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    Great fact sheet! Thanks for posting it here. I just want to ask if the smaller CFL bulbs won't burn the plants even if you place them half an inch above the plants? They say that the closer you place the lights towards the plants, the bushier they become, that's why I am planning of putting the lights half an inch in distance from the plants. I know I should just stick in doing my own experiment but I am just curious to know if anyone here has done that to their plants. I am planning to get smaller CFL bulbs to create an evenly spread of light, any thoughts?

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    great. thanks a bunch

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    It really depends on how small your talking. I had a few 13w cfl within that range and the plants didn't mind at all. just watch your plants, and if in doubt use the hand rule.

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    This FAQ answered almost all my CFL's questions.. Thanks.

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    How many bulbs shud i have for 5 plants

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    12 12 from seed

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    I'm not sure how much the 3500k light is going to give you in terms of usable energy. I'd say you're better off just getting more 2700k lights and getting 6500k for veg.

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    Does anyone know approximately how many bulbs per plant and the number of plants one would need ...under ideal conditions to get around a pound, using walmart type cfls using 6500k veg and 2700 florwering...

    Thanks in advance

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    I got a dumb question:
    Is it OK to use 2700k for veg as well? Ive got 2 125w 2700k cfls for a relatively small space, will they veg ok or do i rly need to get a 6500k one? I realize it will probably grow a bit slower than it would with a 6500k, but it still will be k, wont it?
    The problem is that none of nearby stores have any 6500k lights at all. :(

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    for a pound get HID

    yea they will veg fine under 2700k just not as good as 6500K
    GermiNATE B

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    Yes, thank you for the great info on lighting..

    Helpful indeed..

    Nate B

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    try some pc fans on a 19v laptop charger works well for me in take,air circ and exhaust can get some fans fitted with little speed selectors on then.i know there 12v but more u have working it seems work fine just a idea some might disagree with 12v with 19v but it doing the job just better with medium and larger size pc fans.there running 24/7 and still running 12 months later.i have 200 watt cfl too and keeps temps below 78 just mist frequently but wats ur inlet size

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    good thread, it helped me to undetstand more better about CFL :)

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    What types of "covers", hoods, reflectors does everyone suggest to use with these CFL's?

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    i have a 2.6'x 2.6' and about six foot tall, i have a 42 watt soft white in the middle and 26 watt day light over the babies. i also have one blue and red 13 watt cfl in there as well. do u think im off to a good start?

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    It varies by the set-up and strain typically. Good rule of thumb is 100 watts per plant, and not the 'Equivalent Wattage' or the 'Incandescent Wattage' on the package--the TRUE wattage of the CFL. If you can't achieve the 100 watts, utilize reflectors and try to get some lights on the sides of your plants to encourage more light to the plant, especially if you're in a small space for five.
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    this was actually very helpful ive been looking on this forum for hours for this answer +rep thanks

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    whats up with you fellow potheads? lol.. just kidding. but seriously im in need of help. im a first time grower and i seem to be doing good. im growing some seeds i got from out a bag of mid as a test run just to make sure i know what im doing before chosing strains to grow. anyway i have two of them about two weeks old and there are a vibrant green and are working on there forth set of leaves. im using two 23 watt cfls and one 75 watt flourescent grow light. i know its not much light but the plants seem to be healthy. my grow space is about 2*2. any comments and pointers are needed. and i would like to know is this enough light for my plants and are they growing at a good pace. lost my phone so unable to post pics but i will soon

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    Has anyone ever used those 65w plant grow straight pin compacts? I've heard some good things on a different forum. I don't know what type of light they emit but since they are named plant grow it seems like they would be good for growing a plant, not sure.

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