and they have been about 34c last two days. Drinking lots more and I've had to keep a eye on the pH.

    Seeds roots are finally in the water. But I've yet to see roots from my clones.

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  9. Had a bit of trouble kepping pH right. And probably top up res tomorrow.

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  10. So close to flip. Finish this last 20L in the res then change light schedule and nutes.

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    boywonder4200 Member

  12. Why didn't anyone tell me a scrog was this much fucking work, or am I just doing it wrong. Think I need to get a bit better at training her at the beginning.

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    Cannadab1s Well-Known Member

    Shit, dont say that. Im coming from LST thinkin that scrog will be a fuckton easier...
  14. Think I've finally got things under control again.

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  15. Think the problem was that I was lazy last week or so. Could of saved my self a lot of work if I had been more proactive.
  16. So fuck knows why one is bigger than the other. Started same size, clone of same plant.

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  17. So came back from a few days holidays and obviously somethings wrong with the one on the left.

    Didn't see any pest except very few fungus nats and one lady bug I captured a few weeks ago.

    Can't be water or environment as her twin is fine. Drained the pot to check for root rot and found nothing. Had a look at what I can and I stuck me hand around it felt fine.

    They have different air stones so maybe that's it? I added another air stone anyway even though with it being recirculating it shouldn't matter to much.

    I've drained most of her water and toped up with 3/4 strengthed pH water Just incase.

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  18. Tested everything I can. Still no idea. My magic butter machine arrives soon. Think I'll turn it into butter.

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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Scrogging is fine, but if you can't get right around the table, it turns into a bitch.
  20. So still got issues with one of them but the other is comming along great. Getting to harvest in the next few weeks. Going to harvest is parts.

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